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If I’m not mistaken, Daniels had a limp walking on the sidelines Saturday. I think he’s medically not there yet.
From this Gator, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Richard—and prayers up for him.
I can send you some Kleenex if you need to wipe away your salty tears...
Randall Houston not even a Georgia fan (and hope that place burns to the ground) but it was two years later, almost. And this is a crap lawsuit to shake people down. Don’t be near a live mascot if it offends or potentially harms you. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Bevo or that uga dog—all animals form an inherent risk. Doesn’t matter how big of small, all animals are a risk because you simply can’t predict, defend, or protect from/what/of what they do! This guy needs to find a new profession—still life maybe? Like, I hate Georgia—but I hate sh*t like this more!
So, just bring in an Auburn alum. LOL. That'll make it all better, haha. Also, Jordan Rodgers went to Vandy and Finebaum went to Tennessee. Also, if we're speaking of the network as a whole, Pat Bradley played basketball at Arkansas and Chizik is identified with Auburn during studio coverage. So, that means there will have been at least seven schools represented on the SEC Network---five of which on SEC Nation.
I’d love to see notttttttrudawg if someone else made the same comment about a family member of theirs in the same circumstances. How much of a lowlife scum piece of trailer trash do you need to be to make light of a man’s death using football as a line of “reasoning” in doing so? Seriously, I hope you don’t go to church and consider yourself a religious person—because that’s as low as you can get.
Georgia fans commenting about UF fans on an Alabama board. UF fans living rent free in UGA heads. A tradition unlike any other since 1980.
Why do Georgia fans consistently log into and comment on posts about Florida that literally have Z-E-R-O to do with the fighting 1980 poodles from Athens?
Dalvin Cook was the one who he pulled directly to fsu from UF on National Signing Day
It wouldn't be a day that ends in Y that someone from the 1980 hive in Athens is the first comment on a story about Florida in the Florida section of SDS. #RentFree #40YearsWithoutANatty #THWg
Agreed---like clock work, the media tries to make fetch happen with ND, Texas, USC, and/or any combo thereof. It's just ridiculous. Just because your grandfather was a fan of ND growing up, doesn't make them good in 2020! How USC is even ranked---let alone in the top 15---is ridiculous. And I hate UGA with every fiber of my football being, but how UGA isn't top ten and Iowa (!!!) is ahead them is beyond nonsensical.
The remarkable speed that multiple UGA fans use to respond en masse to anything posted about UF shows the immense level of space that gators occupy in perpetuity in their minds, LOL.
Dude, they're not doing an LSU-Texas rematch. Come on now---use your Big Ten brain!
AKA Suck it up bettercup. Alabama can't get EVERYTHING it wants ALL THE TIME---with apologies to the Rolling Stones. Just ask LSU with all their whining about not enough night games at Tiger Stadium.
Hi, from North Central Florida on September 21st at noon versus Tennessee. Florida. Middle of September. Noon. Heat of the day. Just going to leave that where it is.
Absolutely all of what Weagle99 said is true. Move the thing to Atlanta---where it was an immense success last year---and say the SEC is opening the season in the same city as the SEC will end it. Just because the league offices are in Birmingham doesn't mean everything needs to center around that. Greg Sankey can travel, too.
Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020): A) Awesome screen name and I love it---that truly is an expert troll, LOL. Well-done sir/ma'am B) From someone who lived in Jax for 10 years, go to Riverside. It's more lively than the Landing, has better bars (go to Kickbaks---over 200 kinds of beer on tap at any given time and the food's amazing), and is a safer area. If you have a couple of nights, hit up Avondale as well---not as lively but great dining options over there. C) I'd like to see a rotation of what you mentioned. Gainesville, Athens for two years, Jax for 3 years and then back to Gainesville and Athens and so on. That way players get a chance to play in all three locations.
Man that 1995 Nebraska national championship still makes me sad to watch. I cried like the 10 year old that I was that night...
The reach you have there is Olympic gold meal worthy. But, you continue to do you...
Split hairs? Y'all have not won a national championship in 14,000 days. Those are the REAL games that matter to teams. National championships. The rest are feel good wins that matter to a fanbase, sure. But not to national relevancy. There's a reason why you all crow about the two wins you've had against Florida (to equal 15 in the last 38 years). They matter to your fanbase. But---when it comes to national championships, the trophies in your case, and the numbers on the sides of your stadium---14,000 days. That's not splitting hairs. It's simple facts that those in Athens choose to gloss over.
Good to know you don't know your alphabet. Figured y'all would've learned that in the last 14,000 days.
Still more relevant than 14,000 days ago. Florida-Georgia is the Super Bowl of UGA Football, and the fact that you have beaten Florida two years in a row and scream from the mountaintops that you've done so---while face planting in the REAL games that matter---demonstrates that. Now go home, puppy.
They don't want to accept reason and fact. LSU is always the victim, someone or some group is always out to get them, and there's never anything wrong, untoward, or shady going on ever at any time for any reason in Baton Rouge. Give me a fuc*ing break. Over these corn doggers.
Might be the one time that I'd not go against UGA if they played the Fighting Buckuts of Columbus...