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How in God's name do you not have Tim Tebow on here? Wow---SDS has jumped the shark.
Tennessee loses: Startting QB Starting DE Staring RB Starting WR Offensive Coordinator And they should feel better? SDS has some five star hearts, I see.
Y'all definitely kicked our asses from Fayetteville to Gainesville and back that day though, haha! As bad as that loss was, I have to say---Arkansas fans were about the nicest I've met in the SEC. Totally gracious, hospitable, and absolutely wonderful ambassadors of y'all's program. I wish y'all only the best this season---no matter who the coaches are.
And your AD is a great example of a heartless and clueless bastard. I'm glad karma took a bite out of his sorry ass today.
Bitter bitter UT and LSU fans here. Appropriate though---I would be too if I lived in Louisiana and/or Tennessee!
You know, for as much as the man frustrates the hell out of me with 97% of what he writes, give John props. He responds to criticism with thoughtful and well-laid out arguments, even if you don't agree with him, and doesn't just ignore reader comments and complaints. So, I would be remiss to not tip my hat to him on that front.
"In anticipation of the upcoming football season, we’ve released our season kickoff video detailing some of the more interesting stats and nuggets about your favorite team." That is unless you're a fan of Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas A&M, or Arkansas. You know, just minor details...
Um---Florida CB's or DB's aren't on this list?
@John: Send me a link to an application already! @luderiffic: I graduated cum laude and with departmental honors with a 3.6 GPA in undergraduate, and currently have a 4.0 in graduate school. So, no---it wasn't bad at all. Thanks for the comment, though!
I do realize this. And you in turn, must realize the concept of "click baiting" to get people to your site. Putting Florida playing LSU as the lead picture for the "First Loss of the West" article written by someone else, and then having your article come out the same day indicating a loss to LSU I don't think is entirely coincidental---and that isn't a conspiracy theorist idea, because I've written on a sports site in the past and understand how this works. And I did read your Tabor piece, and I happened to agree with it. But, i also remember you using the term of Florida players, "..running their mouths..." at Media Days. That certainly isn't a journalistic term I would ever use, not one I've ever read on any site or in any paper, and I believe I called you on it. Florida players "jawing" or "boasting with confidence" or even "brimming with attitude" are three choices that could have been used there---but weren't. I majored in English, I worked on my college paper for 4 years, and I am aware of fair content guidelines---and for the most part, you do. Just don't get testy when I call you on a perceived error. That being said, Florida beats UGA and I think ekes one out against LSU. I agree with you on the Tennessee and Arkansas games.
1) Crist hates Florida on this site---and is a self described ACC fan 2) They had Florida losing to TN, Mizzou, UGA, SC, and FSU last year, so take that for what it was worth 2) They predicted LSU would lose it's first game of the year at Florida just one gour agio. So, which is it? 4) Go home Saturday Down South. You're drunk.
Auburn (2011). UGA (2012). Georgia Southern (2013). Mizzou (2013 & 2014). FSU (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015). Will Muschamp.
As a Florida fan, I actually think this is quite fair. Tennessee returns the most, Florida is reloading on defense with some unproven offensive and special teams players, and UGA is breaking in a new coach with a question mark at QB for now. The East comes down to Knoxville on September 24 and Jacksonville on October 29. As far as the West, until someone takes Alabama off the king's chair, they've earned the right to sit on top. The West comes down to November 5 in Baton Rouge, September 17 in Oxford and October 22 in Baton Rouge. LSU's bye is place dvery nicely between the two must-win's for them. Should be an interesting year. Oh, and whoever selected Vandy and SC to win the SE needs to not be invited back to the party next year. Go home, you're drunk.
"Running their mouths?" Come on man---true or not, let's try to class things up a little more. You're a journalist, so try and keep things at a more mature level. Yeah, I'm a Florida fan, but I'd say that with any team you used that verbage with. Even, "While Florida players spoke of beating Tennessee often yesterday, the Tennessee trio (Joshua Dobbs, Jalen Reeves-Mabin and Cameron Sutton) kept any sense of smack talk to themselves." Come on dude---be, talk, and write like an adult and not someone in the back of the middle school bus on the way home in the afternoon.
I hate Muschamp. Florida fan, yes. But he was a terrible coach, with an unbreakable and uncompromising attitude, and who just seems to have every ounce of luck in the world to continue getting employed. he was a failure at Florida (see loss to GA Southern, end of the nation's longest bowl streak, and first losing season since 1979( and a failure at Auburn by their standards of success. He's got a shi* attitude, treats his players like their owned property (see his sidleline tirades), and the only reason "most everyone could care less" is because he didn't screw up your program like he did for Florida and Auburn.
Bet y'all Moosedump gets thrown out before the end of the season with 2 UNS calls in his game at Florida.
Orange is a recent thing if you think about it. The red and the blue at Florida-Georgia is a great contrast, and the Gators script logo on the helmet is classic. I happen to love when Florida goes all blue at home for a big game---but hey, I'm a homer just like you are. And I'll agree, the UT all-orange uniforms are hideous. http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Alabama+v+Tennessee+9S0QOe_cZkRl.jpg