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That two-timin' dirty dog. He sent me the name email.
What in the world do Mullen and Urban talk about? That's the bigger story here, lol.
Are we just going to act like Kyle Trask isn't in Tampa?
Whew. No clue who's advising this guy, but as a Gator through and through, this is a huge mistake I think. Hopefully he proves me wrong, but at best---I see him playing in Europe.
Why on literally every single Gator related post, can I always count on ALWAYS seeing Corch Irvin Meyers, TDOWGreat, and/or LegHumperU and also almost as many georgia fans as Florida fans? Most insecure franchise in the history of sports ?
Why are UGA fans seemingly ALWAYS the first comments on a UF post on this site? #RentFree
The sheer number of UGA commenters on this post just goes to prove how rent free we live in their heads, even after back to back natty's LOL
Corch Irvin Meyers 2.0 lives on the Florida stories and message boards from his mom's basement. It would be funnier if it weren't so pathetic.
Alabama lost to Auburn in 2022? Huh? Think you meant LSU...
The amount of UGA commenters on a post shout UF never ceases to both amaze me and make me shake my head, lol
This comment is incredibly poor taste. I am as big of a Florida fan as anyone, but HBCU’s are long overdue to get their time in the sun. And it’s well-earned by both these teams. No one is bending over backwards, they’re choosing to shine the spotlight where it’s been dark for too long. Florida was (and right so, sadly) a 22 point underdog for a reason—and Gameday had no business coming to this game. Time to shake off the racism of the 70s, and modernize yourself dude
Spoken like the true bitter Vols fan we all know and shake our heads at.
Does it hurt to be that hateful and that much of a homophobe, Alabama_Crimson_Cried? Bet your sister doesn't give you enough love at night...
As not a fan of either team and solely as a football fan, I simply can not wait for this years matchup between A&M and Bama.
GatorPhil---I'd imagine UF/Utah would be on ESPN or ESPN2 at night. Definitely will not be at noon. ABC will have 330 for uga and Oregon and 7:30 for osu/nd
Why is LegHumperU seemingly *always* the first comment on a Gator post on here? Anyone?
I thought the way that Petrino left was bad. Like this is insulting and demeaning to his players and his staff. The man knew he was leaving, and chose not to speak to his team thinking that it wouldn’t leak out in some way shape form or fashion. What a slime ball.
leghumper, is there a prize for being the first to comment on a post about UF that doesn’t involve the 1980 national champs?
McPherson doesn't play for Florida anymore. Ugh. Come on, y'all!
Asking someone about their weight is both weird, disrespectful, and in poor taste. This is a football site at a football event—leave the childish antics at home.
LOL. We live so rent-free in y’all’s heads it’s just glorious. Y’all would honestly rather beat UF than win a natty
If I’m not mistaken, Daniels had a limp walking on the sidelines Saturday. I think he’s medically not there yet.
From this Gator, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Richard—and prayers up for him.
I can send you some Kleenex if you need to wipe away your salty tears...
Randall Houston not even a Georgia fan (and hope that place burns to the ground) but it was two years later, almost. And this is a crap lawsuit to shake people down. Don’t be near a live mascot if it offends or potentially harms you. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Bevo or that uga dog—all animals form an inherent risk. Doesn’t matter how big of small, all animals are a risk because you simply can’t predict, defend, or protect from/what/of what they do! This guy needs to find a new profession—still life maybe? Like, I hate Georgia—but I hate sh*t like this more!
So, just bring in an Auburn alum. LOL. That'll make it all better, haha. Also, Jordan Rodgers went to Vandy and Finebaum went to Tennessee. Also, if we're speaking of the network as a whole, Pat Bradley played basketball at Arkansas and Chizik is identified with Auburn during studio coverage. So, that means there will have been at least seven schools represented on the SEC Network---five of which on SEC Nation.
I’d love to see notttttttrudawg if someone else made the same comment about a family member of theirs in the same circumstances. How much of a lowlife scum piece of trailer trash do you need to be to make light of a man’s death using football as a line of “reasoning” in doing so? Seriously, I hope you don’t go to church and consider yourself a religious person—because that’s as low as you can get.
Georgia fans commenting about UF fans on an Alabama board. UF fans living rent free in UGA heads. A tradition unlike any other since 1980.