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Might be the one time that I'd not go against UGA if they played the Fighting Buckuts of Columbus...
"You can do a whole lot worse than this for an afternoon kick on New Year’s Day." regarding the Peach Bowl. The kick is noon on 12/29.
Because GT is a hot mess of garbage. At least UT/Vandy have put up fights this season and Vandy has won the last 3 in the series, which bucks history. Plus, GT is streaky and they'll lose to y'all by 30 points at least. Not exactly a good draw for ratings, especially against Ohio State/Michigan which is always at noon on ABC.
Fact check: "...and Florida limped into the Cocktail Party unranked with a 5-3 record." Florida was actually ranked #22.
Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia literally makes Little Ceaser's look like gourmet food. Columbia easily has the WORST food scene in the SEC. Not even a discussion point there. Gainesville isn't great---but certainly isn't last. The service in Columbia was awful and the BBQ is leaps and bounds better in KC or even STL versus Columbia. Les Bourgeois Vineyards was also overpriced and had absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever. My top five food and bar scenes (and I've been to 12 out of 14 SEC cities for either football or basketball games): LSU (Baton Rouge) Vandy (Nashville) UGA (Athens) Mississippi State (Starkville) South Carolina (Columbia)
Any Gator fan giving up on Mullen is idiotic---and probably the same people who wanted him fired this summer for not meeting THEIR expectations for recruiting. Basically, they're just the people that just want something to b*tch about. But---I will say, this program needs 2-3 years to get better. Kentucky was clearly the more motivated, more prepared, and all around better team on the field Saturday night. They should have won in 2014, probably 2015, and definitely last season. I was as shocked as anyone at the result---but Kentucky earned that win and good for them for doing so. Mark Stoops has built a helluva program in Lexington, and they should and need to be proud of themselves. But, the problems in Gainesville run deeper than Jim McElwain. The players that are there have either mentally checked out, have the wrong attitudes, and/or aren't the type of player in terms of ability, skill, depth, and/or quality that we need. Not to say these are bad kids---but just not the right kids. They haven't been coached, they haven't been challenged (go Google Florida strength and conditioning in 2017 if you doubt this), they haven't been forced to earn things (like roster spots), and many seem to have the attitude that they are entitled to things (such as a win over Kentucky). A night game at Neyland is never easy---and I don't care that it's "just Tennessee" as some fans like to say. Three of the last four games against Tennessee have come down to fourth quarter heroics/comebacks (2014 down 9-0, 2015 4th and 13 Grier to Callaway, and 2017 Hail Mary). Given what we have seen versus an SEC level defense (and no I don't care that it's "just Kentucky" because they kicked our asses on the line time and time again) what makes us think we can do that away from home against a defensive-minded coach? So no---Mullen can't and shouldn't be fired in year 1 or year 2. This is clearly a deeper rebuild than any of the general public (myself included) gave it credit for. But Finebaum is right that his leash will definitely be shorter if we don't show some progress into the latter part of this year (he has to beat FSU for as bad as they've struggled) into next year. He needs to recruit some depth and quality players for the offensive line, he needs to focus on tackling---particularly with the LB, and quite frankly needs to flush the entirety of McElwain from the Florida system before his rebuild can truly begin. Mullen brought MSST to heights never thought possible (being ranked #1 for the first time in program history, more consecutive bowl appearances and overall victories than ever before with that program, and most importantly respect to a perennial doormat in the SEC. No disrespect meant to MSST, but their records in the years preceding his arrival weren't good. 4-8 in 2008 8-5 in 2007 3-9 in 2006 3-8 in 2005 3-8 in 2004 2-10 in 2003 3-9 in 2002 3-8 in 2001. Bottom line---if he can do it at a program with a proud fanbase but limited proven wins and success on the field like he did at MSST, I'm confident he can do the same at Florida. He just needs time and patience, something the fans in the digital age aren't prone, apt, or willing to give.
It's SDS----of course it's not a mistake. LOL. One of only two SEC teams to beat Kentucky twice last year, 7 of the last 14 against them, and they're not on the list. Okkkkkkk.
You used the word "due" in some context 4 times here. Dues don't pay the bills in football, plays do. And if Kentucky doe manage to win, it won't be because they're "due" it will be because they earned it. Same as if Florida beat Georgia this season. No matter who you root on or root against, no one is due a damned thing in the game of football.
But as a Jags fan, thanks for Fournette! And I'd concede Russell is ONE of the biggest draft busts of all time. Ryan Leaf might have him beaten...
Let's take a closer look at that stat sheet that Ensminger put out, shall we?> Booty - never played an NFL down Davey - 19 career attempts Mauck - 27 career attempts Russell - biggest QB bust of all time Flynn - never started a game for Seattle, 17 career TDS Mettenberger - 0-10 as a starter Etling - 7th rounder And that’s coming from a Gator fan who doesn't have a QB in the league right now! At least Tebow won a few games, including a playoff one! Haha. Go home, LSU---you're (as usual) drunk.
31 years---and y'all should've beaten us in 2014, 2015, and last year. As a Florida fan, I'll be the first to tell you, it wasn't because the Gators were the better team---it was entirely luck. UK is very close to beating Florida.
Literally was just saying the same thing. But hey, in my view, let someone else win the tourney. We made it to the Elite Eight after losing to Vandy early last year. I'd rather an early exit here and a deep run in the NCAA tournament than the other way around!
Man, I admire you. I read through the stories at night before bed or before my day gets started, and there you are. Trolling away. Almost every story that involves UF (or Alabama the other day...)---you're there trolling for your team. For a fan of a team that hasn't won a national championship since 1980, that's one dedicated Dawg.
Can we stop with the "Gaytor" references? As a gay man, it's both juvenile, insulting, and classless. I know a lot of great UGA fans, and they don't need to demean an entire group of people like that. It's the same as calling UGA fans rednecks, inbreds, or toothless trailer park people. Seriously, make fun of UF not going to a bowl, make fun of 42-7, hell---make fun of Dan Mullen looking like Cousin Eddie. But seriously--stop with the homophobic insults.
When did Tennessee last play FSU? It was in 1999 if I recall---and I think they wore the orange and white. I think you may have meant to type Florida?
So Clapp is going to the NFL Draft. Do your research, SDS,
I'll bite. I think teams actually get motivated when unless is expected of them--sort of like the "you didn't see us coming" mindset. Think Florida in 2015 and 2016. Yet, that schedule for the Vols---eeek. Georgia Tech is no gimmee, and road trips to Florida and Alabama, along with a tricky Southern Miss trap game (hey, ask Kentucky about underestimating them) is no cake walk. Combine that with losing basically the heart and core of your team, it should be interesting to say the least. This season, even as an opposing fan, will show me what Jones is made of. This years team are entirely "his guys" in terms of recruiting, and when the deck is "stacked against you" in terms of expectations, that shows me if the coach is worth his salt.
How in God's name do you not have Tim Tebow on here? Wow---SDS has jumped the shark.
Tennessee loses: Startting QB Starting DE Staring RB Starting WR Offensive Coordinator And they should feel better? SDS has some five star hearts, I see.
Y'all definitely kicked our asses from Fayetteville to Gainesville and back that day though, haha! As bad as that loss was, I have to say---Arkansas fans were about the nicest I've met in the SEC. Totally gracious, hospitable, and absolutely wonderful ambassadors of y'all's program. I wish y'all only the best this season---no matter who the coaches are.
And your AD is a great example of a heartless and clueless bastard. I'm glad karma took a bite out of his sorry ass today.
Bitter bitter UT and LSU fans here. Appropriate though---I would be too if I lived in Louisiana and/or Tennessee!
You know, for as much as the man frustrates the hell out of me with 97% of what he writes, give John props. He responds to criticism with thoughtful and well-laid out arguments, even if you don't agree with him, and doesn't just ignore reader comments and complaints. So, I would be remiss to not tip my hat to him on that front.
"In anticipation of the upcoming football season, we’ve released our season kickoff video detailing some of the more interesting stats and nuggets about your favorite team." That is unless you're a fan of Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas A&M, or Arkansas. You know, just minor details...
Um---Florida CB's or DB's aren't on this list?
@John: Send me a link to an application already! @luderiffic: I graduated cum laude and with departmental honors with a 3.6 GPA in undergraduate, and currently have a 4.0 in graduate school. So, no---it wasn't bad at all. Thanks for the comment, though!
I do realize this. And you in turn, must realize the concept of "click baiting" to get people to your site. Putting Florida playing LSU as the lead picture for the "First Loss of the West" article written by someone else, and then having your article come out the same day indicating a loss to LSU I don't think is entirely coincidental---and that isn't a conspiracy theorist idea, because I've written on a sports site in the past and understand how this works. And I did read your Tabor piece, and I happened to agree with it. But, i also remember you using the term of Florida players, "..running their mouths..." at Media Days. That certainly isn't a journalistic term I would ever use, not one I've ever read on any site or in any paper, and I believe I called you on it. Florida players "jawing" or "boasting with confidence" or even "brimming with attitude" are three choices that could have been used there---but weren't. I majored in English, I worked on my college paper for 4 years, and I am aware of fair content guidelines---and for the most part, you do. Just don't get testy when I call you on a perceived error. That being said, Florida beats UGA and I think ekes one out against LSU. I agree with you on the Tennessee and Arkansas games.