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Yeah, I've had Hulu Live since the start of the 2020 football season and really have no complaints. I pay right around $100 a month for the no-ads version and HBO.
You should try... Steve Spurrier-Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field.
I don't see it. It's standard blue, they don't have anything that's considered "classic" by any means, and their reflective metallic helmets seem odd and out of place. I wouldn't even put them in the top-10 of the SEC.
I fully understand where you're coming from. My least favorite term in regards to a draft is "value." Like, what exactly does that even mean? A guy was drafted in the 4th round instead of the 2nd round, or in the NBA's case, the 2nd round instead of the first is a value pick. Ridiculous. Where's the "value" in this, what makes it so? I'm confused. You got drafted or passed up on based on what other teams or the team that picked you thought you belonged. Ive come to firmly believe that it just shows lack of intelligence.
No such thing as easy (read: easier side of bracket) when you're this far. You're just going off of names. ORU and TCU are here for a reason.
No to FSU, in any way. I feel bad for the rest of the schools, but sorry, I hope FSU drowns.
As a Gator, I wouldn't. I'm over the LSU game and have been since y'alls old administration whined and complained about a hurricane in 2016. Of all the schools in the conference, LSU decides to die on that hill. Should've ended it then. Rightfully, we won the game with a goal line stand. We've had some battles over the years for sure, and LSU fans by and large are great - the tailgates at both The Swamp and Death Valley are fantastic - but that Joe Alleva incident was the end for me. Florida/LSU was always a forced "rivalry" anyway.
Self-inflicted gunshot, at or near a student housing complex.
Yes, Marco got his undergraduate degree (poly sci) from UF. He also spent a year at Santa Fe.
Don't forget the four weeks he was committed to UF after leaving LSU. Had to re-enter the portal and everything. Then he landed at UGA.
He's a backup/fringe starter at both guard spots. He tried right tackle at fall camp but was unable to get the spot. Decent, not really a mean streak, bit can develop. Pittman is the right guy for him.
Which it always has been, save for a season or two. But I agree in that it has lost its luster over the years.
I don't think Bennett or Hooker should win it this year, in an all-time down year for the Heisman. But the voters having Bennett ahead of Hooker which of course results in a trip to NYC? I don't have a problem with that. Bennett led his team to a victory over Hooker. Something all you Vol fans should be familiar with. Gotta win. Can't keep losing to rivals and expect all the glory.
Ohio State has a better chance of hanging with UGA than Bama.
Vegas? Not a bad destination.
Nah, they're paying their penance for the 70s through the 90s. It's funny when they're garbage.
1. Nobody cares about Missouri. 2. Classifying UGA seems a bit premature if they win it this year, definition or not. Sometimes common sense should be the rule. 3. X-Mas season starts on Dec. 1, end of story. Also, only live trees are acceptable. Fake trees are for the Taliban.
I was probably a bit harsh on the green bean casserole, but I'm one who definitely adds it last on the plate of it even makes it.
This was pretty good, got a couple of lols. But where's the Mac n' cheese and key lime pie? Turkey: always good. Green Bean Casserole: meh, pass. Brussel Sprouts: ok. Stuffing: only with sausage. Pumpkin Pie: nope. Gardein Turkey Loaf: never. The Booze: always. Pecan Pie: yes. Mashed Potatoes: sure. Sweet Potato Casserole: nah. Deviled Eggs: burn them all. Ambrosia Salad: lol. Cranberry Sauce: overrated. Rolls: a must.
I tip my hat to him on that. He's a ridiculously good decision-maker.