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In other words, you meant to say: Peyton was 0-3, Eli was 2-0 and Archie never played us.
No they are not and you only think that because you don't have one.
Thank you for recognizing Wuerffel. In college he was clearly better than Manning. System or not, they both had extremely talented rosters. Wuerffel just got the better of him. I believe in their matchups Tennessee was favored and/or the higher ranked team a couple of times. I still don't understand why they decided to add post-season stats to season stats and didn't retroactively count them. That hurts guys like Wuerffel and Manning in the long run. Either count them all or not at all. I prefer not at all. But yeah, the correct answer is Tebow and it's not particularly close either.
Oh he is, you're just not paying attention. Must have walked under that arch y'all have and gotten some of that bad luck, lol. Check the stats my guy, even as a position coach he's top notch. My only complaint is his adjustments. There are basically none.
I agree. Coleslaw gets eliminated first and it's not even close. I don't even know why it exists. Next to go is potato salad, which is horrible as well, but it's easy to avoid because there should always be plenty of other side offerings. I barely understand potato salad's existence. Next to go is corn on the cob. Only because some people just can't ever figure out how to do it properly. Baked beans should always stay, bacon added or not. It's almost the perfect side idem at a BBQ. As for the other comments: deviled eggs, gone, they're most of the time horrible. Especially if mayonnaise, which is probably the worst and most overrated condiment ever is included. Hmm, probably why I detest coleslaw, potato or chicken salads, deviled eggs, etc. Yes, get rid of anything and everything mayonnaise and/or mayonnaised-based and exile it from this Earth. Lastly, Let's Go Blues!!! #BleedBlue #LGB
1. Tony George, the "original" #1 2. Percy Harvin, offensive player 3. Danny Wuerffel, my QB 4. Elijah Williams, do-everything 5. Matt Elam, but it's close with about 50 other players.
Oh I don't know about that. I've never seen a second of anything Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Stargate or Battlestar related. I've only ever seen Episode 1 of Star Wars even. Just don't like Sci-Fi. At all. I have seen older movies like Blade Runner, which was good and Total Recall which was Ok. I have read The Dark Tower series though. Other than those, I've avoided all that stuff on Netflix, Disney's Baby Yoda. If you want to count Indiana Jones as Sci-Fi though... I'm a history guy. Was my major, degree. I'll take Platoon over Star Wars, Patton over Star Trek and Band of Brothers over Stargate any day. Also, The Office as well as Parks & Rec are both hot garbage.
A few times a year he actually writes some decent stuff. Had a great article on the difference between Muschamp and McElwain leaving UF. But he'll forever be remembered as the journalist who Steve Spurrier told that Ben Hill Griffin shall be named "The Swamp."
The WLOCP will probably never be a night game. Remember 2002? It's more of a city of Jacksonville thing than anything else, more than likely in the contract.
This season, exactly. But next year, with a bunch of offensive players at RB, WR and an established TE and hopefully at OL... Just watch. It won't be entirely the Trask show again.
Why is everyone assuming that Trask will be the starter next year? It'll be an open competition between him and Emory Jones. Richardson might redshirt as the keys are handed to Jones if/until he falters, then Mullen will go back to Trask.