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Usually one or two of them stay for a year or so for some semblance of continuity.
To be fair to Muschamp, the hiring of Kurt Roper was seen as a coup at the time.
Yes and yes. A couple of the requirements he asked for was a bigger staff (more analysts) and a bigger recruiting budget. Don't worry. We'll get both.
Not as bad as one that once thought Ray Goof would be a good head coach.
I don't know if there's several in the SEC but I agree with you that USC is not the best job in football. Matt's kind of thinking would tell you that UCLA is the best job in college basketball and we all know that isn't the case.
Indiana was ranked No. 17 to start the year, lost to Iowa in their opener and spent the rest of the year unranked for reasons you stated. But yes, they started the year ranked. Played Cincinnati in their third game with a win over Idaho and that loss to Iowa.
Not a single person thought Norvell would be gone.
Not necessarily. He's a lot more focused on recruiting which is what we need.
Arky won their little tournament too. There's some decently solid basketball teams this year around the conference.
He probably is a CEO-type coach considering he's worked under Saban and Swinney. But, I do believe that he calls the plays on offense... so, yeah, good point. Maybe, dynamics? Talent at WR? I'm sure he'll hire some experienced coordinators though. Most of them do when they get bigtime jobs.
Already happened. 2010-2017. Granted not a full decade, but that's all we're willing to give.
By his metric, they've only had two as well (and one of them was during WWII when instead of letting his boys go and fight he marched them all down to the ROTC building so they could enlist to guard the school and still play football. So, like you, I'm failing to understand his point.
Money isn't an issue. The Bull Gators (our biggest donors) for the most part seem to like Mullen and they've obviously got the biggest say. There was an article here or somewhere else that talked to couple of them and it was basically "wait and see." That was before Missouri, so now, who knows. I only know a few of them personally and they just don't understand what happened either. Maybe it's just one of those years? It happens from time to time. It's the regulars, the lower level donors, the t-shirt alumni, etc., that have the biggest problem with him. I'm slowly coming around to the "maybe he should go" camp, but I'm willing to give him another year and see how recruiting goes, the staff changes work out and whatnot. I think he's earned it.
Almost? 4 touchdowns is almost to you? So, for example: a 35-7 win is a close win in your book?
Of all his scenes and talking last year, I was fine with his "scene" as you called it last year against y'all. Remember, it all started with a very late hit on Trask. Y'all started it, Mullen finished it. I'm not worried.
Agreed. Pecan pie is far and away the best pie when it comes to pies with a pastry crust. I do agree with Adam though when it comes to pumpkin pie though. It's terrible, as is true with anything pumpkin.
I find that hard to believe. The vast majority liked him and the small minority wanted him gone.
Me too. Though at least Carlos didn't do it in a Gators uniform. And cost us a game/season.
McElwain. It's not even close. I still believe Muschamp should've gotten another year. Mullen, I'd give him until the end of the 2023 season to see what he's got. Most of the complaints against him I think are overblown. Recruiting does need to pick up though. No question about that.
FSU has never been a program that can take what they dish out.
I don't know about that. I'm a fan of Wright. And Davis provides more in the passing game.
Was going to say that as well. A win would've sufficed.
He's a great recruiter though, I'll give him that.