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Nick Saban wins national championships while South Carolina has only won 1 ACC championship. Shane Beamer is no Nick Saban Rooster C now who is the D.A.
You mean to tell me Beamer had to go to the FCS? On top of that they didn’t even play last year.
Come on to a winning program. Smart choose young man. Roll Tide
Just when you think firing Muschamp will make this team better. Welcome to another year of irrelevance.
Mark May is a smart man. I agree with him. Bama 45-21! Roll Tide
Glad to see Auburn get some good coaches. Maybe the rivalry game will be more competitive. Congrats Roll Tide
Who knows he may be fired by 2025. Not impressed at all by the Marcus Saterfield hire. 6 wins 16 losses at East Tennessee State. Seemed like a knee jerk hire to me
Keeping Mike Bobo is a shocker along with getting rid of Rod Wilson. Heard nothing but good things about Rod Wilson. Roll Tide
The Irish thought the Clemson beat down was bad. Well it can and it will get worse if they don't stop running their mouths. Notre Dame and Ohio State are frauds! Roll Tide !!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on the new coach! Hope that he can recruit and make the rivalry more competitive. Roll Tide
Embarrassment to the SEC. Gamecock fans are already comparing Shane Beamer to Dabo Swinney. Give me a break. # laughingstock Lol
Last time I checked Tennessee had a bad year also. Why would you hire a coach from a bad Tennessee team? Tennessee fans are very grateful because that’s one less coach they have to fire next year.
This can and will get ugly before it’s over. 52-17 Roll Tide
Ian Book was running his mouth about how they were going to beat Clemson again in the ACC Championship game. Brian Kelly was saying they didn’t play there best game last night. Go ahead and expect excuses by Notre Dame. As always Notre Dame is over rated. Tide will roll through the Irish. Alabama 52 Catholics 17
I have seen it all. Why don’t Vanderbilt play in a bowl game? 2 wins gets you to a bowl game? Roll Tide
Clemson is the best team in South Carolina and Coastal Carolina is the 2nd best. Good luck Coach Beamer. Roll Tide!!!
All the Notre Dame fans and players were talking about not getting any respect after beating Clemson. They beat a Clemson team that was depleted and now we see that Notre Dame is a joke.
Love to see the triple option at Vanderbilt. Even the playing field against some of the the more talented opponents. Sarah Fuller may be their quarterback at the rate things are changing in Nashville. Roll Tide!