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Lsu didn't want Napier. Lol..If they wanted him they would have hired him. Come on man. That's common knowledge down here. The dude was on every local sports radio show begging for job.
So the LSU beat writer should cover all those teams too. Good lord man. I thought Mizzou had a great communications school. You obviously didn't go there.
The butthurt in you in amazing. Lol.itll be ok brah.
You obviously don't do any research. Tyler Shelvin and Terrance Marshall will be 1st rounders also.
You are obviously to young to have seen Chris Jackson play. He was the best. Avg 30 points a game. 2 time SEC poy, 2 time 1st team AA. AS A FRESHMAN AND SOPH. and back then most guys were 3 or 4 year players. If a guy average 20 pts a game these days they act like hes all that. Plus the way he did it, unbelievable. Pistol Pete is the only one who may be better.
But Stingley is the highest. Why isn't he No.1? Plus he was Rivals No.1. No. 3 composite
The PFF gut straight up told Colon he was wrong.Burrow has the highest grade ever for a QB. Colon is a douchebag. That dude flips his opinion to try and be right all time. He said Alabama and Clemson would kill LSU. Dud knows nothing about college football.
So you are saying USC and Ga are that much better than Tx and Fla.. I don't see it. Plus every single non LSU fan says LSU will be horrible and Bama will be great again. Advantage Bama. Then Ga.St, Kent St,UT Martin (Bama) vs USTA, Rice, Nicholls( LSU). That's a wash. All other games are the same. Going on road to Fla will be much tougher that Ga at home. I think Tx is better that USC but Ill give a push on that one since LSU is at home. I only compared LSU vs Ala schedule but in what world is Ala's that much tougher? You need a new formula.
The Democratic party and the liberal media are exactly like a Hitler run Germany. Control the media and condemn anyone who doesn't think like you do.
I just typed out a long comment. It is not here. SDS is working like a liberal rag.
Which season was better?? I'll wait. You get to google. U won't find one even close
WTF are talking about? Its over 3 mil for 3 years. Why I is the rest of the SEC so concerned with our asst coach? paranoid much
I know you need material but if LSU wins it all then Burrow is no.1. It will be the greatest season ever by a QB.
The numbers are staggering. And doing against the top defenses in the country make it all the more amazing. And going 13-0 too. One of the greatest seasons ever. Let's hope we finish it off.
What a Dirtbag. Just watched that Saban and Belichek show on HBO. They both said these coaches today try that dirty stuff and they never did that to each other.
Relax. He was processed. Apparently the staff feels good about the other guys. We can get DB's whenever we want. Its more important to sure up the line of scrimmage and it looks like that's what they are doing.
I promise Nick Saban is happy for LSU. He's said it before, he pulls for all his former teams. My dad was a coach. He still follows all the teams he coached for. He's not happy they lost but I know all these SEC coaches pull for each other.
Exactly. Alabama, Florida and Auburn (and LSU) are National championship winning programs. Penn St, Wisconsin and Michigan are good but they haven't been anywhere near a national title in decades. And Georgia played for the title 2 years ago. Plus, just check recruiting rankings and the NFL draft. It's all SEC. Ohio St is good but the Big 10 just isn't on the same level so LSU's wins were just better. The talent in the SEC is miles ahead of the Big 10.
He's a better athlete than Tua but because he is white they don't see it.
LSU in a blow out!! That's all you need to know