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OMG! Give me break. It's a joke. Tenn is horrible and has been for years. At least be good once in while. Nobody cares about this game, not even Alabama fans. And why should they, there is zero chance they lose.
Tua also has not played a team close to what Burrow has had to face. But we know an SEC website will always favor a certain team.
On this same website I just read an article saying Ed O was the 3rd best coach this year is SEC...lol..But Matt is a national sportswriter , not an SEC ( Bama homer) writer. You see the difference. Coach has done and amazing job and it's being noticed by the nation but that clown O'Gara just put out a laughable ranking of coaches this year. Just sticking up for my guy coach O.
Really? Dude, Just stop writing articles. In what world is Ed O not the coach of the year so far.
You got a tipped ball for a TD. LSU dropped 2 interceptions. You got a pass interference on 4th down. That being said, I was very impressed with Fla. I think they beat Ga and win the East.
He kept making excuses about injuries. He said it 5 times. Lame excuse.
I thought all the Florida fans would be retiring after tonight. All I heard all wee was 13 is too many. Easy money I read. Those casinos dont build themselves.
Well then you can retire after this weekend since you know. Bet your house on the Gators. Its a lock.
The only cover LSU missed is by 1/2 point to NW St. Ive been making money on the Tigers this year. Ill stay away from this one although I think LSU covers. Fla's defense is great but their offense will have problems. People are sleeping on LSU's defense but they still have pro's all over the field. Vegas knows what it's doing. And like they " If its to good to be true, it usually is". Ive been betting a long time and when you see a line that looks wrong, don't fall for it. Those casino's don't build themselves.