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Mullen is still is a better on field coach/play caller, Kirby is just on a whole other level at building a program and recruiting. On the college level Kirbys way is going to lead to better results and if Mullen doesn’t change he will have a hard time competing with Georgia. The way Mullen approaches the head coaching role as of now is suitable for the NFL, but with his lackluster recruiting and program building he is lagging at the college level.
Call me crazy but I still believe in Mullen, his ceiling is incredibly high, but if he wants to get off the floor he needs to work on two things, recruiting and his killer instinct. He is extremely loyal (which is not a bad quality) but he is loyal to a fault. Gain a killer instinct and cut off the dead weight, whether that is getting rid of coaches that don’t work, or starting players that would give us a better chance to not only win games, but destroy opponents. If you want to win anything you don’t worry about being loyal you do what’s best for your team. I would not mind seeing Mullen back and actually do hope he comes back because there is not a coach out there coming on the market that I would take over him. I like the guy, but if he cannot get Mr. Exotic off of the sidelines then if he gets fired he can’t blame anyone but himself.
That’s more embarrassing then our defense
It’s because he loves running these “great” exotic blitzes and schemes but in reality he just leaves our defense confused and out of place... Allowing long touchdowns and conversions all of the time lol
Nothing that AR does matter because our Defense can’t stop a run up the middle lmao every single play. If this game doesn’t get Todd Exotic fired i have lost all hope.
Yep Florida did exactly what they had to do on that play, and I certainly hope it turns the game around. It would be a whole different ballgame if we can stop throwing picks and allowing LSU to return it back to their side of the field. I’m not liking our chances though LSU came to play and our offense just stinks!
Man we are bad on offense but how does LSU allow that touchdown
Mac absolutely lucked his way into two East titles because the rest of the East was down bad. Mullen has had to compete against an actual elite program. Maybe you can say Mullen has underperformed but he is in no way Mac.
Hopefully Kirby listens to Mr. Pollack for the Florida game… it may just be our best shot!
This song speaks to the soul more than any other lmao
Good question, it has to be because it’s Bama and everyone brings their best
When you suck and you know it at least have fun when you can
Yeah hard to be a great quarterback when your receivers drop everything
Good turn around in the 3rd… we have a long way to go, but Go Gators!
This is something that I would do just off instincts lol, good thing it would have just hit the ground anyway
I have always defended Emory and agree with Mullen that Jones should be starting, but he does make a ton of boneheaded plays. That interception he just through was one of the worst passing decisions I have ever seen. He throws it to a receiver who has the defender right in front of him and while that defended didn’t pick it off, it doesn’t make the play any less dumb. I think that AR is obviously not ready to start, however with some of the decisions Emory makes it makes sense why people would look for him.
Yep, this defense cannot get off the field. Go Gators!
He’s speaking facts, our defense can’t tackle to save its life and the only reason Vandy hasn’t scored has nothing to do with us playing well. Our offense looks nearly as bad. I like seeing the anger Dan now let’s fix it and get to work!
Who knows, I’m sure some Florida fans go and annoy Georgia fans on their posts, but I don’t think it could be near the amount of Georgia fans on our post. I probably look at Georgia’s tab once a week at most and hardly ever say anything on their posts. FSU is the team that I, and I’m sure many other Florida fans, dislike more than any other team in college football and I couldn’t even imagine acting the way some of the Georgia fans act on these posts to FSU lmao. At this point it’s kind of funny but it’s also kind of sad lol. There are plenty of sane Georgia fans on this site… but some of them really make me question what the heck is going on up there haha