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Agreed, Mac Jones is great but Najee Harris helped out a ton, Kyle Trask had no help from the run game and he was responsible for a lot more. Basically if Alabama does not rely on Jones as much as Florida did Trask
FSU is definitely who I hate the most. I hate Georgia the second most but they haven’t reached the levels that FSU has within my life so I’m not as worried about them. LSU is third and I was born in 98 so I never really saw Tennessee as anything lol
It could definitely be a closer game, but Tennessee is a complete dumpster fire at the moment. I do not know if they could beat any team in the SEC at the moment.
How do you not understand lmao, Is that what I said? If you think that playing Bama did not give Kentucky at least a sample and some film to look at too see what they didn’t do, and what they need to do to stop Florida then idk what you’re thinking goes on
Obviously Kentucky’s defense took some notes from the Bama game lol. I’m sure Coach Mullen let everyone hear it at halftime. The only difference is the offense will get right we’re not too worried about that, the defense has done that all year.
I understand that Mizzou fans do not understand how a real program runs, but guess what? Big time coaches get angry when their team is not playing up to standard.
It doesn’t matter we blew our chance to go the distance by not getting rid of him last season
Except that Emory is playing behind a heisman candidate and one of the best players in the country?
On the Other hand Wims still had more fight in him then the Bulldogs did this Saturday lol
Virtually nobody thinks black lives don’t matter, the organization is literally anti American and Marxist, I would say 99% of people opposed to BLM movement still support us and don’t want racial injustice, BLM ain’t they way they only hurt the community more
That’s what makes it so smart, like nobody really wants to tell us black lives don’t matter (maybe some true racists, but virtually no one) but when you got a Marxist anti American organization going by that name then it makes people sound terrible for saying they don’t support Black Lives Matter
He definitely saw an opportunity to light up Pitts, it was definitely targeting but I don’t know if there is enough evidence to show that he should be suspended. I mean the dude knocked his own self out as well.
Oh yeah If we played TAMU again I don’t doubt we would win, TAMU caught our defense at the best possible time for them but hey they played a good game and put them in a position to win after forcing a fumble. Good win for them and if they weren’t a deserving team they would not have won that game.
Good list, We blew the TAMU game so they deserve the spot, but now I’m just not hoping for a Clemson with Lawrence beating ND and two ACC teams making the playoffs... sheesh
1) Alabama 2) Ohio State 3) Notre Dame (still don’t think they’re that good) 4) Clemson
Except Biden, he can’t look good on anything
You must have been educated in the Atlanta school system
I’m pretty sure by league he means East, but yeah that is kinda a weird way to put it but I read it as East without question
If we can play defense like we did against Mizzou then we get it done, if we play defense like we did against Texas AM then we’re gonna have a problem. It makes sense we Georgia is favored, but I like Florida’s chances. It could go either way, it’s all about the if our Defense shows up
It looked like Georgia’s offense every game I’ll give you that, I’ll blame the rust