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The only thing I want to know is why didn’t we just run the ball with our backs? We clearly have talented running backs, it just seems like Napier was focused too much on trying to get AR’s confidence back instead of just seeing he was in his head and giving it to our backs. I don’t think this game will be the norm for AR this season, but I would like to know if he does get so in his head again we will turn to another strength instead of forcing something that isn’t working. Either way we knew it would be a hard season with some bumps, I’m still excited moving forward to see what happens!
Mistakes happen, especially under first year staffs and inexperienced players. As long as we keep seeing growth and improvement throughout the year I’ll be happy!
Mark Stoops is that guy! Can’t wait for next years game, Kentucky!
Loved what I saw from the defense. Not quite sure why we refused to run the ball but it is what it is. Great defense by Kentucky they quite literally won that game. Whether AR was injured or not you can tell Kentucky came out with a plan and executed it wonderfully! I still predicted an 8-4 season and this doesn’t throw that prediction off. This team has a long way to go but I am pretty happy that so far it appears that the Grantham days are looking more and more a thing of the past!
Kentucky came to play! We gotta shake off that first half and start running the ball. This is going to be a fight till the end.
Nick Saban is going to go absolutely nuclear on this team for this performance. It seems like they are getting penalties on every play!
Probably referencing article that was on here like a week ago questioning why Alabama didn’t do more for their coaches DUI.
This is definitely a pick ‘em game. I’m only going with Florida because of 1) the swamp and 2) I’m wishful thinking. Last year Kentucky’s stadium was going crazy and you could see it impacted the game, hopefully this year we can give them a little payback! Looking forward to a great game, Kentucky!
BK schedule last year was FSU, Toledo, Purdue, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, USC, UNC, Navy, Virginia, Georgia Tech and Standford. The best team Notre Dame played was Cincinnati. Give me this schedule all day every day!
I think that we will win, but the Cats are certainly coming to play. I expect Napier to get this team ready, but I do not expect a blowout at all. This Kentucky team is good and they fight. I definitely won’t be sad about the Cats not having their best runner though!
I agree fully. I think if we played in a conference like the ACC, this is a team that could potentially win 10, 11, or maybe even 12 games if we got lucky on the right day. I think our starting level talent is up there with some of the best in the country (not saying we are the best, but I think we could hang with almost anyone). However, That SEC schedule is going to expose our depth concerns at some point of the season unlike any other conference. I would be happy with 8-4 and ecstatic with 9-3.
Until we have some time to build up some good depth, especially on the D Line, I have zero expectations and every win is icing on top. However, I do think that the majority of preseason expectations greatly undervalued how good the starters on this team can be. This is a team I believe can play with almost anybody and if the staff can get our players properly prepared for games we could have a pretty good year. However, until we do get that depth our success will be limited.
He had that team fired up! I can’t wait to see moving forward if he can get this team fired up and giving 100% for any and every game, something Mullen clearly struggled with.
Tdude your inferiority complex is really showing big time lmao. Did I ever claim for Florida to be better than Georgia? All I’m pointing out is AR was playing against a better team. If you had any real football knowledge you wouldn’t be commenting your atrocious takes on this site!
The team AR beat had no problem carving that Oregon defense up last year. 38-7 and 38-10… wow very impressive lol.
Yeah let’s see how that Oregon Defense holds up all year but it was a good performance. Between AR and Stetson I will gladly stay with who we have for this season.
Man I love Tennessee fans so don’t take this as an anti Tennessee fan post, but you almost going to jail is a sign you were a problem lol.
This Kentucky team is no joke. I’m just happy we have them at home this year because last year they had their place rocking!
Braves, sure I suppose I didn’t need to comment but there was no ill intent in anything I said. Just a response.
Tnaylor, I love the enthusiasm but come on. Do you really believe Miami Oh. is beating Utah?