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A Bama Freshman WR just said that the Georgia DBs couldn’t hold Alabama. You want to talk about bulletin board material?
Living in Orlando I hear it a lot. My UCF friends are 100% behind it and all my SEC friends and I laugh at them.
I think you are being unfair to Eason. He played behind a horrible o-line last season. Yes, he got scared from time to time (and I can't blame him) but there were times he stood in the pocket and made plays at got hit. Fromm is clearly at an advantage of being better protected. If you're going off of the 5 plays he's run this year, that's your thing. and this is not someone saying Eason should be playing. This is someone saying take into account the situations in which the QBs are playing. I think Fromm can handle it this weekend whether it's running or passing. Do I think he will make a freshman mistake like he's made in games this season? yes, I think he will and Auburn's D will try to take advantage of it by covering schemes and trying to get Fromm to misread pre-snap. If he throws a pick, I believe he will bounce back stronger and show Auburn what he and the Dawgs are made of.
I'm pretty sure he called the fair catch well enough in advance that runners could stop before he went down for the ball. He led with his helmet.....doesn't matter of he intended to hurt him or not....that's like saying goes hillary should have gotten a pass because there was no intention (sorry for this)....they know better than to lead with helmets....
and its fans like you that make all Dawgs look bad.......