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I love how he praises the use of logic (several times) yet utilizes very little of it himself. This artifle denigrates those who speak in absolutes, and then ABSOLUTEly states in the title which RB will have a better season, months before the season begins. Fishing for comments/debate perhaps? What a waste of time.
Well aren't you clever? You think of that response all by yourself? We sucked two years ago when we were 4 yards away from taking your ticket to the National Championship too huh? Idiot.
Hahahahhooooold the hell up. What am I missing here? So Mizzou and Auburn both have better bowls than my Dawgs do? I'm completely lost. Someone please explain this to me.
Well said sir! Even with my healthy hatred of UF, many of my favorite people in the whole world are UF fans. Hell I'll even stick up for them when anyone non-SEC attacks them (FSU fans are getting pretty obnoxious around here these days). I personally witnessed the mollywhopping that we received at the hands of UF a couple of weeks ago. The loss itself, was waaaaaay more abusive than any of the fans were. Sure I got "chomped" at and endured some arrogant "Go Gators" on the way out, that were louder than they needed to be, but I didn't ever feel like I needed to react to anything thrown my way (even with my awful temper). Not claiming that the AU fan was lying but if one single person spits on me anywhere at any point in my life, I will just have to get to kicked into a coma by the whole lot of them, because the one who spat, is getting his clocked cleaned.
Well as they say.. if "Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas." Mizzou fans are so quick to bring up UGA's losses, you do realize that UF and USC know us better than any other team on the planet right? These are our biggest rivals and they have a better than average chance against us every single year regardless of talent level. Trust me, it sucks more than you can even comprehend. The USC loss was week two and was a loss by 3 points. I'm pretty sure that loss was nearly forgiven, and we just plain didn't show up against UF. No excuses can be made, but if we beat 3 top 15 teams to finish the season including the reigning SEC champs and the almighty Tide then we have to be at least considered.
That scenario is actually not too far fetched. And since my Dawgs have 2 losses, I would also like everyone else to have 2 losses. However, I want whatever scenario needs to take place in order for the MIGHTY MIGHTY SEC to take the crown back, more than anything else. Lit is just far too important to me that everyone continues to realize the dominance in which we possess.
Bianchi Is a toolbag. I live in Orlando and have been forced to peruse his garbage articles for most of my life. His opinion means nothing to anybody. I love UCF, but the SEC is about history to me, and they are far too young to have real history.
Um yeah... I certainly hope that you are NOT a Doctor of anything. UGA ran the ball on 90% of plays in the second half including on 3rd and long and sat many of our stars. Don't be a dimwit and think for one single second that this game was "up in air" at any point in time. Smdh.
Wow. History in the making! Congrats Mississippi State!
@virtualkelly I wish that you could understand the joy that I feel after the final whistle blew, due to your prediction. This only demonstrates how foolish you ALMOST always look when speaking in such absolutes. You sir are a damned fool, and mollywhopping Mizzou felt especially gratifying due to your hole running prior to the game. Better luck next year, maybe you will exercise more humility and less delusion next time around. Doubtful, but hey, we can hope.
Simple huh? Because that happens all of the time? I don't recall a jump from unranked to top ten since... Well, ever. Glad it makes such perfect sense to you. What makes us think that UGA would have any upward motion? Because even on a bye week, if 5 teams that are ranked above your team lose, then your team moves up, nearly ALWAYS smart guy.
Pretty sure that I've left several nuggets of clittiness (clitty- adj: the art of being both clever and witty at the very same time) for you guys to enjoy. Only sometimes I return and notice they are gone. Undoubtably, harvested and kept to yourselves. Quit being so greedy... Oh and bias! ;)
The fact that Ohio State is 20/1 is the funniest thing I've read this week. I'd bet my very last dollar that they won't even sniff the playoffs. Where do I make this bet?! My life savings on the field!
AMEN!!! Pretty sad that I only wanted them to lose yesterday because of their fans and their constant griping, huh? Something tells me that they'll still be just as obnoxious though.
If Gurley "started it" then you obviously didn't watch the game. Gurley was (pardon the pun) swamped by defenders running their mouths and all in his face, even well after the play when they had nothing to do with making the play. Shoulder checking him on the way back to the huddle, laying on top of him talking sh*t and taking a little extra time to get off of him, etc. A lot like Brandon Spikes used to do. (You remember, that dirt bag POS that you gator fans would blow in front of your own father). Eventually, Gurley lost his cool. Happens. I would have lost it long before that and followed all of those hoes home and did my dirt. Luckily, he's a lot cooler headed than I was sitting at home.
And I see that you aren't able to watch collegiate football objectively and just make a statement on what you observed. Instead, you decided that what I observed didn't matter and you should attack MY team. Hmm. Makes perfect sense for you to do so, because you are in middle school after all correct?
Obviously because as a father, you want your kid to succeed at the next level and be a decent dude. Not surprising to me in the least.
Oh SC did beat UGA last night? Funny. That's not what I saw at all.
Wtf are you smoking?! You all needed a miracle to beat UGA last year when UGA was injury riddled and ended up with several losses. You needed two freshmen (one of whom has been kicked off and ended up on your team) to make the dumbest decision ever and bat the ball in the air, when everything they've ever been taught is to knock it down. If you were honest with yourself and dealt in logic, then the stupid that fell out of your fingers all over the keyboard would've never come to be; so now I'm afraid that the energy that I've wasted in reply has been for naught.
"Memebership" huh? Maybe not... But I bet I would have checked my spelling before posting a rant on academics. Yup. A little advice: A great way to NEVER be accepted in this conference is to try and try to justify you being here. Just act like you belong... and you will belong. As others have stated: "Let your record do the talking." As the SEC, (I believe I can speak for everyone here) we are the proudest conference in the entire nation (as we should be). Week in and week out, we play the best of the best, and have for several years. Just put in your work and you'll be a part of this disFUNCTIONAL (but damn good at football) family. You've have one good year and you feel that you have the right to "talk down" to all of these teams that have spent so many years playing in the toughest conference in football. Rubs us the wrong way. Real talk.
Btw, UF is not ranked. If you feel that UGA and A&M were not MUCH more impressive than Mizzou after week 1, then I can't even discuss football with you because you obviously don't respect, or deal in logic.
Yeah I'm sure that CMR would hire a 5-year old to write some ridiculous retort to this particular dipsh*t. Anyone who would believe this story has much larger concerns than collegiate football.
Ahh but the last sweet was definitely the most amusing: "At least the kids ND kicked off know they can go play in the SEC." Umm, yeah about that... You see, they NEVER could have played for the SEC or ND wouldn't have had them to begin with.
But they have 39 NC's to UF's 33 so I am missing your point.
I would agree with the first half of this guys ^^ statement. Up until "Georgia never wins anything". I'm assuming that he means "in his lifetime". Funny how UF fans always talk about what happened in their lifetime when it comes to the Dawgs. Well from what happened in my sons lifetime the Dawgs are up 3-0. Get it sissy. Goooooooo Dawgs sic em woof woof woof!!
Whatever. This loss definitely hurts the least of the 3 players that we lost on defense. Everyone else can continue to throw stones and watch their glass houses crumble as well. It's funny to me how it happens to EVERY single school in the offseason and somehow UGA is now "ThugU". GTFO here.