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Don’t know corch but pretty sure he was talking about players comments while y’all are referring to fans. Also was arguing that the UF players still haven’t learned to do the talking with their helmets. Having a segment of the fan base that doesn’t take losing very well is ubiquitous to every team. But don’t let me stop y’all from the bashing...makes for good message board fodder
Funny, I seem to remember a Chaney-led 2012 UT offense putting up 44 pts in Sanford stadium with Dooley's subpar players against a UGA defense full of future NFL players
V@ls1998, I couldn't agree more. It'll be interesting to see if upgrades on defensive and strength and conditioning staff pays off. Always appreciate reasonable perspectives from rivals. See you Oct 1st
Fortunately he's being enrolled in alcohol rehab. Per university policy he'll be suspended multiple games. Kicking him out of school wouldn't do him any favors in terms of his addiction but a lengthy suspension with aggressive rehab counseling will hopefully give him a second (or 3rd) chance at life.
Coming from the fanbase that cheered Nick Fairly while he repeatedly tried to end Aaron Murray's career with late hits to the back and knee.