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I meant *terrible defensive coordinator. Not defensive OC, lol.
To everyone saying “I told you so” about Mullen…1) Yes, you did tell us. 2) Did you really expect the Florida fanbase to not show support for a new coach? Most assumed that any perceived underachievement at msu would be solved with greater financial resources and being in the recruiting hotbed of Florida (hindsight). He was at Florida before and was a very successful OC that helped get us a NC. Add in a MUCH improved record in year 1 and 2. Naturally, fans were optimistic and excited after our previous 2 coaches. But then…year 3 (2020). All the tools were there to go all the way. That’s when things became more obvious. Bi-polar coaching-some great wins mixed with some head scratching losses. Why didn’t he start Trask for the entire previous year, not just when Franks got hurt? Why hasn’t recruiting picked up by the third year? And WTF is Grantham doing? All that along with an 8-4 record started to show the full picture. Now in year 4, all those things are still an issue. Head scratching losses, QB decisions, poor recruiting and sticking with a terrible defensive OC. I think the natural progression for fans with a new coach is Support/optimism->He’ll fix that->He better fix that->Fire him. Right now most of us are at the he better fix that stage.
The only one on his staff I want him to bring back is Nick Savage. The rest need to be upgraded.
Losing to this georgia team won't get him fired. Everyone is most likely going to lose to georgia this year. But if he doesn't get Grantham straightened out and we end up losing to an improving fsu, then the torches and pitchforks will be marching to the ADs office.
At this point, I'm not confident in the fsu game either. I know it was only UMass, but at the beginning of the season I would have said that fsu would struggle in that game. They have improved each week while we see to regress.
It's the SEC, so random upsets tend to happen more often than in other conferences. But I don't think that will happen at the WLOCP this year. Hoping we can keep it close and get momentum to finish the season strong.
I agree with everything you said. That and moving on from Grantham. Honest question here - why is the recruiting not improving? I can see the 1st year or 2 being harder to get top level recruits given the state of the program in 2017. But it should have taken off by now. Is it just that he needs to hire better recruiters for his staff? What does he need to do to get recruiting turned around?
What most of us are worried about is getting into a coaching carousel of mediocre hires that leave us in the same situation or just plain bad hires. In today's world of huge buyouts, 1 or 2 bad hires could put the program back a decade or more. In that case, 7.5 mill for an offensive coordinator would be a drop in the bucket. As distasteful as it might be, being mediocre for a couple more years while waiting on a better coach is preferable to where fsu and miami have ended up. I'm saying that because the memories of the Zook, muschamp and mcelwain years. I'm not one of those fans that demand we make it to the NC game or else. But becoming a punching bag for conference rivals that we usually hold our own against isn't acceptable.
He might have pulled off 9-4, who knows. Either way, I believe that Mullen is a step up from Mac. Just not a big enough step to get the program into tier 1 territory on a consistent basis.
I agree. Mullen was a big improvement over McElwain right out of the gate. Taking us from 4-7 to 10-3 his 1st year. Which is why we all had a lot of optimism with where he could take the program. After a couple of years of head scratching decisions, it's hard to ignore some of the red flags. Who knows, maybe he will right the ship? Getting rid of Todd Exotic should be the first step in that direction. Then see where that takes us.
*end up being worse* That's what I meant to type.
Exactly. I can't think of anyone available that wouldn't be a lateral or even end up. Getting into a coaching carousel like fsu and miami would put us back several years. I think we'll have to live with mullen for now. I'm hoping that the HBC will walk down the hall and have a "come to Jesus" talk with mullen to get his head out of his ass on a few different things. Mostly getting a new DC.
Yeah the defense digs a hole that's impossible for the offense to dig out of. Mullen has to fix that asap.
The transfer portal has made fans hypersensitive to every interview a player or coach does. And the media loves to push those buttons. AR is a Gainesville native, so I don't think he is going anywhere. But in all honesty, kiffin would be more decisive with his QB1 decision than mullen has. I'm no coach, but here is my armchair observation. Both have flaws but AR has a higher ceiling. Switching between the two in every game doesn't let either build experience or confidence with the rest of the offense. I can see why they would get frustrated.
I was hoping you would be our Belk tour guide. Since UGA has past experience playing there but UF doesn't.
Mullen shows flashes of promise that lulls the fans into a false sense of comfort. Then reality hits. I don't think Mullen is a horrible coach (mediocre), but he definitely isn't going to get us to the next level. We've already had 2 bad coaching hires (Mcelwain and Muschamp). I don't want it to turn into a series of coaching mishires like at florida state, miami and tenn that will dig us into a deeper hole. For now we will have to live with him until a solid replacement can be found.
Seriously! If this doesn't get Grantham fired, then I guess nothing will.
Agreed. EJ always stares at the receiver he is going to throw to for several seconds before releasing. That unfortunately leads to interceptions.
Sometimes I think Grantham is an undercover saboteur working for another team. Because he dang sure isn't working for us.
I think Florida is the only team that actually gets worse as the season progresses.
It's a game we "should" win. But we've been burned by the Grantham factor too many times. That's the biggest thing that will cost us a win. That and cleat toss behavior. Also, wild card factors are playing in Death Valley and Coach O looking to save his job. So this one could easily go LSUs way.
Not gonna lie, early on I was one that didn't think Kirby was good at development (on offense). I'll admit he's proved me wrong. I think this is y'alls year for a natty. Either way, looking forward to the Cocktail Party. I haven't been to one since 2015.
Congrats, great game. Gotta admit, I didn't see that one coming. A&M was prepared.
Absolutely. Shows that Pittman is confident in his players and isn't afraid to take a chance. It stings to lose that way, but I think it was the right call.
There have been even more times that Richardson was clicking and Emory came in and ruined it. Honestly I don't know which one is better at the moment. I think Richardson has more upside long term. Either way, the coach needs to stick with one or the other. As far as everything else you said, it's just repeating the stuff that Florida fans have been saying about the defense for years.
Being loyal to your staff is one thing. But failing to see the obvious is killing us. The head coach has to be ruthless when it comes to staff decisions.
Agreed. No offense to Vandy, but Florida should be moving the ball at will. And despite holding them to 0 in the 1st half, the defense looks shakey. Especially the secondary. Grantham just isn't a good DC.
If I had a child going to college on an academic scholarship, I would be elated if it was at vandy. As an athlete, not so much.