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Even though I can't sit through any basketball game without falling asleep, I hope he does well and the team finds success. I really wish the SEC would sanction wrestling throughout the conference.
Thanks man. The rebuild will be a process, but we'll get there. It's hard not to root for a guy like Bennett. Great story, and never quit!
Did Danny Kanell write this under a pen name for the Washington Examiner?
Untrustworthy? A conference having more top teams that make the playoff than the other conferences is untrustworthy? What's untrustworthy is those other conference teams getting blown out when they get to the playoffs (with the exception of Clemson mixed in during past years). How about the other conferences build more teams on a consistent basis. This year is a no brainer. No one is even close to AL and GA. So why set up a NC that is going to be a complete blowout that is boring to watch? This is just someone that wants participation trophies, and is trying to sell it by calling the SEC untrustworthy.
I'm probably one of the last people finding out about this, but I didn't realize Bennett was a walk-on. Even though he plays for a rival, much respect for competing and making the most of his opportunity. Win or lose, hope he and people like him have success in the future. Except at the WLOCP, if he returns lol.
Sad to hear this and sorry for the family's loss. Prayers to the family, friends and community.
Best of luck to EJ. He is a kid and I hope he finds success somewhere. I feel like he has a higher ceiling than what he showed on the field this year. Even though Mullen was loyal to him, it didn't look like Mullen did a good job developing him.
Awesome get for coach Napier and Gator Nation! Obviously won't bring this recruiting class back from the dead, but it's a good sign for upcoming years.
This is a great hire for Florida and Coach Napier! Kinda surprised he reeled someone in like this. I'm guessing that Kelly didn't plan a retaining him?
I thought it was kinda funny. But honestly, the best way to troll someone, is to pretend like they never existed. If you make a big scene about how they wronged you, then you are just showing how much real-estate they take up in your mind. Apathy is way worse than hate/dislike.
Yeah, I was hoping for a big increase in the recruiting budget. Hopefully this can still happen, as well as paying for top tier assistants.
Glad you are still here to watch your team. Here's to many more!
Yes, he is. But the money not spent on the higher salary, can hopefully be used in the recruiting budget. Which is where we desperately need it.
Maybe higher upside wasn't the best wording for what I was trying to say. I'm thinking of the potential payoff on a gamble for a coach that hasn't realized what his ceiling is yet. Could be a pretty high ceiling, or a complete bust. Stricklin is betting/hoping that he will have a lot of success in the strongest conference, as compared to being a HC in the Sunbelt. I wasn't saying that that he would surpass what Kelly has already done. But given a few years, he might be get Florida competitive again. Going from successful Sunbelt HC to a successful SEC HC is a bigger rise than going from successful ND HC to successful SEC HC. Long story short...gambling that the same level of success comes for a lot less money.
Kelly is the proven coach and Napier is more of a gamble. But Napier has the higher upside and I'm guessing that is what Strickland was after. Time will tell if if it was the right call. Kelly should be more successful at LSU than at ND. I'm just not sure how the personality matches the culture in Baton Rouge.
Wasn't pretty, but I'll take it. Always feels great to beat your rival. Go Gators!
This was just goofy banter back and forth on the show. RG3 said if Tebow didn't take the job, then he wants to be the coach. Not an actual serious opinion.
Good question. Hopefully the Swamp will be full and loud. FSU bailed out on the game last year when we would have beat them in tally. This year, I have no idea what will happen, so we'll need the Swamp factor.
FSU was in a pretty dark place at the beginning of the year. But Norvell made steady progress through the year. Y'all are headed in the right direction and looks like he will be a good coach. Hope both our teams get back to where they should be....we're both better off that way. Except on rivalry Saturdays, lol.
Honestly, I don't know enough about Napier to say if he is a great hire or if his success will translate over as an SEC HC. Sounds like a gamble that could pay off, or be more of the same. There isn't any obvious slam-dunk hires out there right now. Guess we will see what happens.
So reading the article and then the comments, my understanding of the situation went from: reckless (drunk?) destructive behavior while brandishing a firearm? to: reckless destructive behavior (frat like) and a bb gun found in the vehicle or on the person? These are very different situations, so I'm curious what the facts are. Obviously, some bb guns look like real guns, so if it was used with that intent, then that's pretty serious. Not excusing his actions, but if he was doing stupid frat type behavior and just happen to have a bb gun, then he still needs consequences, but it's being overblown. Honestly, need more info on this.
Wait....this was a bb gun? I don't see where it says that.
No team is immune from dirt bags making it onto the roster. What counts, is how the coach handles it. Jimbo and Meyer were notorious for enabling or covering up that type of behavior. Others like Saban, will stomp it out immediately. As much as it pains me give GA any praise, I'm sure Kirby will give this kid the boot if he is guilty of the charges. I can understand giving 2nd chances to certain infractions or boneheaded decisions. But some things are too big to overlook. All coaches should be this way, regardless of what it means for wins/losses.
Sadly, that made me lol. Hopefully the next HC and staff will be focused on recruiting. But also good with the Xs & Os.