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You guys have one player on the outland this year after having 3 last year. You lost the offensive talent that helped you win last year in swift and the offensive line. The Rimington hasn't been announced yet so we have the same amount there as of now. What hurts you the most is a new qb in a new system with no practice compared to a guy in the system for 3 years with the same coaches. I'm not saying Florida wins, something that is very well possible, but I am saying that georgia isnt going to be as good as y'all think.
Uhhh he means LSU and Ole Miss are lurking in general. Florida doesn't have a series with LSU and doesn't play Ole Miss until late April. If you had read the article fully you would know that he meant that both teams are turning it around and are on the come up.
Thats because the refs didn't call the hold on the primary read to Cleveland.
Remember when a 3 star wr torched 24 in death valley? If you don't watch your homecoming game again.