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Evans is undeniably a special talent, but being released from his LOI or “having his scholarship offer pulled” by UGA may have more to do with the embarrassment of riches they’ve recruited over the last few years and less to do with any character issues (real or perceived) that Evans poses. Why bring someone into the program who isn’t fully bought in or doesn’t really want to be there when you’ve stacked up enough 5 stars who do? If he does go to UF, I hope it’s because he wants to be there and not because he’s burned bridges everywhere else or that the staff is willing to overlook a bunch of red flags to land a 5 star talent. Ideally the culture within the program is strong and positive enough to help him grow as a man both on and off the field.
It was just a goofy dance. That you found it homoerotic says more about you than you may be willing to admit to yourself. Just know that I fully support you.
It didn’t look like he crossed the line, but the refs painted themselves into a corner blowing the play dead before the receiver was actually down.
Yeah, got us click. Can’t wait for the next article where FSU fans “fire back”.