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Jones is not a bad guy and he has done a good job bringing Tennessee to this point, but he is not able to go any further. The players love him and he cares about the program, he just doesn't have the skill set to take the team any further. He has hit that plateau where he is lost going forward. I wouldn't mind keeping at the school, but in a position other than head football coach...
Butch has done a good job bringing them to this point. It is a better team than what Dooley left behind, but Butch has reached a plateau where is not able to take them any further. I commend him for what he has done, but it is time to move on. I sure hope they are shopping for a replacement so we can preserve the recruiting class.
The problem is if Butch is fired now, the only coach on staff with head coaching experience is Brady Hoak and he is a dumpster fire walking. Suppose they did fire Butch now, promote Brady and he wins out, then there is pressure to keep Brady as head coach, kind of like what happened To LSU. Tennessee has a ton of talent in the next recruiting class, they need to be in a position to replace him immediately. Before they can fire Butch a replacement has to be there waiting to take over in order to keep the recruiting class intact. Butch has to stay till they have a replacement, so we have to grin and bear it!