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If he does sign with DAZN,I can't wait to hear the sound of the head explosion from every single Bammer since they'll have lost their biggest mouthpiece.
Jesus, calm down. UGA truly isn't that good. True, they dominated Auburn, but they dominated a really bad Auburn team. South Carolina ran all over the Dawgs. If/when they face LSU, they're gonna rip them a new one. Get over yourself.
Cheese n crackers, that was a n amazing video. It'd get me hyped... If I wasn't an Auburn fan. War Eagle!!
Was I the only one who noticed he said nothing about Auburn's defense? Focusing solely on the "mess" at QB and forgetting completely about the other side of the ball doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be a 16 point "blowout baby."
Oohhh, I get it now. You're the trolling UGA puppy who thinks because he's finally got a coach who knows how to win it's ok to hang out on Auburn's pages and spew unintelligent rhetoric. Gotcha. Also, the Auburn defense isn't overrated; with just shy of ten 3-and-outs, they barely had time to finish their powerade before they're back on the field. Do the SDS message boards a favor and look beyond the numbers before bashing a team you're probably just a little bit scared of this November.