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Special Teams: PT:MertzMcafee (Shoutout Pat) PK:The Leg Named Mertz KR:Mertzamillion PR:Mertztastic (Special Teams got him the WR3 spot)
2023 UF Roster Offense- QB:Graham Mertz RB:Mertzman WR1:Mertzatron WR2:Mertzinator WR3:Mertztastic TE:Mertzhulk OLine:Mertzwall Defense: DLine:Mertzsmashers OLB:MertzMan OLB:Mertzilla MLB:Mertzilous CB: Mertzmania FS:MertzHammer SS:The Man Called Mertz
Hurts is great. Burrow is great. Herbert is great. Who knows about Love. Tua didnt deserve this ricochet shot, hes pretty great too. Tua just has had his brains scrambled.
^The prophet of Mertzatron, FL's Lord and Savior
With Mertzatron at the helm, this kid will be lucky to get a touch all season.
Mertz does not play football. He is all that is football; The Chuck Norris of the SEC. Good luck @therestofus. Its Mertz's league and we are all just pawns for him to embarrass on the field. He ended the season as +20000 to win the Heisman. Wouldn't be surprised if he opens up at -20000.
Crissy, I have been your harshest critic. While yes, the subject matter you chose is a superficial analysis composed with bare minimum research, this is the best you have done on the Rebels as of late. I thank and commend you.
Makes what difference? Remember when it was a gator or a "LSU" or a buckeye or a tiger paw and now a "G" that are all the "best logos on a jacket"...just sayin. A good coach is a good coach.
Laugh all ya'll want at us for being excited about this. I love this hire. Our defense has shown improvement over the last three years, Golding will take it to the next level, maybe not elite but definitely "good". Plus hes at least a decent recruiter from the SOUTH. Which is huge in itself. And just look at Golding, he looks straight outta Oxford.
Feels pretty late to be transferring for a walk in starting role. He is going to have to compete wherever he goes.