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I guess NC State really enjoys taking L’s from the SEC’s Dawgs
Athens by a mile and then some in this one. Yes, I’m aware Starkvegas wouldn’t be very high on the list
Funny kid. I doubt he commits to either Mississippi school (he definitely isn’t considering us) but this was gold
I really don’t think Florida is still included in this party
Has anyone actually ever read one of these rants in its entirety?
I feel like this is a little low on our guy will Rodgers. Excited to see what some of these kids can do with a full off season of work to prepare
I'd be surprised if saban relieves him of duty before the ohio state game. Remember what happened last time he fired an OC before a Title game?
The retreat after definitely drops us to a D+
Kick them out of the SEC and replace with Clemson or FSU. Who cares of South Carolina or UF are offended
With the season closed I have to say.. I'm pretty satisfied with how it went for us. Started the year on the highest note imaginable, finished it with grit and something to build on for the future.
Yeah I'ma have to disagree.... A&M, Florida (even after their loss tonight), or even Georgia have a better case for being put in the playoff. Any of these teams will get exposed in the first round by either Clemson or Bama though, so it really doesn't matter.
I keep hearing rumors about the Lane Train arriving in Austin soon.
UGA is my East team & I really have no love for the Gators. That being said... Beating Alabama is now the measure of if a team is successful? That's absolutely asinine. Florida had one blip against a very good A&M team and then went on to dominate the East this year. Whether they beat bama in the seccg or not, it's been a season their fans can be proud of.
He has a new OC with no offseason to implement the offense and a presumed starting QB who sat out and a backup that had a meltdown in week one. Working with a scout team QB who turns the ball over too much to be elite or help the defense out, I'd say Kirby is doing a fantastic job in Athens. This is just a tough year, no need to overreact.