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Technically Alabama’s roster was more “talented” so Kirby’s “out coach recruiting” comments are still accurate in this game
I wish I could figure out where Mike gets those shirts. I think they look pretty good
As a current Mississippi State student, I’ve always wondered why Ole Miss refuses to be called Mississippi like every other “university of [state]” just goes by their state’s name.
I read somewhere that this was a recruiting violation. If it is, can someone explain exactly how? Seems harmless to me compared to painting the kids name on the field
I’m willing to bet we find a guy who can get it done with this move
I’d put money on him being a dawg Not us dawgs, but you get it
I think they could do It with either. They could also lose with either. Tired of this overdone narrative
You want us to play NC State again?
Kid’s going to Athens, but I can’t blame the sharks for trying
I guess NC State really enjoys taking L’s from the SEC’s Dawgs
Athens by a mile and then some in this one. Yes, I’m aware Starkvegas wouldn’t be very high on the list
Funny kid. I doubt he commits to either Mississippi school (he definitely isn’t considering us) but this was gold
I really don’t think Florida is still included in this party
Has anyone actually ever read one of these rants in its entirety?
I feel like this is a little low on our guy will Rodgers. Excited to see what some of these kids can do with a full off season of work to prepare
I'd be surprised if saban relieves him of duty before the ohio state game. Remember what happened last time he fired an OC before a Title game?