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What's crazy is that we're still only 10th in the conference. I hope we break the upper half of the conference recruiting rankings.
If I recall correctly, Josh Allen put on 60 pounds during his time here. Hearing about how miserable some NFL linemen were having to eat as much as they did, it made my respect for him go through the roof to put on that weight and still be a physical specimen.
Muschamp should ask Orgeron who to hire as a OC.
Oklahoma could have gone after another transfer QB. Kelly Bryant might have ended up at OU instead of Missouri.
If they get a good DC, they will make it to a bowl game. Their offense isn't going to be an issue against most teams.
Something must not have been clicking in practice where he felt confident to turn it over to Trask. Maybe he put to much pressure on himself, but once Franks got injured, he could be be more relaxed. Considering Mullen’s resume with QBs, I would give him the benefit of the doubt on that.
That's very true. I'm bad at Texas geography and it wouldn't even make sense except to make some people a lot more money at the expense of fans. I think some neutral site rivalry games make sense (Georgia-Florida, Texas-Oklahoma), but the one-off games are really dumb.
Well, since it would benefit a school that doesn't have a good NCAA football pedigree, it's going to be denied.
I don't think they are rebuilding in the regular sense. They have plenty of talent, at least on paper. It's more of getting the most out of the players, both in effort and development, but it looks like they are starting to turn the corner on that.
I wonder how many players from around the country will decide to sit after seeing Tua go down.
It says a lot that Georgia fans are lamenting the loss but giving high praise and wishing him the best.
I would reserve judgment until you see how the team plays. Kentucky's O-line has been much of the reason why we've had success in recent years. If your O-Line sucks, you aren't going to score points, period. Like others have pointed out, if he's smart, he'll make good coordinator hires and let them handle more of the finer details of their sides of the ball.
I can't imagine a reason why the NCAA would allow Gatewood to play next year.
And we all thought Tennessee was a dumpster fire after they let Butch Jones go... Arkansas fans, you deserve so much better.
From an outsider’s perspective, he did pretty good considering the hand he was dealt, minus how he handled the Egg Bowl aftermath this year.
If they played it in Dallas, it would automatically be a national spectacle.
congrats. I don’t follow basketball too closely, but I always thought he represented Florida very well.
His offense generally works. It might not be as prolific as it is in the Pac 12 or when he was a Texas Tech, but I think he would be the person to most quickly turn around Arkansas, even if he isn't a long term viable option.
After watching Tua go down, I think a lot of sure fire first rounders are going to skip meaningless bowl games.
D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Gosder Cherilus are also on the All-Time Names Team.
I don't think it would have been as dire in the win column if we didn't have Bowden. It was a team effort and our OC has coached and schemed 1000 yard rushers his entire time here. Plus, Missouri started their weird free fall and our rotating West opponent was Arkansas.
The ACC has big games at the beginning of the season and then everybody ends up being a disappointment except Clemson.
Clemson is good. Nobody disputes that, but also nobody else in the country disputes that the ACC is weak. It is literally Clemson, some mediocre teams, and then bad teams. I mean, why are you arguing about the bias when other conferences have big mid to late season games between undefeated ranked teams?
I think he deserved one more season. He walked into a bad situation with sanctions and top players transferring. He made some good coordinator hires as well and I thought they would have made it back to at least .500 next year.
It could have turned out a lot worse. That idiot fan ripping off the player’s helmet from the stands is lucky the players didn’t jump up there. I hope they got arrested.
He’s going to get snatched up pretty quickly.
I just don’t understand how he could whiff on so many OC hires.