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I wonder how many people were e-mailed before they were caught. That's pretty garbage for opposing coaches to get that information and not say anything while, I would assume, they preach sportsmanship to their players.
It's very telling if you transfer from a Power 5 school to a group of 5 and can't even win the starting position.
Was the Patterson speed on a TD or just the fastest player in general?
Exactly. When we hired Stoops, the only thing Kentucky fans wanted was to be competitive and go to bowl games. We have been competitive for most conference games the past few years and have been in the running to win the East later in the season than I can ever remember.
This is an FYI: AT&T/Direct TV has taken a hard line on negotiating for broadcast rights. As we all know, cable costs have risen astronomically and part of that is because companies like Disney (who owns ESPN and ABC) require them to pay astronomical sums of money. Cable companies (ironically) are like their customers where they can't just choose which channels they want to use because companies like Disney require them to pay for the rights to all channels in their offerings. Hypothetical example: AT&T wants purchase rights for only ESPN, ESPN2, and the SEC Network. Disney won't sell broadcast rights unless AT&T also includes ESPN Desportes, ESPN U, the Big Ten Network, all Disney Channel offerings, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, etc. in the contract. If AT&T is able to change the pricing structure for broadcast rights, there is no guarantee they will pass those savings onto customers. But like a lot of you commenting have alluded to, people are tired of the prices and are switching to other options. This is the case where I think we should be supporting AT&T's efforts.
I think the training, coaching, and rehab are definitely valid arguments. The degree worth $X is not as valid because tuition has lately come more to reflect the administration's spending habits than anything else.
This is the only news I have ever read about Miami since the draft and I agree with you 100%. To have a player learn six different positions in a new scheme with an NFL sized playbook and nuances is just insane. And then to have them do it in ONE offseason? That is total mismanagement and atrocious development for a player who should be a cornerstone of your defense.
At the absolute minimum, it should be ranked higher than Wake Forest/UNC.
If the state of the program is terrible, I don't know if Stoops will want to take it on. Granted, the roster will probably be better than what he had when Kentucky hired him, but as an overall program builder, he didn't do anything overnight. I don't think Seminoles fans have the patience to wait a couple of seasons to turn it around.
@NashvilleGator What you wrote about Louisville is exactly my point. He does well with the players that he inherits. That may not be the case with Florida next year, but at Louisville and Georgia, there is a definitely regression as time passes.
Best of luck to him and his health. It must really suck to go through the uncertainty right now.
It definitely got more interesting with all the key injuries.
I feel like Grantham does a good with other coaches' players. His first few seasons with UofL were really good since he inherited Charlie Strong's players, then the wheels kind of fell off. I feel like Georgia fans would say the same thing of his time there as well.
There problem isn't a good reason, which is why they don't mention it. But I agree, it makes a lot of sense to play a non-conference game against an in-state school. It probably would mean a lot to those players who grew up in Alabama to get the experience of playing against Alabama or Auburn as well.
Thanks. Same for your players as well. Both teams are obviously going to go hard at it this weekend, so I hope everyone makes it out ok.
I'm so happy we aren't in your division
Considering some of the stuff that happens are other programs, I'm glad that the main reasons our players get suspended is due to academics or because they throw some sort of temper tantrum.
That's a very fair assessment and Coach Cal and Kentucky fans want the one and done rule changed. Fans are tired of learning a brand new starting line up every single year and the end of year will he or won't he leave for the Draft. I would love to see what he could do if he coached up highly regarded players for at least three years and honestly envy what UT had this year.
Totally not fair the DBs that LSU brings in every single year. I love me some Coach O, so I'm pulling for you all to have a great year.
I am less than confident about the USC game this year. I think Wilson will have improved, but our defense is going to have to grow up really fast if we want to have even a mediocre season.
Lots of respect for Newton. He could have flamed out completely by relying just on his physical talents, but he got better in the mental aspects of the game. Unfortunately, his team hasn't done too much to consistently surround him with good talent.
He has a longer track record as a head coach, I would say.
I think what wolfman is saying is that it doesn't look as nearly impressive going 10 wins at Florida (with the facilities, recruiting, resources, existing roster, fan expectations, etc.) as it did at Mississippi State. Florida got a good coach, but if he wins an SEC Championship, it won't look as impressive doing it at Florida than if he won it at MSU.
The only way they can have another bowl season is that their new starting QB grows in a hurry. Mason is a good coach and they have a solid team and culture, but the QB position can make or break team, especially after that opening gauntlet.
Kentucky fans were so excited when Jones committed because his recruiting camp tapes looked extremely good. I always thought he was very scrawny in high school so I wonder if that made him a little nervous throwing in the face of an SEC level pass rush.
I'm scared for the pissed off aspect this year. I hope your team continues to do well, however. You all have done things the right way with recruiting and development without having a whole lot of advantages like bigger programs over the years and I look forward to the Missouri game every year.
Also, nobody in their right mind would normally give a feature back as many carries as we gave Snell over the past two years. Hopefully, we get three backs who can all break 700 yards apiece and take advantage of their different running styles like Boom Williams and Snell during his true freshman year.
haha That's like asking how many more DBs LSU needs
I know people interpret the video different, but I think it looks like the girl went to choke him with one hand and he just reacted. Granted, he isn't without blame because he could have walked away from it all, but you know people have too much pride to do the right thing at times.
With the way things shook out with Butch Jones, can you blame him for leaving?