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I don't know why Kentucky fans get so mouthy. It wasn't too long ago when we were absolutely terrible.
I don't really watch a lot of NFL, but why so little? Did they have a RB by committee approach to keep players fresh or was it because they were scoring through the air so much?
He deserves to get paid after the workload he had to carry while he was here when everyone stacked the box and knew that it was way more likely that he was running it than we were going to throw it.
Apparently we had too many players and not enough scholarships. It's absolutely stupid that this happens.
What was the context of his comments? Was it after a loss and he was ripping his team for being lazy?
This was also during the steroids era. A lot of deserving people lost a chance to be developed at the minor leagues because so many people were juicing. In a totally clean minor league, Jordan might have had more respectable numbers even though he was way behind the curve.
I hope SC fans are getting treated well with these plans. A lot of Kentucky football fans got shafted when we renovated with price hikes and involuntarily moving seats around.
It's hilarious to see the HCs of UGA and UF laughing together the way some of you fans go after each other on here. hahaha
I didn't take it as mocking Kentucky. UK isn't as strong on academics when compared to the ACC or B1G.
Do you think if a random person posted that, it would still be classless? SECN definitely has no business tweeting that, but I wonder if the reaction would have been different if it went viral originating on another account.
I love seeing some O-linemen getting drafted high. Great job by him on making it to the NFL.
Top players stopped going internationally for the same reason. It never worked out for anyone. I like Cal's proposal that if you want to go directly from high school, you can. If you go the college route, you should have to stay a few years minimum.
I saw players tweeting that owners, GMs, and coaches need to be drug tested after the Hopkins trade. But who knows? There may be some weird method to their madness like Jimmy Johnson trading away Herschel.
It's so nice to be mathematically in the race for the East mid-season. Yeah, some years we need help and don't control ou rdestiny, but it's still nice compared to before Stoops.
I agree that the news shouldn't publish the names of idiots, but also in this age of social media, people are tracking down the names and (sometimes) addresses of random citizens. It's a crazy world we live in now and some people are determined to play keyboard detectives.
That really sucks. Hope it isn’t something that will come back and affect him in the future.
Why isn't he considered a solid 1st rounder? The LSU offense was great and all, but he had to run those routes, catch the balls, and make it into the end zone all the same.
Are you being sarcastic? We have a lot of old school fans who hate different uniform combinations, so I really can't tell if you are being genuine or not. They cannot stand the idea of having black uniforms and want to go back to the glory days of all blue for home games. When you mix in chrome helmets, they cancel their season tickets.
It's crazy how much career trajectories can change. I think Orgeron has had more ups and downs than most coaches. Down after Ole Miss, up after USC, up again after being the interim at LSU, some people were down on him when he got the job permanently, and now he was at the top of the world this past season.
I can see a coach getting a second or MAYBE a third chance depending the circumstances, but the number of stops some HCs make is astonishing. Off the top of my head, I think the NBA is the worst with it.
Boom and Snell (and Bowden) really spoiled us. They made it look too easy at times where I think we can’t move on from Rose being a highly regarded recruit to not panning out, for whatever reason. I really hope he is a late bloomer but I also don’t like the hate he gets from some fans. When Snell was setting records, he easily could have transferred for playing time but he stuck it out here.
The NCAA won't really do anything until the federal investigation is over. They are going to get everything they can from public record and Freedom of Information requests before they move on this. Then they will wait 4 years before deciding that any blue blood programs will be untouched and Missouri gets more sanctions because they cooperated in 2019.
Good pickup for Vandy. He looked like he could have developed into a really good player, but was a little rough as a thrower if I remember correctly.
Never played football, but does his height hurt him on third and long because it’s easier to keep tabs on him as the play develops? Or is it because he isn’t as great of a catching threat? Obviously, he’s hard to tackle and can take it to the house on any given play, so there is some tradeoff elsewhere in his game where coaches think they have a better chance with him off the field in those situations.
Pruitt deserves major props for winning against lesser opponents. That's part of building a program and changing the culture. You win the games you are supposed to win and he didn't let the team fall apart after those embarrassing losses. I think rallying from behind in the bowl game was also very impressive. Everyone wants to beat an SEC team and not all SEC teams are super motivated to win. I think he deserves a 1-2 on the scale to begin the season.
Kentucky can probably easily match whatever they will pay him. It's more a matter of whether he thinks it's a good fit for his first HC opportunity. He's not only assuming all of the responsibilities of running the program, he's got completely different realities in the budget, facilities, and recruiting.
For fans of other schools who don’t know, he is considered our ace recruiter. If he visits your home, you are probably one of the highest priority targets we have. I’m not sure how big of a blow this is now since Kentucky has had some moderate success and recruiting isn’t as much of a struggle with facility upgrades and such, but it still sucks.