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I can’t think of a good reason why the NCAA would grant a waiver. Then again, it’s the NCAA and they aren’t known for being logical or even consistent.
I think we have a very small chance to win the East, but that requires those three teams to have sub-par seasons. In the end, I agree that we can realistically end up 3rd.
It's kind of weird to be getting any sort of off-season hype from national outlets, as small as it is. Usually, everyone says Stoops has done a great job, but we're going to tab them to finish 5th or 6th in the East.
Those Super Bowls were great games. Brady vs. Eli at their absolute best? Yes, please and thank you. I've seen people argue that Eli doesn't belong in the NFL HoF and I think that is absolute garbage. I don't know whether or not first ballot, but he deserves to get in.
I think the same way as you, but Swinney didn’t do himself any favors with how he whined about it. If he stuck to usual coach speak lobbying for his team and saying they deserved a spot in the CFP, I think a lot of people would agree. But he had to talk about SEC bias in a very whiney and public manner.
Always good news to have a returning contributor. Hopefully he progresses as expected and has a big year.
He actually fielded a really good defense during the 2018 season. Got them to an 11-2 record.
Seems like Burns was coaching up some great RBs. Was it his choice to move to an off field role or was Pannunzio supposed to be that much better?
At the college level, I don’t generally agree with firing a coach two years into their tenure, but the way the Egg Bowl and bowl games were definitely bad enough to necessitate the change. Can’t be having teammates fighting in December.
These ratings are a bit of trash because I think Pruitt is too low and Fisher and Kiffin are too high. However, I would want to see another year before elevating Pruitt above Stoops just on the fact that two years is too short to determine how good a first time HC is, especially when trying to clean up a predecessor's mess.
I love Stoops, so this isn't a critical shot at him and this isn't an attempt to troll. What better program would hire someone who has a track record of winning mostly with the old school game plan of ball control offense and good defense?
Who knows what any team is going to look like in 10 years?
Thank you for the context. This hire actually makes a lot more sense now.
It's always fun to watch people get tired of tackling that monster, especially late in the season when it is cold and you've had all those other months of wear and tear.
I think he will have early success. He doesn't care about traditional coaching philosophies so his ability to change and call the offense is probably more flexible than most other coaches. It will be more interesting when teams start getting enough film on MSU for analysts to really break down what is happening.
Good to see a fan favorite replace a fan favorite on staff. I really wish it had worked out in the NFL for both of them.
Sometimes, when I am skimming websites, I read Orgeron as Oregon, so I was very confused to see an LSU assistant going to join Orgeron's staff.
I see you are a man of culture.
No problem at all. As much as I like him, I think it’s good that he is closer to his son. CFB recruiting is ridiculous.
Serious question for Gator fans. Does having Mullen as HC, two offensive co-coordinators, and a QB coach on staff seem like there may be too many people who might have a hand in coaching up a QB?
You’re fortunate to get him. He got some under recruited players to shine and helped develop depth on our DL. I hope he does as well for you as he did for us.
How hilarious would it be if FSU couldn't even keep the guy they just hired, though?
Losing Dean Hood really sucks. Our special teams play had gotten a lot better while he was here.
At the very least, we are a solid program. Not a lot of schools can lose multiple QBs and still put together a decent season. I wouldn’t say we are upper level until we are still in contention for the East in November every year.
Too bad the NFL or the other owners won’t do anything about the Haslams. The same goes for other sports. It should be that if you don’t win a certain percentage of games over X number of years, you gotta sell the team.
Stoops has done a great job with hiring and retaining staff the past few years.
It's fun watching people try to tackle him throughout an entire game. It's too bad he doesn't play with a long term QB.