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That's a very fair assessment and Coach Cal and Kentucky fans want the one and done rule changed. Fans are tired of learning a brand new starting line up every single year and the end of year will he or won't he leave for the Draft. I would love to see what he could do if he coached up highly regarded players for at least three years and honestly envy what UT had this year.
Totally not fair the DBs that LSU brings in every single year. I love me some Coach O, so I'm pulling for you all to have a great year.
I am less than confident about the USC game this year. I think Wilson will have improved, but our defense is going to have to grow up really fast if we want to have even a mediocre season.
Lots of respect for Newton. He could have flamed out completely by relying just on his physical talents, but he got better in the mental aspects of the game. Unfortunately, his team hasn't done too much to consistently surround him with good talent.
He has a longer track record as a head coach, I would say.
I think what wolfman is saying is that it doesn't look as nearly impressive going 10 wins at Florida (with the facilities, recruiting, resources, existing roster, fan expectations, etc.) as it did at Mississippi State. Florida got a good coach, but if he wins an SEC Championship, it won't look as impressive doing it at Florida than if he won it at MSU.
The only way they can have another bowl season is that their new starting QB grows in a hurry. Mason is a good coach and they have a solid team and culture, but the QB position can make or break team, especially after that opening gauntlet.
Kentucky fans were so excited when Jones committed because his recruiting camp tapes looked extremely good. I always thought he was very scrawny in high school so I wonder if that made him a little nervous throwing in the face of an SEC level pass rush.
I'm scared for the pissed off aspect this year. I hope your team continues to do well, however. You all have done things the right way with recruiting and development without having a whole lot of advantages like bigger programs over the years and I look forward to the Missouri game every year.
Also, nobody in their right mind would normally give a feature back as many carries as we gave Snell over the past two years. Hopefully, we get three backs who can all break 700 yards apiece and take advantage of their different running styles like Boom Williams and Snell during his true freshman year.
haha That's like asking how many more DBs LSU needs
I know people interpret the video different, but I think it looks like the girl went to choke him with one hand and he just reacted. Granted, he isn't without blame because he could have walked away from it all, but you know people have too much pride to do the right thing at times.
With the way things shook out with Butch Jones, can you blame him for leaving?
That was my major complaint with the past two years. His freshman year, we at least had a scat back as a change up, but the past two years, he's been used too much. Also, he would be a great fullback, except hardly anyone outside of New England uses them anymore.
It would have been dumb not to at least consider the move. Congrats on keeping him because he makes the entire conference better.
You forgot that some AAF players may be Florida-born.
I know he got a really bad rep in college and early in his NFL career, but I hope he gets another shot at things considering that he has been trying to get the treatment he needs. I wonder how many people flame out because they didn't get the help they needed because of the stigma of being a pro athlete and struggling.
Hopefully a good hire. It's going to be a learning curve dealing with NCAA compliance and recruiting. Hopefully, he gets a decent amount of time to adjust and try to put his imprint on the program.
Wow, Rutgers. You would have thought that there would have been one senior laden class that would have made it in the past 28 years.
Congrats. Hope he keeps it up and helps and makes a deep run in March.
Vitale is a hypocrite. Even if Pitino didn't know about anything, he is still accountable as the HC and should have been fired after the stripper scandal, much less the Bowen issue.
I have tons of respect for him. Glad to see him get a shot at starting a game.
That's true, but with him being called to testify in court along with the past recording (even if deemed inadmissible), that is A LOT of pressure on the school to distance itself and the NCAA doesn't require ironclad evidence before making its decisions.
Honestly, we do not know if it in play at any university. The NCAA only has the information made publicly available by the FBI and won't begin their investigation until after the FBI has finished theirs, I believe.
Agreed, although that could improve somewhat drastically by his Pro Day. QW's 40 was a thing of beauty to watch.
Kentucky had that same issue the first few years of Stoops' tenure. All the feels. You'll build up that depth with the rate Morris is recruiting, but it might be a while since the West is so brutal.
The big thing to watch is whether or not the defense starts coming together at the middle of season. It doesn't have to be smothering by any stretch, but they are posting better numbers each game down the stretch, it is a great signal for the following season.
Definitely not a 10-win season unless there is some magical revelation on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, there will be some drop off, but it probably won't be the end of the world. I would be happy with a 7-win regular season and a bowl win and I know a lot of people will be mad with that. It wasn't too long ago we had back to back 2-win seasons and having an SEC Championship elimination game against Georgia was pretty special.
Considering how hard he worked to get as big as he is with the straight line speed, I wouldn't rule out his agility improving by Pro Day. I'm sure he's hearing everyone talk about that weakness.