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I hope they can schedule it after the hurricane season has passed.
Thanks for the explanation. That makes a lot more sense when I hear about arrests with firearms being present.
Whoever the App State AD is, he's done a great job with their football program.
I don't think Allen will be 21st. I think someone in the top 15 will take him or someone trade up to the top 10. I know I sound biased, but he still hasn't met his ceiling yet. He was a WR up until his junior or senior year of high school, so he's still working on adding moves and technique. He's long, quick, and has a great motor, bend, and personality.
It would be a good stop-gap if he's only there for a year. He can partially alleviate the roster's short comings with knowing what he is doing already.
Tennessee could take a big step forward if those incoming OL can start or be big contributors right away. Kentucky transformed its run game by having one or two guys come in a year who saw the field and we built up quality depth.
I think with the redshirt rule, the risk in bowl games is going to increase where people who hardly ever see the field in their first season are trying to make plays and impress the coaches. If they are that amped up from all the bowl festivities, they are probably more likely to forget good technique and inadvertently hurt themselves or someone else. And that is assuming they had good technique coached into them in middle and high school.
It's sad that college students, who are high-risk entertainers, are topics of such heated arguments concerning their bodies and their own futures.
Considering how well the Gophers played under Claeys, that is kind of a loss. But as an analyst, he wasn't getting paid very much either.
I hope we can pay Stoops and his staff more money.
I'm not meaning to bash anyone politically, but I hope our civilian and military leaders become better stewards of the fine people we have in our armed services and after they leave.
I hope he gets a legitimate shot to see the field. He could turn out to be an Aaron Murray type of QB if he has even a little speed on him.
He is a testament to not judge a kid based on measurables. He's gained 60 pounds since he got here (30 in his first full off season, I think), and we never heard a bad report. Too bad there are plenty of other deserving high schoolers out there who get overlooked, but have the same work ethic who just need to get developed while plenty of bad apples have everything handed to them.
I wonder, though, how that is adjusted for how much teams passed against A&M considering their secondary was pretty bad.
It might have more to do with Stoops than the OC. He wants to have a strong power run game and control the clock like Les Miles, so his defense can get proper rest, at least until we get the type of depth that top programs have (Alabama, Clemson). Our OC gets a lot of flack, but it appears that Stoops puts his foot down about going out and establishing the run against certain teams.
I wonder how he would do as a QB coach. I never understood why he was our WR coach except for maybe explaining what the QB might want to see on certain plays, but I'm not sure how good he would be explaining technique.
I think the Jaguars would be a good fit if Fournette stays healthy and the defense can stick together and get back to being a top defense. Other than that, I think it might be better if he fell and ended up backing up for a journeyman for a year or two (Fitzpatrick and the Bucs?) to help him learn how to prepare against NFL defenses. Otherwise, you almost have to hope he gets with a coach who is very good at scheming, like McVay or Reid.
I'm a big fan of teams without the traditional success of bigger programs. I do hope he can unseat Oklahoma and Texas. I don't want to hear talk about Texas being "back" anymore.
I always liked Cooper. Couldn't understand why people were bashing him considering his technique and football IQ in college was so far ahead of other WRs.
I'm glad he's gone. HAHA But yeah, good luck to him!
It's crazy to think that when he was OC at Auburn, he was considered innovative. Yet, he can't or won't make a change to his style of coaching, or at least innovate in ways that give their offense an advantage again.
He could have handled his departure from Tennessee a little better. If it is true that Jones lied to him and his family, I'm glad he's gotten another opportunity, switched positions, and made the most of it.
That's a great coaching tree he's got there.
Beating LSU would be a start, along with every nonconference game being against Power 5 opponents.
I think TE is a money position in the NFL if you can learn how to block. You might not touch the ball a ton, but if you can be a reliable possession receiver that makes getting 1st downs a lot easier for your team, you've got a long career ahead of you.
App State is heading on the track to move up to a better conference.
I take Mullen. I think he's one of the best at evaluating, recruiting, and developing the talent. Or at least, he's good at being the head of a program that does all of those things.
I feel like they may get a recruiting bump since the questions about Meyer are no longer hanging over the program.
At least you are going to a bowl game. Things were bleak, but you all finished strong and some other 6-win teams are getting left out.