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It's a good sign to get the win even with a shooting slump. Again, congrats on having a great season. It's always nice to see SEC teams go deep into the tournament while "basketball conferences" end up disappointing.
Definitely a BS call. I haven't watched a second of Georgia basketball this year, but I feel for them. Officials and a dumb spectator took the end of the game out of the hands of the players themselves.
You all are still having a great season and I hope UT continues to play at a high level through the end of the season. It was pretty cool when we had 3 SEC teams in the Elite Eight a few years ago, if I recall correctly.
I don't think you'd have a lot of fans at the games anyway considering how their season just went.
I wonder if they will have to pay a "buyout" for leaving the agreement early.
I agree. We were legit two deep at a good number of positions and there are plenty of players who have sat and watched future pros go about their work. If the O line, TEs, and front seven on defense continue to be solid, it will go a long way to cover some deficiencies elsewhere.
As a Kentucky fan who has played him every single year for eternity, it seems, I would say you would be better off moving from him after another year or two. His history suggests that he will do well with the previous coach's players, but after a few years, the defense starts to trend south.
I think Kentucky will still be playing at a high level next year. We've had such good continuity with some of our best position coaches the past few years, so players know what to expect. Also, even though we weren't in the top 25, we've been pretty steady around the 30s and been doing pretty well with development. Our depth isn't going to be anywhere close to Georgia or Florida at least for the forseable future, but our 1's should be able to hold their own across the roster, along with some 2's.
I just hope we don't fall flat like the ACC or Big 10 do every single year.
Best of luck to him. That sucks when you have to retire due to injuries at such a young age.
This is a big blow to our staff. While we have people we can promote within to be DC, he's been an amazing LB coach.
I honestly did a double take to see 8 Kentucky players going to the Combine.
The workload won't be as terrible, I would imagine. You don't have to recruit players all year and deal with scholarships and whatnot. Depending on how the team and league are structured, he could just end up being handed a bunch of players and told to just to coach and scheme.
Funny how pushing a kid to go pro really achieves the student before athlete part of things.
I second that. I've never seen anyone even make tacos OR salad at a SB party. The closest thing would be chips and salsa.
Exactly. You train for specific drills at the combine and they don't necessarily reflect any real football skills. 40 yard dash and three cone drills can be improved, but you lose that speed when you are in peak form during the middle of a season.
An article on USAToday's FTW outlined that Missouri fessed up to the incident, made corrective measures, and cooperated fully with the NCAA. The NCAA tried to justify what happened in comparison to UNC by stating that the fake courses and grades were administered by someone in administration and that UNC stood by the fake courses and credits. That was the reason why UNC got off with a sternly worded note and Missouri gets a post-season ban.
I'm not trying to troll and I think Lock has tremendous talent and hope to see him have a long career, but playing against a base defense will make your stock jump that much? Granted, it is an all star group of defenders, but there isn't a ton of cohesion formed in a week and there aren't going to be a lot of exotic looks or blitzes.
Kentucky wouldn't have beaten SC if he didn't break his leg two seasons ago. He's the real deal.
Not to download Joe's first year at all, but I think we'll see over the next few seasons if he can keep MSU competing at a high level.
It's amazing the players that Mullen was able to recruit and develop at MSU. I hope so badly that some NFL team will hire him away from Florida after this following season.
Brooks left plain and simple because the school wouldn't commit resources to build up the program like he thought it needed. If he got the same commitment that Mark Stoops has received, no telling how much longer he would have coached or how much more success he would achieved.
Congrats on having a great season. I'm primarily a football fan, but it's good to see the SEC making significant overall improvements to basketball over the past few years. I'm tired of seeing everyone talking about the ACC or Big 10 in basketball when they end up whiffing during the tournament.
I agree if every P5 conference adopts the same schedule. The only downside that I think has any relevancy is that you will lose non-conference games against paid cupcakes that really help their athletics programs. If only the NCAA would share more revenue so teams aren't having to ride 12 hour bus rides just so they can field non-major sports.
Not to rain on his parade or downplay how great of a players he is, but how much did getting Khalil Mack help make the rest of that defense look good?
It's a business decision. Even if it is a long shot, he could find himself on a practice squad roster or in one of the newer football start up leagues and make money doing what he loves. At least he waited until the end of the season to announce the transfer instead of publicly quitting on the team.
Back when he was playing, I was only a casual fan, but even I knew who he was. Wish him the best in this change of career.
Awesome that you would want the best for someone else. Too bad that seems to be rarer these days.