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One other thing I read was that teams were not going to accept the bowl bid if they had to play Army, probably because they would only have one week to prepare for the option offense. Peak levels of cowardice and disrespect all so they could protect their win-loss record in a year that will forever have an asterisk on it.
I don't think Pelini stressed the personnel as much as the mental and technical aspect of the change and whoever asked Orgeron probably misrepresented what Pelini was trying to say. I think the focus should be why they decided to continue with a change to 4-3 or why Pelini didn't simplify his scheme from the beginning when you didn't have a normal offseason to get players prepared.
Maybe the Muschamp buyout and reduced revenue is influencing their decision. Someone who is solid, yet unproven is going to be cheaper than a rising star from a G5 program.
At the minimum, get those extra practices develop your younger players. Who knows what the spring is going to look like.
The major thing is that they don’t even have to come close to spending what other schools are spending. Nothing has to be flashy, but they need to offer updated facilities. There has to be enough in place where recruits can look at it and tell themselves, “if I work hard, there is enough here at my disposal that I have a chance develop into a player good enough to make it to the NFL.”
There's actually a really good article on ESPN discussing what happened with Jimbo and the subsequent years until now. Recruiting really wasn't the issue. Part of it was not getting financial support for things like facilities, the political issues with administration and boosters, and then the player culture went downhill. It was actually a very interesting read. Obviously, when you are interviewing former players and coaches, things tend to be biased, but it is still a good read.
I think a lot of coaches would do it because they do want to do things the right way. Schools self-report minor infractions all the time and I think those are normally just silly mistakes because the rulebook is insane. As much as they can try to be on top of things, HCs don't always know if an assistant is paying someone under the table and obviously in those instances, you would only punish the offending coach.
He might have had an even amount of practice snaps with Rogers up and thought maybe he was in the conversation until Leach said he wasn't. For any player on scholarship, why wouldn't you wait until the end of the season to leave the team? Obviously, you not get many meaningful snaps, but at least you can continue to get coached, watch film, use facilities, etc.
People really suck sometimes. Completely pointless to do something like this.
Athletics Departments need to structure contracts so they can claw back paid salary to anyone who goes out of their way to break rules. There are definitely small mistakes that a lot of schools self report, but then there are dumb things like paying relatives of players that you absolutely know aren't allowed. If you take back money from coaches, a lot of this goes away immediately.
I think he's right about there being more elite athletes on offense. More athletic kids probably get put on offense because they are more likely to gain more yards and score with the ball in their hands rather than on defense where you can be completely schemed out of a play. You don't hear a lot about extremely athletic players getting asked to play defense aside from DEs where their one job is to get to the backfield.
I wonder how much Arkansas could afford to give a raise to Odom in an attempt to retain him if the defense continues to be strong the rest of the season, barring a rash of injuries.
Why is Lawrence elite? I don't watch or read anything concerning Clemson, but I feel like a lot of his production is that Clemson has such a better team from top to bottom than the rest of the ACC. He has done really well in the post-season, but that does come with a lot of extra preparation between conference championships and the start of the Playoffs.
Concerning 7 - You are absolutely right. It's kind of why it is hard to look at their advanced metrics, as interesting as they can be. I watched an interview with a former NFL OL and he said the same thing about their ratings. PFF doesn't know the blocking assignments on every single play, so players can easily be blamed for allowing a sack because someone else screwed up.
I wouldn’t judge the kid so harshly without knowing more. Think about all the crap he could have gone through from his dad if he flew off the handle and attacked other kids with a knife. I hope that kid can turn his life around after this. He needs to be held responsible, for sure, but he also needs help.
I love seeing a FB go attack an LB with the intent of running over them.
He's going to be in his late 30s early 40s before DBs in their prime would be able to match his declining speed.
I think him being a lefty and then having two rookie backside OL in an offseason shortened situation is a huge risk this early in the season. He might be able to handle the speed of the game, but those OL may not be experienced enough to handle what defenders are going to throw at them.
Normally, I am skeptical when coaches say things like that, but I totally believe him. I'm glad we got to play Arkansas last year rather than this year.
That was the most exciting thing about him, to me, when we were recruiting him. His accuracy is outstanding.
I can’t imagine the boosters would balk at ponying up that buyout money. Auburn really doesn’t strike me as a program that has limited resources for football. Wouldn’t this be a good year to fire him, though? All the current players will have another year of eligibility, so you would theoretically have older more experienced players to help in the transition to a new system. Fifth year and (perhaps) sixth year seniors.
Keep dumping on Gus this year because he’ll probably take you to the Playoffs next year and beat an undefeated Alabama along the way. But seriously, it amazes me that a coach can be so inconsistent season to season.
Who knows? This year is such a toss up. One week, you get embarrassed, then the next, you shut down someone getting way too early Heisman love the week before. Hopefully, everyone follows guidelines and we have a game this weekend.
I didn’t get much into football until 2006-2007, so I didn’t know who that was until just now. Crazy...
It’s cause they saw we could be solid under Brooks, then he retired because they wouldn’t financially make the investment, then cratered under Joker.
I think it's more game planning. When they plan for him to throw the ball and prepare that more aggressive plan, he looks pretty good. Every QB has some bad throws, but he has proven he can perform at a high level when they come out pushing the ball downfield. The same went for Stephen Johnson. He had some games where they didn't think they needed to throw much, so his stats looked like garbage, then had big games against Georgia, Lamar Jackson's Louisville, and Florida. That's really my only complaint with Stoops and the staff. I would like them to be a little more aggressive through the air, at least at the beginning of every game. Get the players reps to build that experience just in case we do have to abandon the run and attack through the air.