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I hope this is just a frustrated one-off for Mack and I'm giving him a pass. He has enough garbage to deal with with rebuilding the program. It is a recruiting disadvantage to play a big game in front of an empty arena.
I don't ever think I've seen so many QB transfers from one P5 school end up as starting QBs of other P5 teams within such a short timespan.
Love me some Charles Barkley. They should have him and Shaq do a Saturday morning college football show. I bet it would be hilarious and extremely uninformative.
I'm going bolder. 14-0, natty champions, and champions of life.
oskie, you are right. We hear it every single year, it gets hyped up, then we fall on our faces. Generally, I'm pretty content that we are much more competitive against you and Florida than in the past.
I didn't realize Costello was a four star recruit. His offer sheet is pretty nice. Really good sign for Rogers to be in the mix.
I'm sure receivers practice stuff like that, but it's insane to catch a football, protect it, and get your foot down knowing that you are about to get blown up by two defenders.
He's been in the league 10 years already?!
It should be another good one. I've started to look forward to the MSU-UK game every year.
I don't know why Kentucky fans would be high and mighty unless they were complete trolls. It's not like you won last year on a last second bad/missed call by the refs. You won and deserved to win it no matter who was playing QB.
It's probably because it's a big year for Muschamp and he needs more consistency on the offensive side of the ball. We'll see how much control he really give Bobo when the season starts. As an SEC fan, I've seen so many times where defensive minded HCs say their offense is going to be different and then it doesn't happen, so I'm always skeptical.
Look at the hustle of #93 (DT). He pushes back the OL a few yards, disengages, and runs all the way back to the goal line to try to tackle Chubb.
He'll fall behind in terms of practice and game reps. You can only simulate so much in private training, like reading a defense pre-snap, making adjustments, going through reads, etc.
People are going to be really upset if two teams in the same division have the same win record, but different loss records. Let's say UGA had two cancellations and ends up 7-1 and UF had one cancellation and ends up 7-2. The extra twist would be their game had to be cancelled completely, so no head to head. Would it be UGA that goes to Atlanta under that scenario?
NC State and VA Tech has postponed their season opener because too many NCSU players have tested positive. I wonder if any teams will be forced to forfeit a game because they had too many players be quarantined. Hopefully, all this news reinforces to the players that their chance to play this season is in a very precarious position. They should be pissed when they hear of students on campus throwing parties.
Someone will gamble with a player with character flaws if they are a legit first round talent. I agree with you, though. Don’t quit on your team just because the season is going badly.
We've had a lot of success with senior DLs having great seasons the past few years. Bohanna has been talked about a lot since he got on campus, so hopefully he takes that big step forward that our interior guys have been making with this staff.
Nobody cares about the average Joe, and it's only going to get worse. It should be illegal to require a "Hartman Fund Contribution." Kentucky does the same thing and the federal government needs to tax any Athletic Departments for tacking on mandatory donations like that.
Well, my dumb ass forgot about that. Yeah. I hope he plays, then. haha And you're right. Who knows since they don't ever like to be transparent or consistent.
I'm torn. It would be good to have more depth at QB considering that we haven't gone two consecutive seasons without a starting QB getting injured in the past few years, but I also want to look to the future and save his eligibility.
Kentucky is a really big question mark since we don't know what will happen to Gatewood's request for immediate eligibility. We would fit in either category, but it is dumb that they didn't include all the teams in here.
A lot of Kentucky fans were disappointed, but now we generally are over it. At the time, any logical fan understood why you would choose Alabama over Kentucky if you were that highly rated.
I don't know why Kentucky fans get so mouthy. It wasn't too long ago when we were absolutely terrible.
I don't really watch a lot of NFL, but why so little? Did they have a RB by committee approach to keep players fresh or was it because they were scoring through the air so much?
He deserves to get paid after the workload he had to carry while he was here when everyone stacked the box and knew that it was way more likely that he was running it than we were going to throw it.
Apparently we had too many players and not enough scholarships. It's absolutely stupid that this happens.
What was the context of his comments? Was it after a loss and he was ripping his team for being lazy?
This was also during the steroids era. A lot of deserving people lost a chance to be developed at the minor leagues because so many people were juicing. In a totally clean minor league, Jordan might have had more respectable numbers even though he was way behind the curve.