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Mahomes is 0 and three against burrow in the last 12 months could possibly be 0-4 in 13 months so I don’t quite know how you can say Mahomes is better when he still has yet to beat Joe Burrow.
Burrow has beaten Mahomes three times in the last 12 months. He is three and oh he beat them two weeks before the end of the season last year. Then he beat them in the AFC championship game and then he beat them again towards the end of this year. If pearl wins it’ll be four times in 13 months he will it be Mahomes.
Burrow has beaten Mahomes three times in the last 12 months. He is three and oh he beat them two weeks before the end of the season last year. Then he beat them in the AFC championship game and then he beat them again towards the end of this year. If pearl wins it’ll be four times in 13 months he will it be Mahomes.
My parents live there and the water is in the 50’s right now. Also, it’s very shallow until approximately 100 yards out. Man made beach. Kids shouldn’t have been swimming
Could have been autocorrect or Siri texting. Siri butchers my dictation.
So you didn’t learn from what you did last year you’re trying to buy the best players that don’t fit the culture and the same things gonna happen. Bunch of will be suspended a bunch of transfer and you’ll be five and seven again.
They proved it in high school. That’s why they’re highly rated recruits.
TCU as in win or lose. They have the best strength of schedule over Georgia Michigan everybody at this point. I don’t know what the numbers look like after Georgia plays LSU, but right now TCU has the strongest strength of schedule out of all the teams in the top 10.
Supposedly, and I remember supposedly one of the criteria is head to head, and Tennessee did beat Alabama. Both of Alabama’s losses were close Tennessee to get blown out. But as you say, thank he’s doing his job and trying to push any scenario he can see. That’s why he makes the big bucks.
Typical bama fan. Can’t do math. It’s 3 in 16 years. That’s one a little over every 5 years, but like I said. Bama fan can’t do math.
Do you watch college football because Oklahoma has been destroyed in every playoff game they’ve played. They had one close game against Georgia. The rest the time in the playoff they were destroyed every time that’s why he’s leaving because he doesn’t wanna have to play for five of those games a year. He only has to worry about the playoff.
The only problem with that is he got all his best players from the transfer portal from Oklahoma. Except for the wide receiver that they paid handsomely to come to LA. They spent a ton of money to put that team out there.
I don’t understand why they just didn’t give them the middle finger right off the bat. You have no grounds and no leverage to demand anything. They don’t need you for sure and you will become irrelevant immediately after they dump you. Especially the PAC 10 is falling apart. Why would you not want to be a part of something guaranteed. But the arrogance of the idiots in California just goes to show you.
Most nfl coaches contracts are personal service. He was relieved of coaching duties but they still own him. I can’t imagine the panthers not saying thank you for taking that bill off our hands. They have no leverage.
Come to Baton Rouge in September when the heat index is over 100. Do fall camp in that.
Just because it’s not live ammunition doesn’t mean it’s totally safe. Years ago a man was killed when using the push rod to insert a round and it went off. It was at a saint’s game in old Tulane stadium. I was there as a kid. Rod went straight through him.
Her Writing is pathetic. Her punctuation is atrocious. At first glance, this is probably the first article in six months that she didn’t have a factual error.
Every article on SDS is written grammatically to the level of a three year old. And then just the way they butchered the facts and never get them close to correct is mind-boggling. It’s just about 100% guaranteed that they will get at least one fact wrong in every story.
You are 100% wrong about Woodward signing jimbo to that contract. Woodward actually signed Jimbo to a contract with little to no buyout. When Woodward fired Coach o the a&m AD he panicked thinking Woodward was going to come after jimbo and made it guaranteed. Woodward never even wanted Jimbo and he bluffed A&M into giving him 100 million guaranteed
It seems every article I read from SDS it gets worse and worse. Calzada is on the Auburn roster. He played at A&M last year. Max Johnson who was the quarterback at LSU last year is the one who Jimbo went to the Miami game you idiot. How do you get paid for being such an incompetent boob
How was boutte a casualty of coach o? He got hurt. O had NOTHING to do with it. Do you watch football?
I pray your right. He is almost back and will burn bama if single covered.
Singular one booster Mr. Yella wood. He is the problem of Auburn. It’s just like Jerry Jones running the Dallas Cowboys or the McNair family running the Texans. Or Snyder running the Redskins yes I will never called them their new name. Yella wood calls the shots he will determine who is the coach who are the assistants, the strength coach etc. yella wood is the cause to all of auburns problems.
Auburns biggest problem is Mr. yella wood. As long as he’s controlling everything you’re going to be a dumpster fire
Who cares about who they tried to hire and didn’t hire; everything he said about what Mr. yella wood tried to do to Hartson is true. No coach in their right mind would want to go work for a bunch of egotistical maniacs that are running Auburn right now. Do you think Cohen is going to have a say over who they hire? Please Mr. yella wood is telling them who they’re going to hire or try to. Nobody wants that job it’s a death sentence
Yes she identified herself but she doesn’t want to press charges.
Don’t bother. Remember Saban wasn’t going to discipline him because 75% of the fan base beat their women and they would revolt. That’s why every article or post of fakebook all the inbred gumps make excuses about protecting himself. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see burton went OUT OF HIS WAY to attack that girl.
He’s never suspended players for conduct. Now if they break GOD SABAN RULES, then the discipline. Illegal guns and weed; no problem you play. One of many examples that say you no nothing. Bama homer!!