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What's crazy is the depth of the SEC. SEC teams have won 7 of the last 12 College World Series titles and none of those teams even made it to the CWS this year.
If you count OU and TX this was pretty much an SEC fest.
They would never structure the bracket so that 4 SEC teams would make the final four.
"Spectators — we won’t even call them “fans” in this case" I don't think you understand that "fans" is short for fanatics. This is what fanatics do. Spectators just sit and watch or "spectate". Please learn the English language if you are going to try to be a writer.
In what way is LSU not a premier job? What college jobs would be better; Bama, Ohio State, So Cal (maybe), Texas or OK, Notre Dame and maybe Florida and Georgia? Louisiana produces more NFL talent per capita than any other state, they have no in state competition and four different head coaches have won championships there. I would say that LSU is a top 5 college head coaching gig.
Lots more to be upset with than the field goal decision. That was absolutely the right call and gave them the best chance to win the game. Mistake on the punt isn't the coach's fault.
I wish he would explain why it is safe for SC to travel to TA&M but not Clemson. This nonsense about conference games only is ridiculous. Of course it mainly affects the SEC East so no big deal as far as he is concerned. Whatever is best for Bama is what the conference is going to do.
How in the hell is it safer for USC football to play Texas A&M but not Clemson? No logic in conference only schedules.
Stephon Gilmore? He was a stud in college too. Also same high school as Clowney.
It would be nice if the NCAA would re-seed after the regionals so that every SEC team isn't playing another SEC team. Shouldn't UNC/Duke and Texas/TX Tech be playing each other in a super regional?
The committee would also rather party in Nashville while the CMAs are going on instead of Starkville.
I guess that the NCAA didn't want the CWS to be an all SEC affair. It seems kind of crappy to me that all of the SEC teams are paired up.
Seems like Debo Samuel of the Gamecocks should be somewhere on this list, either for his 97 yd kick return for a touchdown or his two catches for touchdowns. His one handed grab on a 50+ yard throw from Bentley was the best catch of the weekend for any SEC receiver.
SEC wouldn't take Clemson. They already have the SC TV market; it would make no sense. Geographically Clemson would be a good fit and they are an SEC-like program; but that isn't what matters in expansion today.
All the conferences are interested in is increasing market size. FSU and Clemson are not options. SEC already has those TV markets. I assume TA&M gives them a chunk of the Texas market but not like UT would. Not sure how big the OK TV market is but OU is a prestige program. Like you said, I doubt UNC would leave the ACC. Not sure VA Tech is worth going after.
Maybe the ACC member institutions in NC would like to return any tax money they receive from the hateful state of NC. What? No? They're going to keep it...
1/3 the size of Ohio State? That's being overly generous. Clemson may have about 5% of the number of fans that Ohio State has.
Barry is just sore that nobody wants to work for his cheap ass. Wisco won't pay their assistants. That has nothing to do with the number of sports that a school offers. The SEC has dominated in national championships in more sports than football. We have the most basketball and baseball championships in the last 20 years too. Yes it looks like they put an emphasis on the popular sports in the SEC. Go where the money is.
Might have to rethink that LSU pick.
His biggest liability was naming Steve Jr. as recruiting coordinator. That is exactly when everything started going down.
His hilight reel is underwhelming. I doubt he ever plays D1 football. They need to make him goalie on the lacrosse team. It would be impossible to get the ball past him.
Not sure where the "Perry Orth is big" observation comes from. He's the smallest QB on the team. One of the smallest players on the team.
Why in the hell would CBS put UGa/Vandy on? That game is going to be so lopsided that they will lose half the audience before half time. UK @ USC should be a much more exciting game even without having a ranked team involved.
Sometimes I think the reason the Gamecock offense "struggled at times to build momentum" is Spurrier's play calling. Sometime's it's great but often it's schizo. They can't stop the run so let's throw it three straight times with two different quarterbacks, then punt. Let's put three different guys under center in three straight plays. WTF HBC?
At the time I wanted someone to take out the ref that tackled Garcia. What happened in this game was criminal.
These FFR nazis are going to sh!t their pants when they get to Clemson. Dabo has them doing baptisms on the field.
A more fun number is the stadium size as a percentage of the Metropolitan Statistical Area. Oxford kills everyone in this category because they aren't really in an official MSA. Their stadium holds more people than the county they are in. (128%) Vanderbilt only needs 2% of the Nashville MSA to show up and they will be full every game.
I was thinking the same thing. City population numbers are sometimes meaningless. I guess SDS has run out of things to write about.
I was thinking the same thing.