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LSU is #1 and deservedly so. I don't have anything against LSU but I think you're delusional if you aren't a little concerned about the defense. Defense is usually the side that you don't have to worry about having an off day and getting you beat. With that said, I will be pulling for LSU except for in the SEC title game. LSU has maybe the best offense in football and Georgia has maybe the best defense. I think LSU has a better D than Georgia does an O so I would give you guys the edge for sure in Atlanta.
It was 2007. And Georgia fans have no business saying that kind of nonsense.
That's funny but it doesn't really work since Georgia and Tennessee actually played...
That could apply to DeAndre but Kirby said that to Chuck Dowdle on air pre-game so I would say it carries way more weight.
I think quite a few of those plays didn't work just because of missed blocks and/or great plays by Notre Dame defenders. Eli Wolfe missed a few blocks that got plays blown up before they had a chance. Fromm was unbelievable though. He probably should have been cut loose earlier.
I just don't get it. You've got like 40 national titles and you're wasting your time out here trying to troll Georgia fans. Our team won a big game. Let us enjoy it.
Am I the only only one who wonders why Todd Grantham keeps getting the benefit of the doubt for anything?
Also, in his defense, he came out swinging hard in UGA's defense back in 2012 when we got left out of a BCS bowl following the sec title game loss.
He walked off the set because he said he believed Alabama deserved the final spot but he didn't believe for a second that the committee had the guts to do the right thing. He literally said that on the selection show when it happened. He had been saying before the selection was shown that he thought it should be Bama but that the committee would pick OSU to avoid controversy.
But did you get arrested twice, fail a drug test and get kicked out of somewhere within 3 months of leaving school?
Perhaps the sum of the parts was greater than the individual components? I didn't watch much Mizzou to know if that's fair but Georgia sure didn't have much success getting after Lock.
Yeah, like she may have had a totally legit complaint but by tweet 7 pretty much everyone is like "please shut up".
Maybe even more relevant is RG3. Its not impossible. Just more difficult.
I wish Georgia would start completely unranked now that the rankings basically don't matter. Maybe the team could use a little not being told how good they are.
I think it has a lot more to do with Florida having been terrible for a couple of years and Obio State having just won a national championship. It's a lot easier to excuse a recent winner. But seriously, there's not a single good team in the SEC east. Let's not kid ourselves.
This. There are few things on the internet more annoying right now than this stupid argument.
UGA Alabama isn't a night game? Seems odd.
To be fair, this is an instance where Arthur Blank and the NFL are footing the vast majority of the bill.
Terrible choice at QB. It should be Jeff Driskel. No brainer.
Sorry to hear this. We aren't all trash. I promise. If you do come back, I hope it's a better experience.
I hate to hear this. It's unacceptable if it's true. Every Georgia game I have been to I have seen a TON of fans of the other team in and around town and none of them were treated anything other than well. In fact, I spent some time talking to some Tennessee fans at the game this year and they were incredibly complimentary of the fans in Athens. It just bums me out. There's no excuse for treating other people poorly when unprovoked.
That's not a very nice thing to say. There are plenty of people here who would never treat other people that way.