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You do realize Chizik's kids still go to school in auburn, right? No wait you're an Alabama fan, you don't read.
So please tell me hows that SEC title, oh wait, you've never won one? Your team will never be anything more than a mediocre piece of garbage. Oh and please tell us more about how Manziel is going to be a big nfl quarterback. Cant wait to see him beside Tebow next year
Never count Auburn out, sure Lawson might not make a huge impact but he frees up the defensive lineman around him I mean look at the Louisville game they didn't score a point while he was in. Hes a leader and with him in that Buck position that moves Mckinzy back to a pure linebacker spot. I give Auburn a good chance they probably won't win but don't count them out
Because Lawson is the key to Muschamps defensive scheme, McKinzy Isnt big enough to fit that role and with Lawson back teams wont be able to double and triple team montravious Adams.
Dak will be considered but Fournette will get it, easily if they go all the way. Fournette is that team not saying LSU is bad without him but LSU would hurt more by losing Fournette than State losing Dak
If auburn didn't have as many dropped passes auburn wins this game
What do bama fans and flies have in common? They both worship a dead Bear for 30 years. Yea we live in the past
You mean more like Nick Satan's daughter, and your wife right? Oh my bad they do it for free.
So let me get this straight A&M beats nobody teams for the first three four weeks then gets dominated by Arkansas the entire game, while auburn plays Arkansas evenly for the first half and then crushes them in the second half and A&M should jump them? Going off playoff rules thats retarded. Also, even if Auburn was sluggish this week they still won by a similar amount that Oklahoma did against LA Tech. Not to mention both Florida State and Auburn are the only teams inside the top five now that have played quality opponents