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You're just mad because SDS didn't write another article on how LSU will win the SEC West and the title for once. Once again, LSWHO will be at the middle of the pack again this coming season because your offensive scheme is readable and your QB can't throw a pass to save the Magnolia Bowl
1. A MooU fan shouldn't be talking about wrongfully "paying" a player. 2. Stop being jealous of a team that is far better than you. There's nothing to write about MSU, other than how Dan Mullen will be fired in the next year or two. Or how, maybe, with your best QB in the nation gone, ya'll lost to Ole Miss 2 of 3 times he started. How he only stayed behind for a full year just to get manhandled by almost every team that Ole Miss beat, AS WELL AS lose the most important game of his college career. 3. Allegations on the football team not already blown up by the media were not serious - level III and maybe level II. The level I offenses have already been leaked and we have already paid for it. 4. The investigation is over.
I swear to god SDS has a massive hard on for Dak Prescott. He's a great QB, don't get me wrong, but we have a Heisman trophy winner in the SEC this year and you snub him for a QB that, a week ago, you snubbed as mediocre? Get it together SDS. Almost seems like Cowherd pitched in for that bit in the article....
"Grier’s potential is off the charts based on the flashes of brilliance he displayed in six games at Florida." Yeah, because any athlete that abuses PEDs will have a breakout year... Also, not salty about the loss. Even if he hadn't used PEDs, we played horribly that game. They deserved the win.
At least we could pull out a win against Alabama and LSU
Really? Because we beat the crap out of you guys at y'alls home AND defeated two powerhouse teams that y'all couldn't beat at your own home (Bama and LSU.) Hell, Texas A&M gave you all trouble on a down year when we have beaten them two years in a row with double-digit margins.
Woops, meant to say as serious as Ole Miss or LSU**
I think Ole Miss should be at least in the top 15, but wouldn't be surprised if we were given 18th or 19th. I also think FL didn't properly prepare for FAU--obviously. Do they deserve to drop out of the top 15? Not really. In the midst of LSWho's win streak, they struggled against E. Michigan. Fournette stated that they treated it as another gimmie-game and didn't take the game, practice, or the team seriously. If Florida took this team as a serious opponent as they did for Ole Miss or Florida, then they would have ran FAU's defense up and down that field.
Honestly, our upset game will probably be from Florida or LSU.
Ouch, that hurt. Almost as much as losing to a team that we beat last year at our bowl game.
Was he throwing up a landshark in the picture?
I'll be honest. We need to work on our running game. It was a joke last year and it caused two RBs to transfer. Yes we need a QB answer, because he is one of the biggest assets on the OL. However, just as important as it is to have a great pass game, a run game would keep the other team's defense guessing.
Long shot, but I hope he bleeds red and blue and becomes an Ole Miss Rebel.
I hate when people compare him to Eli. He will bring a new level to the Ole Miss Offense that I cannot WAIT to see in 2016/2017. Hugh Freeze will have no problem finding great replacements for the 2013 signing class.