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Not sure why they even offered him given he has a history of flirting but never leaving unless it was just to say "see we were gonna spend" when they knew he'd turn it down.
If you think that's why we got Dooley you really didn't pay attention. LOL.
Lemme give Currie a hint: He's black and has road on campus named after him as well as a wax statue in the football building.
Any college football fan lecturing UT fans on Schiano is a person lying to themselves about their fanbase.
This needs to happen and better be the next phone call made.
Jack Jones was a fan favorite who many of us felt should've played more the past two seasons. He had growing to do as an OL but he had the nasty throwback attitude you want on your OL and that we desperately need more of. It's sad to see his career end this way. I wish him all the best. Thanks for the good memories Jack.
What I don't understand is why Scott Frost isn't on that list. He's most likely Nebraska bound but he makes a helluva lot more sense than Brian Kelly (wtf?!) and Lane Kiffin (we didn't rehire Pearl and we actually wanted him).
I mean you Majors who resents Phil and Phil who resents Currie. Sounds like one big happy family to me. lol.
Unfortunately, Big Jim calls the shots. The only thing the boosters are united on is that CBJ won't be coach next year. They're not willing to give up control. Instead they are all jockeying for position and trying to pry the influence from Big Jim's hands.
Butch is gone. It's just a matter of when it's made official.
Dormady refuses to hand off too much. JG needs the lion's share.
Georgia calling anyone an underachiever is hilarious!
Speight gift-wrapped those INTs to UF. Dormady could do the same but at this point I'm not sure how good the UF secondary really is until I see more of them. One thing that Dormady has shown is a ton of leadership and composure. Nothing seems to rattle him and just about everything that could go wrong went wrong during the first 3 quarters of the GT game.
Medley is great for kickoffs (has been masterful there), extra points, and FGs at or below 40 yards (has the leg for longer but never has been able to get the accuracy for long range kicks). Where I think we might see Cimaglia is on FGs, especially longer ones.
That's not really true. It's illegal in far more states than legal and it's beyond just the South. Also, even in states where they've repealed state laws criminalizing weed it's still technically illegal under Federal law. We need wholesale repeal period but that will take a while.Regardless, weed is an issue for sports as long as the NCAA and NFL include it as a banned substance. Colleges don't give an ish about pot, they're not enforcing a law, but they do have to enforce school policies (if a school administered test) and NCAA policies (when it's a NCAA screen). Most will never get caught smoking a lil weed but some do and they and their team pay for it. The solution is pretty simple - the NCAA should NOT be testing for recreational non-performance enhancing drugs.
Cruise to an easy win and drop 2 spots. lol.
Georgia got no love for that game because they didn't dominate it and ND was a marginal top 25 team at best that most of us thought shouldn't have been ranked to begin with. It was a nice solid win for UGA but unless ND turns out to be far better later on in the season they won't get much love (much like when UT beat VT last season - at the time no one thought VT was any good so no credit was really given for it but they wound up being a pretty good team).
Wiggins needs to take Martin's place. That said, Indiana St. runs a very exotic offense with lots of motion. It's not a traditional O at all. That may have been enough to catch players off guard on those sweeps. Ignont and Wiggins shut those sweeps down in the few snaps they played.
The UT-UGA was considered the best game of the year by just about everyone nationally. I don't think this was mere coincidence. Someone was having a bit of fun at UGA's expense.
The media is making it out like there's still a competition but this is just getting the backup the reps he needs. In regular games we'll see JG in packages but this is Dormady's team.
Texas A&M also uses a trash can.
I'm a Vol fan and this is an insensitive comment. There's no choice but to cancel this game and if anything it hurts UF to do so. Not only do they lose money but their team loses a game they would've used to clean things up. Rest isn't as important as reps this early in the season and their offense needs a lot of reps.
PJ went for two because he knew GT couldn't stop our offense. He even said as much. That said, it was a good gamble on his part given how much we struggled against the triple-option. However, UT's defense stepped up when it mattered most and ultimately won the game.Much respect for GT tho. They played their hearts out and their QB is something truly special.
This is 100 percent the truth and even I was guilty of it. Dormady did look like Worley in the first half. However, two things happened in the second half: 1. the OL started playing well. 2. Dormady finally tucked the ball and ran a few times (the system doesn't require him to make big plays but it does require him to run it at least a few times to establish in the opponents mind that they have to be on the look out for it).That said, Dormady is a very large QB. I'm not concerned with running it occasionally wearing him down. I'm far more worried about the hits he takes fromt he pocket because those are when he's most vulnerable and QBs are often blindsided and unaware of a large hit before it happens.Dormady has a lot to work on still. His footwork is worse than Dobbs. But that's correctable. We watched a young man grow up before our eyes and although a fre in the press went wild with what Jones said it absolutely was 'grit' and a 'will to win' that carried Dormady and the team through.
He grew up a Vol fan, became a UF legend, and then gave breathed life into USC, why on Earth would he say "Roll Tide"? UF-FSU rivalry aside to ask someone like Spurrier to say Roll Tide is asking too much.
May your program be blessed with a media just like Knoxville's. THEN you'd understand.
Coach Jones is incorrect. Local media has spent most of fall camp discussing the fact that Quinten Dormady chose to wear sleeves.
So if he finishes with 9 wins he's COTY but you'll question last year more? The only question you should be asking is how many different starters did Tennessee play on defense alone last season. That will tell you what happened.