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Hooker should take note. You're a terrible writer when rival fans are calling you out for being a hitman.
Maurer didn't suffer concussion number 1. He was put in concussion protocol because UT's policy includes neck injuries.
JG went rogue. Not only was a QB sneak not called that play wasn't an option. You don't try to sneak when your guard pulls. Pruitt avoided answering directly but that was absolutely a rogue play by JG and an extremely selfish one. That was a walk-in TD had he followed the actual play call.
JG was supposed to hand that ball off for what would've been a walk-in touchdown. Guards don't pull on a QB sneak. Smith not only pulled, he destroyed the Bama player that would've been there to stop Crouch. The lane was wide open for an untouched TD had JG actually bothered with the play that was called.
This article should NEVER be the top article on this site. It should be buried on the side and below the fold. SEC News should be the only thing that's "above the fold."
I don't know who this insider is but there's no way Pruitt gets fired in year two. Not happening.
Rico, I'm a Vol fan and have no idea what you're talking about. Jones' teams never played like that other than maybe in 2015. It would've been an improvement had they felt disrespected.
Hurd shouldn't have quit during the South Carolina game the way he did. That said, I do understand his frustration and can't say that I wouldn't have done the same. He was a college kid and the so-called adult in charge was a moron.
He's definitely a character but baddest duded in CFB is a bit of a stretch.
Chaney had as much to do with Crompton as Kiffin. He was more of the day to day development side with Crompton whereas Kiffin had a large role in the playcalling. Crompton just did an interview talking about how much Chaney helped him and how he wishes he'd have had him as a coach longer.
Both graded out in the top 5 of all freshmen DBs. Bryce Thompson graded out as #1 overall. He also received Freshman All-America honors.
I don't think Peyton will do much more than what he's already doing as a private citizen. No need to alienate half of his fan base by dipping into politics.
The game was never in doubt. Not sure why he thinks it was close.
Penny is trying really hard to establish this as a legit rivalry and for Memphis it already is. It's just that for everyone outside of Memphis there's a lot of convincing to do if you want to make it a real rivalry.
The Vols have been underdogs in every p5 game this year (all 8 conference games plus WVU). Given the roster situation, it's a minor miracle that they pulled off two upsets over ranked teams. If Pruitt can get them to a bowl then he's done one helluva job.
@LSUMC - Vanderbilt has more resources than most and they use special admits for football just like everyone else. What Vanderbilt has refused to do is invest the money they have in football but they definitely have the money and resources to do it. And when it would take a team over 40 years just to even the series with you, you have plenty of room to talk.
If you're gonna troll it helps to have your facts straight.
I'd like to see both Mizzou and UK go back to an updated version of their 90s uniforms. Both looked much better, imo.
It's been miserable all week with cold, ice, rain, and even a little snow spitting, Today, the weather broke and hopefully it continues to be decent.
Both have been wildly unpredictable.
As a Vol fan I don't feel very good about this matchup but you're in that both teams have been playing like wildcards.I have no idea what to expect out of these two teams.