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FPI is putting waaaaaay too much emphasis on home field advantage in a year where that's going to matter very little.
Honestly, I wanted him to stay but felt like he should go and make some money. I'm thrilled that he decided to return. He's not just a great OL, he is an enormous motivator/personality on the team and will probably be our heart and soul next season.
I don't think it's that unusual given that the Mays family has been around football and they know how it works. Of course, they are going to bring an attorney on board.
Considering that Dooley was left about the same amount of time by Kiffin, I don't feel one bit bad for him.
If anything, Finebaum is harder on Tennessee than other teams. He's an alum but he's also the king of the negaVols. Every fanbase has one like him and we all wonder whose side they're really on.
Kirby can't seem to keep staff members. That's a good portion of his problem and something he needs to figure out quickly because teams benefit greatly from continuity. I also think he's the one in love with a more old school offense instead of a more high scoring one and that he's a good part of what's holding back UGA's offense.
The MCB isn't a better bowl. That's especially true if you live in Tennessee and can visit Nashville any time. The Belk Bowl also isn't a better bowl than the Gator. If it were Kentucky Sports Radio wouldn't be running so many conspiracy theories about how we supposedly forced UK out and ruined your bowl dreams.
Tennessee has been 'less talented' than the top tier SEC teams for a couple of years now and has still beaten most of them. I think this team has a lot of rough edges but they've also shown they can play with the big boys when they're on. As a fan, I'm looking forward to what Barnes can do with the incoming class but I think a lot of fans are underestimating the current team. The roster really misses Plavsic (still can't believe his waiver was denied) and will struggle against teams with more height but I think they're shaping up to be dangerous despite this being a rebuilding year. I don't think they'll make a deep run but I also don't think they'll be a bubble team.
Not sure why Florida is ahead of Tennessee other than maybe pre-season expectations. They both lost to Florida St. (Tennessee lost by 3 on the road** and Florida lost by 12 at home). Tennessee also has some quality wins. I just don't see the daylight between them and certainly don't see Florida as a clear spot better. **The tourney matchup might as well have been a home game for FSU given where it was held.
If LSU wins it will be because of Burrow but if UGA wins it will be because of their defense and Swift. Fromm is a good QB but he has under performed all year and will be without his best WRs.
Guarantano is playing outstanding right now. I've never seen a QB have such a turnaround in play during the same season. Even Johnathan Crompton's turnaround (which Chaney was also a part of) wasn't this dramatic. I always knew JG's problems were mental but I honestly thought he was going to have to transfer and just physically get away from whatever mental blocks he had in order to conquer them. Nate Peterman had to do that (yet another Chaney turnaround).
NCAA's message is that they think more was going on than what appears on the surface. I think they would've lessened the punishment otherwise. It's either that or they just hate Mizzou. On the whole, however, schools would be foolish to buck up against the NCAA rather than cooperate. In 99 percent of cases where the school's cooperate in good faith the punishment isn't as severe as it would've been otherwise. Something different happened here and we don't really know why but we do know that pissing the NCAA off and daring them to come and get you usually results in a far worse outcome than this.
You remember fans cheering loudly when Chubb got knocked out of bounds for very little gain. It wasn't clear he was hurt until a while later.
Fulmer took Pruitt from Bama and Chaney back from UGA. He knows what he's doing. It's not the first time, he's played the game. ;)
There are a metric ton of inside references in this article that most readers won't get if they aren't pretty hardcore fans. It's shame too because I about died laughing at the Dooley reference ("shower discipline" for those who don't know was a big Dooley thing as he was concerned about spreading various infections - lol).
Hooker should take note. You're a terrible writer when rival fans are calling you out for being a hitman.
Maurer didn't suffer concussion number 1. He was put in concussion protocol because UT's policy includes neck injuries.
JG went rogue. Not only was a QB sneak not called that play wasn't an option. You don't try to sneak when your guard pulls. Pruitt avoided answering directly but that was absolutely a rogue play by JG and an extremely selfish one. That was a walk-in TD had he followed the actual play call.
JG was supposed to hand that ball off for what would've been a walk-in touchdown. Guards don't pull on a QB sneak. Smith not only pulled, he destroyed the Bama player that would've been there to stop Crouch. The lane was wide open for an untouched TD had JG actually bothered with the play that was called.
This article should NEVER be the top article on this site. It should be buried on the side and below the fold. SEC News should be the only thing that's "above the fold."
I don't know who this insider is but there's no way Pruitt gets fired in year two. Not happening.
Rico, I'm a Vol fan and have no idea what you're talking about. Jones' teams never played like that other than maybe in 2015. It would've been an improvement had they felt disrespected.
Hurd shouldn't have quit during the South Carolina game the way he did. That said, I do understand his frustration and can't say that I wouldn't have done the same. He was a college kid and the so-called adult in charge was a moron.