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Recent Comments
Completely disagree with this assessment of Guarantano. He played the toughest team (ESPN power ranked WVU at 10) under the worst conditions and at times looked fantastic. A 76 percent completion rating and 147 QB rating with the OL he had to work with is a helluva lot better than 13. It's easy to do well against cupcakes. He did it against a top 10 and under terrible circumstances.
They barely beat the worst team Tennessee has ever fielded last season. That said, I do think Mizzou will be a matchup nightmare with veteran Qb Lock returning. IDK, if SC has the offensive horsepower to keep up with them.
If that had happened we'd have won it all in those years. Al Wilson had the ability to simply WILL his team to win. They wouldn't dare let him down. All of those little moments in the 1998 season where it seemed like UT got up off the mat and fought their way back into a game they were losing were examples of the effect Wilson had on those around him.
Classy comment @LFSteve. Brandon is a huge asset for this OL.
Kamara transferred to CC first. I think the reporter got some details wrong. I doubt Alabama would've waited that long to get paid let alone not called it in as a recruiting violation.
JG's main issue last season was holding the ball too long (granted that was a shorter amount of time than most QBs get given the oline). If he gets that under control - learns to read plays quicker - he'll be fine. However, both the season and team were a disaster before he got his first snap so I'm curious to see just how good he might be under better coaching and discipline.
Lock can sling it. All he needs to do is show that he can put together a consistently good performance against better teams. He's been more of a feast or famine QB than he should be but the talent is there for him to put it all together in his final season.
Huge get for the Vols. Morris will thrive under Coach Will Friend.
Happy for John Kelly. He's an incredible guy that's going to prove a lot of people wrong. The Rams got one of the best values of the draft.
I've heard more glowing reviews for Pruitt from his former players than I could imagine. That speaks well of a new HC. In contrast, I barely heard a positive word from former players of the past 3 coaches.
I think JG can be a quality starter. He showed remarkable improvement in the Spring and Chryst will only push him harder. The difference between JG this Spring and JG last half of the season (when he started playing) is night and day. Chryst by all accounts has the ability to be an effective game manager. His stats were actually on par with JG's (a small bit lower). I like Chryst's maturity but I don't know how he'll do behind that OL. He's coming from a solid OL at Stanford to an OL that was one of the worst in CFB last season - not to mention injured/patchwork. Unfortunately, it still comes down to our OL. If they are bad both QBs will struggle. I have faith in Will Friend to fix the OL but he can only do so much with the lack of depth and injuries he inherited.
Football or not, you shouldn't mess around with a hand injury while it's healing. A cast will protect him from himself given that he's a very active guy.
Because Pawl hated Butch. I think it's less about Pruitt and more about Butch pissing off everyone in the media for years. I don't think those outside the program realize that Jones had started an all out war with local and national media.
A jamboree style game in Nashville would be a great way to do this game and would be good for basketball in the state.
Can't tell much from that short clip but at least he acts and sounds like a football coach.
No doubt. And honestly they were stacked in the late 80s too. It makes using pure stats to determine the best RB very difficult. IIRC, compared to other schools Tennessee's all-time stats for RBs look low but that's because they had so many RBs sharing duties as well as so many having to wait 2 years before they saw the field.
What I got from that article is that there's a job title called Vice President of Total Rewards. Wow.
Agree with everything you just said. That was awful.
UT's QB situation last year was 90 percent coaching (both the OC and the OL) and 10 percent injury to the OL. Playcalling was atrocious as was pass protection. I don't think much about either JG or Will McBride can be determined by last season. OL play will probably determine a lot more than QB play this season.
Not sure why Tennessee's is 'salvaged' while TAMU's is 'impressive.' While Pruitt did salvage a class he had far less time on the job than Jimbo and they didn't finish terribly far apart at #18 and #20.
If he wins 7-8 he should COTY. Remember, Butch broke over 120 years of football history by going 4-8 overall and 0-8 in the SEC.
Talent is there to some degree BUT 1). Tennessee will be switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. Not every talent is going to fit that switch and the guys on campus were largely recruited for a 4-3 system. 2). The OL has been bad for 4 years. Trey Smith is incredible but unless we have some guys step-up he's a lone man out there. **I say that knowing the OL has been injury ravaged the last two seasons but even when they were healthy they weren't that great. 3). QB and RB will both be figuring out there starters. Yes, both positions have highly talented guys who have play time in JG and Chandler, respectively but neither has had a full season as starter. And as good as Chandler could be he's never started at all. JG is a total mystery because as soon as it looked like he might be improving he got injured. Which leads to... 4). WRs have been inconsistent as hell. Yes, there's the possibility JJ returns but no promises and JJ and Callaway need each other. JJ is a game-buster (he uses his body to get the ball as well as anyone) but he's not a speedster and a QB has to put it into tight windows for him because often he's not separating from coverage. 5). Schedule.
Pruitt has had all of 12 days on the job so it's hard to complain. Cade was a big loss for sure but he was tied into Jones and once Jones was gone so was Cade. That said, I really like the OL that did sign, especially Carvin. And Pruitt managed a huge pickup when he grabbed the no. 1 TE JUCO prospect Dominick Woods-Anderson (he should be an immediate impact player and a jolt the offense definitely needs). One thing worth pointing out is that UT still has a ton of spots to fill while others don't. The overall ranking of this class will go up, potentially as high as top 15 as those slots are filled. Under the circumstances, I'd consider a top-15 class a minor miracle if that happens but really anything in the top 25 this cycle (which is all but guaranteed) is a job well done by Pruitt.
Not sure why they even offered him given he has a history of flirting but never leaving unless it was just to say "see we were gonna spend" when they knew he'd turn it down.
If you think that's why we got Dooley you really didn't pay attention. LOL.
Lemme give Currie a hint: He's black and has road on campus named after him as well as a wax statue in the football building.
Any college football fan lecturing UT fans on Schiano is a person lying to themselves about their fanbase.