Big Blue from birth to death! Go CATS!

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Pretty original comment about the Wildcats... oh wait, my memory failed me for a minute.
Gonna take more than a pretty uniform to beat the dogs. Better bring our A++ game! Go CATS!
If y'all are still sleepwalking Saturday night, we'd appreciate it. Go CATS!
Well, if Kash had really meant to hurt him then Trask would be on crutches this week. That’s all the proof you need. Go CATS!
As usual in this time of ‘hyper-sensitive, look at everything a gazzillion times, let’s find something wrong with every freaking thing under the sun’, people try to make another mountain out of another mole hill. That video of the tackle shows jack-nothin! Tell ‘em Kash! Go CATS!!!
B+ for turning it up in the 2nd half. Go CATS!
A decent hire for them. I’m still going to enjoy watching the Cats stomp them for the next several years!
Dude, it’s a holiday week, deer season, a lot of people working OT to pay for Christmas instead of inflated ticket prices, and we played a directional school after our 2nd place was all wrapped up. Bad timing & a bad game will cause the crowd to be low.
UK deserves the Outback over Miss St. We beat them bad & finished 2nd in the East.
Maybe not getting the greatest players in the country, but definitely getting a great core of players for depth and competitiveness.
That big and a few years to grow before seeing the field in the SEC. Let's hope he stays committed. Go CATS!
Bud & Big Z may not lead on the stat sheet this year, but they certainly lead in other aspects such as getting everybody else fired up and ready to go. Good move, though, by Stoops to not mention them. A little coaching mind game to get 'em in gear. Go Cats!