Bama fan. My dad went to Bama. I grew up sitting at his knee watching the Crimson Tide... been a fan ever since. My son went to Georgia. My daughter is currently at Auburn. I attended CSU (Columbus (Ga.) State University).

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If I'm JT, I'm looking for a team that has a chance to win 10-12 games, be in playoff contention, AND has a strong offensive line. I think teams like Wisconsin and Notre Dame make perfect sense unless the Cali boy prefers not to play in the cold weather. I believe both of those teams are replacing QBs.
He is picking up quality players through the portal. We Alabama fans hated to see Drew Sanders leave. He is very good.
I don't think Sankey will ever agree to an 8 team playoff with 6 automatic qualifiers.
I completely agree with your assessment, but I will admit that it's as funny as most of the "memes" floating around the internet.
If CF does indeed expand to a 12-team playoff, I look forward to the day that the SEC has all 4 teams left standing in the semi-finals. I guess then, the other conferences will want to change the playoffs again.
Glad he is coming back. He's not ready to try to go pro. I was surprised to see that Slade Bolden is leaving for the draft. Good luck Slade. I hope that works out for you. It is probably a statement on all the potential that Bama's young receiver room has. CNS has assembled a track team of talent, but they are very inexperienced.
I know the author was referring to incoming freshmen, but I think the transfer from Ga Tech, Jahmyr Gibbs, is the new player to watch out for in the running back room. Excellent runner and will remind fans of Najee catching passes out of the backfield.
WoW. You think my comment saying "it was a really bad look to drop a couple of perfectly thrown passes" is me kicking dirt on the kid! He was an issue all year, complaining about playing time and tweeting about who Coach Saban should be playing. I also stated that he "failed to step up when he had his chance". Did that truthful comment hurt his feelings or just yours? And finally, I commented, "LIve and Learn". Was that too harsh? I guess you believe in participation trophies.
I would love to see an article(s) concerning each team's roster management situation. It would probably have to be written after the February National Signing Day.
Depending on the needs of the top 2 teams in next year's draft, those two might possibly go 1 - 2.
After all the complaining about playing time and tweets suggesting he was done... it was really a bad look to drop a couple of perfectly thrown passes that might have (emphasis on might) changed the outcome. UGA won this game more than Bama lost it, so congrats, Bulldogs. Still, Mr. Hall, you failed to step up when you had your chance. Live and hopefully, learn.
I'm not saying that it couldn't happen,,,, but no, it won't. He's got the best offensive player and the best defensive player in the country returning. This year was the rebuild. Next year they could be really good. I think it would be more likely that he leaves after next year,or he waits until around 2026 to retire.
^This^ is spot on. The Bama vs UT series has featured dominant streaks by both sides, but it never diminished the rivalry. If anything, it enhanced it. Throw in Phil Fulmer, and the hate is real. Older Alabama fans consider Tennessee to be our true, and most worthy, rival. Not Auburn.
They hated the BCS when 2 SEC teams played for the Natty. So they changed it to 4 teams. They hate the CFP when 2 SEC teams play for the Natty. So they want to change it. They'll hate the CFP8/12 when 2 SEC teams play for the Natty (and 4 teams make the playoffs). Soooooo....
Not me. I think we need more media types like Marty and McGee. I think they are more "real" and less "corporate" than most in the media. But maybe that's just me.
So many 3-year players leave for the NFL early. I wonder what the draft rate is for the entire group of players who left early. I don't think I have seen any stats on that. The portal is the other place where players are running to and there seems to be way more players in the portal than there are places wanting them.
Seeing Brooks step up is exciting, but I still think Alabama needs to target their Tight Ends more often. You know Georgia is gonna targets theirs.
If winning a CFP game by 21 points is unimpressive, imagine just how bad losing by 21 points must be. I think Travis just called out his own team as "not belonging there" in the first place.
For the Georgia fans, is it likely that both JT and Stetson return to UGA next year? If not, which is more likely to hit the portal? Or, if they both return, do you see Beck, Vandergriff, and Stockton all staying?? It's hard to keep 5 "starters" when 4 of them can't start.
@lsa4031 I suspect that one reason bookies are making Georgia a slight favorite is because they are keenly aware of injury situations. The Alabama team that will play on Jan 10 is not the same team that played in the SECCG. Since that game, Alabama has lost its leading receiver with 96 catches and a CB who will be drafted in the NFL. Bama is down to its 3rd string center and lost its starting right guard in the Cincy game. I'm not sure if he will play or not on the 10th. Georgia has done an incredible job of playing with numerous injuries this year, especially to its receivers but right now, UGA is getting healthier, getting more players back from injury while Bama is losing players.
The 2011 BCS Championship between LSU and Alabama was the straw that broke the camel's back and brought down the BCS 2-team version of the Natty. The other conferences hated 2 SEC teams who had already played, playing for the championship even though they were clearly the 2 best teams. And that was what the system was supposed to find... the two best teams. Well, here we are, 10 years later, and the same exact thing is happening. Clearly the 2 best teams are playing for the Natty. Changing the format to 6, or 8, 012, or whatever number of teams would not have altered this situation. Do people want the best teams to play, or do they just want their team/conference to get a shot??
Who is Chris tian Smith? Did you possibly mean Chris tian Harris? And other fans may find it boring when Alabama wins. I, for one, do not.
Congrats to Alabama and Georgia for showing what many people predicted at the SEC talking days back in July-August... that the 2 best teams were indeed, Alabama and Georgia.
Well done Tide. Time to heal up quickly. It only gets more difficult from here.
I like the idea of a 7 win minimum to become bowl eligible. I'm not sure how to determine which bowls cease to exist... maybe a combination of attendance and TV ratings. This might mitigate having the SEC's 10th best team playing against some other conference's 4th best team.
I'm not sure who should get the award but, to me, it has to be Heupel or Beamer. What they did, with what they stepped into, was just short of incredible. And, they did it in the SEC, which gives them the edge over Gus. I think that Coach Beamer may have done the more surprising job, given his QB situation. I think Coach Heupel has positioned his team for more immediate long-term success. Maybe, Co=Coach of the First Year Awards.
Miss State was missing 10 starters for various reasons. As I stated above, all teams have to deal with injuries, opt outs, etc. but they don't all have to deal with them to the same degree. Texas Tech wasn't missing 10 starters. I was actually commenting on how I found it less than satisfying to watch bowl games that don't represent the best both teams have to offer. Opting out is a very recent thing. I don't believe I remember it happening before 4-5 years ago.
Cincy beating Alabama would be quite an upset, but far from earth-shattering. I think it would fall short of Boise State beating Oklahoma in the Fiesta ? Bowl. The 4th ranked team beating the number 1 team just isn't a big deal. Either Cincy belongs to be in the top 4, or they don't. You can't claim that they truly belong in the playoff, and then be surprised if they win. It wouldn't be the 1st time in the playoffs that a 4 seed won the whole thing.
"he will play his last bowl games to let the NFL see if he truly is a 5-star" ???? He will also play all of next year and that post-season because that's the type of person he is (and the fact that he is only a sophomore).