Bama fan. My dad went to Bama. I grew up sitting at his knee watching the Crimson Tide... been a fan ever since. My son went to Georgia. My daughter is currently at Auburn. I attended CSU (Columbus (Ga.) State University).

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The author touched on the issue but didn't go in depth. Tennessee's offense to this point is the result of a very good coach doing very good things AND the fact that Tennessee's schedule is backloaded with strong defensive teams. UT is improving but no way they continue at or near this pace offensively. Coach Heupel deserves a little time to recruit and coach up his players. It's the same in the B1G 10 where the scheduling allowed the upper echelon programs to avoid each other until late in the year. This has resulted in lots of B1G 10 teams being highly ranked. They will start to slide as that conference begins to cannibalize itself.
What a freaky season if you take away UGA's consistency. Right now, Kentucky and Miss State control their own destinies to the SECCG. Read that again. UK and MSU control their own destinies. I'm not saying that it will happen but no one could have predicted that we could say that, this deep into the season.
Well, I based it on 3 things: CFP appearances, overall record, and recruiting ....over the past 5 years or so. And I would put LSU next on the list if ranking the top 10.
Where are the alpha males to self-police the Bama locker room. Will Anderson can't do it alone. It's time for some Tide upperclassmen to put up or shut up. From the outside looking in, there seems to be a distinct lack of players who possess the "Bama Factor".
There have been 5 elite programs based on CFP appearances, overall record, and recruiting during the past 5 or so years. They are Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Georgia. Alabama is not as good as it was last year (no one expected it to be that good). Clemson clearly has taken a step backwards. Oklahoma has been eeking out wins compared to blowing teams out last year. Ohio State is likely a bit worse than previously. Only Georgia from among these elite programs is clearly better this year than last. It is their year to grab the brass ring. Assuming they get most of their injured receivers back, Finebaum is correct. But I wouldn't call it a hot take. UGA's defense is just so impressive.
Coach Saban understands the position this team is in better than anyone, however, how this particular team will respond is anyone's guess. 2010 was one of Bama's more talented teams but once they suffered their 1st loss, everything went sideways. Bama needs more leaders to step up in the locker room and self-police in the attempt to right the ship.
There's been a saying of "Don't let Alabama beat you twice", meaning don't lose to them and let the residual effect be such that you lose the next game also. Coach Fisher is having to deal with all the clutter of having beaten Alabama. He is having to deal with the lack of focus that their win may have brought to the program. I t seems as though the offensive line has corrected most of their previous issues. Maybe now, A&M can start to be who we thought they were at the beginning of the season.
His hires have been highly suspect other than 2019, but then, when he admits hiring without interviewing, what could he expect. It feels like Coach O is playing at being a head coach.... that he wants to recruit and socialize, but not put in the every day hard work like film study that it takes to be successful in the SEC.
Your list is as good as I could come up with. I really have difficulty knowing where to put the Razorbacks.
I don't think there has ever been any question about Coach Smart's ability to find, recruit, and develop, and scheme defenses. There have been questions on the offensive side. He recruits well there also which can lead to the issue of Fields vs Fromm vs whoever. He may have handled that situation the best way possible, I don't know. I suspect that he will continue to advance on the offensive side as he has done for your defense.
Florida exposed the flaws in the Bama defense. Two weeks later, it looked as though Bama had fixed those flaws as they jumped out to a 35-0 lead on Ole Miss. A & M showed us that we still have a long way to go on defense. Other than Will Anderson, Bama seems to be missing those "alpha males" that usually lead them.
Listed alphabetically, these are the teams with 4 wins so far. I'm curious as to how fans would rank them from best to worst at this point in the season: Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Miss State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Texas A&M.
The most consistent thing about this year is the inconsistency in college football. There is a glaring exception to that....Georgia's defense. There are ups and downs everywhere except for UGA's front 7 and their secondary doesn't look bad either. I wonder if the remaining teams can begin to get it together?
Congrats to A&M. Aggies totally outplayed Bama and deserved the win. As for Bama, this loss couldn't be blamed on one aspect of the game. It was a total team loss. The question now is, "what are you going to do with this loss?" Bama still controls its own destiny to the SECCG but not if they play like that. Time to see what this team is made of. Roll Tide.
I don't see Auburn leading at the half, if ever, in this game. Auburn may be good. Georgia is elite. Nix will likely be running for his life but UGA doesn't tackle like LSU. I think Tennessee may have found something that works for them for now. UT takes down SCarolina without much drama.
Wounded animals are extremely dangerous and Coach Saban knows and respects that. Any team can be beaten, but tries hard not to allow a lack of respect for the opponent be the cause.
One kinda gets to feeling as if these 2 will play each other twice in 3 games with the 2nd game being the biggie.
Florida is confusing to me. I did not expect much from them this year because they lost so much. But then they played (outplayed much of the time) Alabama so close and looked really good. But then they take their talented team to UK and just don't look ready compared to the 'cats. This seems to be happening to lots of good teams this year (I'm looking at you Sooners, even though you haven't yet lost).
UGA's front 7 belongs in a higher league... higher than BCS. Bryce Young has a combination of Jalen Hurts poise and Mac Jones pocket awareness... pretty awesome for a first year starter Ole Miss and Arkansas would be fighting for 2nd best in most conferences (as would Florida)
UGA 28 Auburn 10 (based on Stetson Bennet at QB) Bama 35 A & M 17 Ole Miss 31 Arky 28 (hope I'm wrong) UK 31 LSU 28 Florida rolls Vandy as Mullen runs up the score Tennessee rolls S Carolina as UT has found an identity that works for now
If Burrow, Etling, Brennan is correct for LSU (big IF), then that would explain the up and down nature of their last 5 years. It is really difficult to win big without a big-time QB.
I could see either team winning this game close or winning by a large margin. I think that is why this is the most intriguing game in the SEC this week with LSU at Kentucky a very close second.
I think LSU has better individual players. I think Kentucky has a better team. I think Ed O is a better recruiter. I think Mark Stoops is a better developer. I think "on paper", LSU wins this game. I think games are played on grass.
I thought Jimbo was supposed to be a "QB-whisperer". For Calzada to be a former Elite-11 QB in the program for 3 years, he does not seem to have developed much (think Bo Nix under Malzahn). I'm not sure if Jimbo is an upper echelon coach or someone who caught lightning in a bottle with Jameis Winston.
I don't think Nix has ever been consistently "coached up" by anyone since arriving at Auburn. Too many offensive coordinators and schemes. One thing you can say, there is no quit in him on the field.
Kristian Storey did some of everything in high school on his way to Mr. Alabama Football. I haven't noticed him in the secondary. Maybe he can start taking snaps at RB.
Georgia can only play who's in front of them. Schedules are made years in advance. Yes, this year's schedule for Georgia may not be as difficult as usual (I'm looking at you Clemson) but they have certainly passed the eye test. If they go through their schedule undefeated, they will be as deserving as anyone for #1. Having said that, Roll Tide.
Can anyone stay within 2 scores of Alabama this regular season?? Of course they can. Will they? I think it depends on which Bama defense shows up The Florida game defense will get scored on... bad tackling and out of position. The Ole Miss game defense was much improved and gave up 14 garbage time points to a team scoring 53 points per game coming in.
UGA's defensive stats may be questioned because of the offensive rankings of the teams they played but those dudes sure do pass the "eye test". And 23 points in 5 games is unheard of, I don't care who the competition is. That front 7 is NFL ready right now. I sure hope they are all heading to the pros after this season. I think all of College Football is down a bit this year compared to the last several years but Bama and UGA look to be the top right now. Don't know who wins if they meet. Heck, they both have to worry about getting there before they worry about each other.