Bama fan. My dad went to Bama. I grew up sitting at his knee watching the Crimson Tide... been a fan ever since. My son went to Georgia. My daughter is currently at Auburn. I attended CSU (Columbus (Ga.) State University).

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@ Buckeye So, what you're saying is that, while it makes no since, it does make dollars.
It doesn't surprise me either. Little does nowadays. I mean, does the prospect of UCLA vs Rutgers or USC vs Maryland excite college football fans. USC and UCLA will have just as many cupcakes but will face a much more daunting path through the top of the conference. I wonder if the other conferences will try to form an Alliance against the B1G Ten now?
@ 17Tide "BCS/CFP titles 6 to 1" I believe it would be 7 to 1... Don't forget '92.
I must admit that I have not heard of this young man before he committed. After doing some research I found where one of his Pearl River CC coaches said that "he has been timed at 4.34 in the forty". If that figure is even remotely accurate, maybe he should be transitioned to Safety. ESPN has him as the 4th ranked Juco player. Welcome aboard and Roll Tide.
@chomp You are correct. I do think it hurts schools who play by the rules in the short term. Long term, I'm not so sure. I guess I have 2 thoughts on this. (1) I was brought up to believe that you do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. And (2), I believe that players who are mercenary in their approach to selecting a school will often not be the type of teammate that benefits that institution as much as if they had selected the school for more altruistic reasons.
The author says "The rules: There are no rules". I respectfully disagree. I believe that UF, and most SEC teams, are trying to respect the rules and that can hurt when a team like Texas advertises that their collective will pay $50K to any scholarship linemen who sign with Texas. There is a rule against using NIL as an inducement to sign at a certain school. So to Mr. Hayes I would say there are rules... but they lack enforcement. I like that UF, UGA, Bama and a whole bunch of SEC teams are trying to live by the rules.
Yep. His commitment dropped Alabama down to 95.24, still by far the highest in CF. Not sure that it matters at this point, but it is what it is.
Nice get by the Tide. Maybe he can pull his teammate Peter Woods to Bama with him.
I agree Dawg. It used up way to much of the "recruiting oxygen". It will be interesting to see the domino effect.
"USC, Ohio State, Texas, Notre Dame, LSU and Miami. That's my list. Yes, I realize of those schools, only Ohio State has ever won a playoff game." Note to Mr. Spencer: 2019 is calling. You are better than this.
It seems to me that the WRs and the RBs are pretty loaded. Offensive output will depend mostly on the offensive line and improved QB play. There has been so much change on so many SEC teams this year.... I think successful wagering will depend more on luck than analysis.
I think Arkansas can be better this year, but that it might not translate into a better record. I think 9 wins is a very successful season. The West is just so difficult. Like so many other posters here, I wish Coach Pittman all the best (except against my team) and I think he is the perfect Razorback coach.
I think Texas should be considered a threat. Coach Sark is, somewhat quietly, starting to get the right pieces (plus a few malcontents) in place to actually bring Texas back in the right direction. The other thing is the timing. Playing in the 2nd game of the season means that Alabama's offensive line likely will be still struggling to gel. No, I don't think Texas beats Alabama this year. I can't name a single team on the schedule that will beat Bama, and yet I don't expect them to go undefeated. Undefeated seasons from a west division team are rare.
WHY would CJF be facing pressure at this point. Yes, there are losses that should not have happened (which occurs throughout CF) but a win over Alabama and the best recruiting class ever have to be considered major steps in the right direction. What coach could A&M go out and get that would be an improvement?
"As for the College Football Playoff, Spurrier is in favor of 16 teams." Both the BCS and the College Football Playoff Committee were charged with getting the best teams. If that is still the case, then there should be no automatic bids. 8,12 or 16 teams is not what matters. Earning your spot should matter.
It seems to me that the "major upset" could be either Alabama or Georgia... but I wouldn't bet the farm on that. CJH has done a really good job and likely will continue but it's a little early to take down the big boys.
I'm thrilled with the coach at my school but I can't think of a better fit between a coach and a school than Pittman and Arkansas. Stoops at Kentucky is a close second in this category as is Smart at UGA. The SEC is loaded with quality coaches.
@ RonMexico Dude. Don't get your panties in a wad. You asked the question "How did they cheat?" I thought it was a legit question which I endeavored to answer. I also said that I did not believe Auburn did anything wrong with Newton. You apparently missed that since it's the opposite of trying to sell the whole Cam Newton thing. Also I never suggested that Auburn got its title stripped. Again, I answered the question "How did they cheat?"
@ RonMexico In response to" How did they cheat?", in 1955, Auburn defensive back coach Hal Herring paid 2 high school players to play for Auburn. The players were twin brothers Robert and Harry Beaube who played at Emma Samsom in Gadsden, Al. Shortly after the twins were paid, Auburn was fined $2000. In May of 1956 the Auburn football program was placed on probation and banned from post-season play in 1956 and 1957. As far as the 2010 championship is concerned, there has been lots of speculation, but I don't believe Auburn did anything wrong/illegal. Honestly, I've never completely understood the whole Cam/Scam Newton scenario. I wish someone would explain it to me.
At this point it seems as though the media are the only folks interested in pushing this scenario forward. There is no new information beyond the fact that they are in close proximity to each other. I think most of the media would love it if they would "throw down" with each other a la Saturday afternoon 'rastlin' just so they could have a new story in this thread to write about. If you think aTm bought their class, then you're not likely to change your mind. If you think that atm just had a really good recruiting year and money played no part... you're not changing your mind either. We see what we want to see.
I honestly could not tell by looking at the play but the Arkansas catcher clearly thought he was safe.
I really like this kid. His video and camp production are exciting. He is the prototypical size for an NFL QB. He should be able to handle the hits that he will need to absorb in the SEC (cough O-line issues cough). I don't know if this means Bama is out of the race for Arch, but if so, I'm ok with that. Arch is taking his time... good for him... but I, for one, was getting antsy that the high quality QBs were going to be gone before Arch made his decision.
As I understand it, NIL deals have to go through the institution's compliance office. Maybe an FOI request could reveal whether or not a student has a deal, even if it cannot reveal the details of that deal. The FOI request might only apply to public institutions while private schools might get to avoid that answer.
@poptiger I can't help but wonder if you are spot on in you're assessment. (I certainly hope you are.) I may be naive, but I think that lots of wealthy boosters who got caught up in the "let's buy a championship" excitement may begin to back off when they see that their return on investment either doesn't materialize or they see that spending 6 figures or more so that they can brag about a championship is not fiscally responsible.
@ Gig'em I think the difference is that when Saban tells recruits about the $3M his players earned from NIL, those players earned it after signing with Alabama (Young was at Bama a year before he ever got NIL money), not as an inducement to sign. There is no guarantee or promise made that the NIL money is forthcoming which Saban says is not how A&M does it. The same applies to the $1.7 Billion that Alabama players have made in the NFL. There is no guarantee or promise of that money, just the opportunity to develop into a player that might earn NFL monies. We can agree or disagree about whether or not A&M broke NCAA guidelines or whether it even matters if they did. Like CNS, I do not believe that A&M broke any laws.
As long as CNS's health holds up, I think he will coach through 2027. Alabama has a home-and-home series with West Virginia in 2026 and 2027. He would be going back home to coach where he grew up before calling it a day. Afte that, maybe he becomes the Commissioner of the new NFL minor league that replaces college football.
CNS said, "A & M bought every player on their team." And then he clarifies that statement by saying, "Made a deal for name, image and likeness." He never said that TAMU did anything illegal. He said that they made an NIL deal for every player. Did they? I don't know. Does Coach Saban know that every TAMU player got an NIL deal. Maybe, I don't know. I don't think CNS should have specifically called out TAMU. I don't think there is any evidence of illegality. I have issues with NIL and in its current form, I think it's wrong, but not illegal according to SCOTUS. I think Booches94 said it best, they both should just shut it. It's a bad look for the conference.
But all that "love" that Texas fans showed him... and how much those fans meant to him... and how Texas just feels like the right fit... and, well, whatever. One gets the feeling that Mr. Hall may not like competing for playing time.