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Maybe but the SEC east has been flipping the titles around In 5 years - 3 different teams. It may be time to flip again. Randy Shannon is a good DC but this will be the 3rd DC in 4 years. Continuity is tough to keep with that kind of turnover.
A&M has consistently looked like a washed out team preseason for the last 3 seasons and surprisingly comes out of the gate with good QB play and wins their first 5 or 6 games until injuries set in. At 7-1 , they looked like a 9- 10 win team until the state of Mississippi schools beat them. I haven't seen a bad 1st game from them yet but losing Myles Garrett is a huge problem.
The media has already fired him , so he is getting his resume out and since Trevor Knight 50% completion rate(ooh) won't be there the Aggies will fall into the depths of the SEC West to never be heard from again. Wonder how many side bets are made between these guys at Hoover. That would be a fun part of media days.
Bama is the top dog of college football until they aren't. Have to pick them #1 until they prove us different. Writers will discount Shea Patterson based on 5-7 record mostly from Kelly, while lifting teams with no QB, Florida, 9-3 record 2016 record. That is all it is.
mizzou may not have the defensive chops to win the East but that offense will surprise and vault this time higher than most think, Auburn is going to decide on whether 5-3 or 4-4 in conference, imo.
The writers always get it so wrong. Thought Ole Miss was suppose to contend vs Bama last year. Tenn was suppose to win the East. For Florida just looking at the schedule, nobody sees the pitfall that is glaring. Mich, scrappy Tenn to LSu. If 6-0 , then this team is great but it could be easily 3-3 going into the TAMU game. If that happens the wheels will fall off and Florida will struggle to make a bowl game.
Writers love the Florida and Auburn hype. Still not sure where it all comes from.