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The fact that Chad believes he is the right coach to turn things around is an indication of just how bad things are. He doesn't even recognize that he is not capable of performing the job he was hired to do. That also explains why he continues to point to his players when asked why they are getting beat by SJSU and WKU. It has been obvious the past two weeks that most of these players no longer believe in him and do not want to play for him. They would have been blown out by Arkansas State and UCA today and would have been hard pressed to beat Harding, Ouachita or Henderson. Yet, I think every Razorback fan understands that Chad has better players than all of those programs. How can it possibly be the players fault. He should do the right thing and resign but we know that won't happen. Since he is a great recruiter, how about we ask him to stay as Recruiting Coordinator but please never set foot on the field again?!