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South Carolina is returning the most offensive production and least defensive production in the SEC... interesting to see how that plays out. I guess if there’s anyone to trust with defense it’s Muschamp so hopefully we’ll be fine. There’s a ton of good young talent on that defense.
let me rephrase that: i’m cautiously optimistic about next season but i’m hesitant to get my hopes up too high because i’ve endured so much disappointment from South Carolina during my life
Stop stop stop stop stop! All of these kinds of stories are getting my hopes up for next season but i just feel like (being a South Carolina fan) they’re gonna find a way to disappoint like they usually do :(
For Tennessee to win the SEC they’d probably have to beat Bama twice in the same season. Good luck with that. We basically need to win the games we’re supposed to and have a good game against Georgia.
Recruits care about more than flashy facilities. The fact of the matter is that the atmosphere of the Tennessee football program right now is poisonous. It’s a full-blown rebuilding project. South Carolina is ahead of schedule on their rebuilding project. You didn’t win a single SEC game this year and we were second in the East. Please get off your high-horse and accept that Tennessee isn’t the program it used to be. Just ask Jaycee Horn which team he would rather play for.
Yeah no. This is almost as far-fetched of a deal as Arkansas hiring Gus Malzahn as their head coach.
South Carolina a 9 point favorite over Michigan? Unfortunately, I don't think we're even going to score 10 points. Sure hope I'm wrong though
Maybe you should find a coach before you get too confident you'll "be back" anytime soon
I'm not sure our offense can score a single point against Michigan's defense
I'd bet money that SC wins an SEC title before Tennessee does again. South Carolina has a solid team (albeit not good enough to win the SEC) and Tennessee looks like it's turnover trash can caught on fire. Tennessee is an embarrassment to college football
It's better to be the old South Carolina than the new Vandy
UGA also avenged their 23 point loss in the SEC Title Game so it's not quite the same situation
I need Miami to win this ACC Championship Game. I don't know if I can handle Clemson being in the playoff again.
You're 3-5 agianst SC this decade. It must feel nice knowing that Kentucky has more wins against us since 2010 than you do
Yeah and you're 2-6 against UGA this decade
You're right about Mizzou not being able to prove how good it really is. I'm glad we played you at the beginning of the season because we probably would've lost had we played you towards the end.
It's also the Clemson team and their coach that's doing it. That behavior represents their program. A few immature college students don't directly represent South Carolina's program.
The students that were throwing bottles were very wrong, but let's not act like Dabo Swinney and Clemson are the poster-children for class acts. Racial slurs were directed towards the Gamecocks last year, not to mention going for it on 4th and long twice in the fourth quarter while up three scores is awful sportsmanship.
We may have been pretty mediocre for the most part since we joined the SEC, but the Gamecocks have one the east more recently than the Vols and they've won 5 out of the past 8 matchups. The future is bright in Columbia and Tennessee becomes more of a dumpster fire with each passing second. So stop acting all high and mighty like Tennessee is Alabama. Tennessee has become more of a basement program than Carolina.