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I second that motion Diesel. I am sick of the virtue signaling.
On the other hand, Arkansas has proven Vegas wrong in every game this year. Why not keep the trend going?
Its hard to disagree with you CaptnDud. Arkansas has been swarming on defense and playing with a bunch of heart, but physics is physics. We will have a hard time matching A&M in the trenches and won't be able to rely on getting a bunch of turnovers. I hope Arkansas is able to snap the streak this weekend, but I also try not to see it through Cardinal Red colored glasses. We will have to improve our offensive efficiency greatly to have a shot at winning Saturday.
Lefty, I think you are confusing the writers with the fans. Most razorback fan comments I read are cautiously optimistic. The SDC authors are the ones hiding us up as second best in the West. I think Arkansas and Missouri fans should both be cautiously optimistic. Both programs are showing a bunch of promise.
Absolutely! I'm not surprised that Coach Pittman is righting the ship, but the speed is surprising! Chad always blamed the lack of talent on the team. Pittman always says that who we have is exactly who we need. These guys would run through brick walls for this man.
AggieRider is right! They should just completely neglect preparing for Arkansas during the bye week and start preparing for USC! They did beat AU after all. Whatever you thought about Arkansas before the season is probably 100% accurate!
I like Frank's, but we can't be a top SEC team with him at QB unless he can improve. He needs to process what is in front of him and makes decisions much faster. He is definitely not a threat to run past anyone. Hopefully the coaches can help him read the Defenses quicker and get the ball out on time.
Arkansas gets a bye week at an excellent time. This should allow us to get our top two defenders back (Bumper Pool and Mo Brown) and get completely healthy on offense. Our game at A&M is actually setting up to be a fairly big game.
You could be right about the NFL, but I don't see him taking a lateral move as a DC. Arkansas is prepared to pay him as much as any team, and I bet he prefers working for Pittman over Saban. Also, I remember hearing that their contracts prevents them from taking the equivalent job at another SEC institution. I know Pittman's contract says that, and I think the Coordinators have the same clause.
Nobody cares about your opinion Marine. Go back to eating your tasty crayons.