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Low hanging fruit Ron. Your boss is probably very excited to hear you are able to return to work without AU baseball distracting you for the rest of the season.
SatOnThePlains wins the comment section for this article. Congratulations! I'll be laughing about his one for a while.
At some point scoring that big becomes a trend and not a fluke. I think scoring has become a trend for AU. Continue that trend in the super regional!
Hahaha! I'm not sure. I think he probably fits in pretty well around here. I should probably keep my thoughts to myself as well.
As a razorback fan, it's interesting that Arkansas is not listed as a trap game for any team this year. As a matter of fact, Arkansas is listed as a physical opponent, leading to a trap game with a different team on multiple occasions on this list. Thank you Coach Pitt for returning Arkansas to being a physically tough team, that will demand the full attention of every opponent in our league.
If Drew Sanders works out like we hope he will, Arkansas fans will be thanking Dallas Turner as well! Bama could field a top 25 team with 2nd and 3rd string players fairly easily.
I understand your point about reviving a dead program because we certainly use that talking point in regards to Coach Pitt. Muss brought us out of 20+ years of mediocrity and seemingly back to the Razorbacks of the 90s with back to back Elite 8 visits and a huge recruiting class on our doorstep. It feels like Muss is building us into a National Powerhouse again
*Has now taken us to back-to-back elite 8 trips* I need to proofread better. I’m almost as bad as a SDS writer!
I understand your reflex, but he backs it up fairly well in the article. He coached an excellent Nevada team immediately before coming to Arkansas and had now taken us to back-to-back elite 8 trips for the first time since the mid 90s. I certainly wouldn’t trade him.
Develop have sense of humor Ron. That was a lighthearted comment, made in good fun. Your worth isn't determined by how well your team performs. I'm very glad that mine is not determined by how well my razorbacks play! Also, you started this, so lighten up.
Good job tiger cubs/eaglets.... nevermind, I'll leave the insulting to Ron Mexico. He is way better at it than me. Convincing wins is what our league needs right now. Good job!
I must confess, that I am a big fan of pork ribs. Does that make me a mascot cannibal? I don't eat enough to get the meat sweats though. Slow down on the white sauce!
Thank you! So kind! Those free throws down the stretch really saved our bacon! Ron, you managed to dodge the swine flu, but you sure caught hog fever!
Many people on here derive their personal value based on the production of there chosen university’s team. As a Razorback alumni and fan, I’m very glad that my personal value has nothing to do with our win/loss column. I wouldn’t have done so well over the past years.
You are absolutely right! I can't wait to add another cupcake game to our schedule. Texas will be the Vandy of the West, except not as good as Vandy in baseball.
Its interesting that they are keeping Arkansas behind Tennessee even though Arkansas won the first of their two matchups. I'm guessing that they are waiting to see what happens when Arkansas travels to Knoxville.
_________ from the University of _________ will absolutely be in the top 10 by the end of the season. Mark my words.
You have a point Booches. It seems as though Auburn was due a loss and we were the ones to deliver that loss. Hopefully, we have several teams from our league make a deep run in the tournament
I completely understand this sentiment. I am a fan of college football and barely follow other college sports. I don't follow professional sports at all. I like to think these kids come to Arkansas because they truly want to be Razorbacks, but I'm being forced to acknowledge that is simply untrue with many or most of our athletes. I'll still genuinely appreciate the contribution that each of them make for our University and wish them the best whether they stay until graduation, leave early for the NFL, or even leave for LSU..... Sorta. haha
Don’t worry about what Ozarkian says. He is Eeyore.
I second this comment. They must have put us at #10 before we lost half of our defense, or to start hyping our matchup with Cincy.
Bourbon Blue: we beat LSU at LSU at night. I actually was just having fun anyway. Arkansas/Kentucky would be a great match this year. I wish we could just play Kentucky in the bowl game
Nice try but: Arkansas > Kentucky
Other than the fact that Arkansas dominated Texas on both lines of scrimmage, has better qb play, better skill players, better defense all around and a better coach.... other than that, Texas is probably better.
Do you mean the same KJ that carried to A&M defenders 3 yards backwards to seal the game? I think he will be ok.
Close, but not quite right. He is a traditional Southern Baptist: Football Saturday, Church Sunday, Smoke Monday.... His name is my second favorite, right behind Bumper Pool.
Wrong. We absolutely belong in the same conversation with those teams for our terrible performance over the past decade. I would love to gloss over the last decade as though it didn't happen, but that is trying to look past reality. In truth, we need to sustain success for at least a few years before we can truly "move out of the basement".
No meltdown here BamaTime. I completely agree with GatorPhil about his Bama comment. I sincerely hope that Alabama is heavily favored in that matchup. Most of us are just happy to be here!