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When was the last time the Gators were relevant? Oh yeah,now that they're jacking around in UCFs shadow. What you need is a Heisman Trophy candidate instead of dudes on the police blotter in Gainesville
Don't you SEC boys get tired of making excuses when you lose and making excuses FOR UCF when they win. Here are some "powerhouses" that the Gators have played recently Eastern Kentucky Eastern Michigan
UCF would have best Alabama it was their year. The Auburn game wasn't as close as the score indicated UCF missed a couple of short field goals in the fourth quarter or they would have put 40 on Auburn. Nobody stopped UCFs offense that year and the only reason their defense struggled at the end was they had to play 11 straight weeks because of the Hurricane Irma. They were gassed especially the way the offense plays uptempo they score on average every 3 minutes per possession. They have two receivers, a DB and a linebacker starting in the NFL from last years team. Too bad none of you SEC folks ever do any research before you make statements based on nonesense
Does anyone know that there are two receivers ,one DB and a linebacker starting on winning NFL teams that played for UCF last year? UCF had two makable field goals missed in the fourth quarter or they would have put up 40 on the vaunted Auburn defense. I don't think this years team is near as good as last year but come on there was no team in the country that UCF couldn't have beat in 2017-18 by the time people figured it out it was too late to fix it