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Several years ago, ESPN ran a 2-hr. documentary, hosted by Chris Fowler. I don't remember the title (I think it was The Gridiron Generals)...anyway, it was about the top ten all-time college football coaches. They spent about 8 minutes on each coach. From this show I learned that Knute Rockne was at the top of the profession during the 1920s. His annual salary was a whopping $80,000! Someone said that $80,000 then would be more than $3 million today. According to Fowler, about a year before Rockne died in a tragic plane crash in 1928 in Colorado he was asked by a reporter from the Saturday Evening Post what he thought about being the top football coach in the land. Fowler said that a humble Rockne demurred and told the reporter the best football coach in the land was in Knoxville, TN. The director used that as a segue to the segment on Neyland. Another thing I learned was that there was a tremendous northern and midwestern bias among the college football orthodoxy dating back to the turn of the century up to about 1990. There were two college football coaches who were on the vanguard of the movement to that began to garner respect for southern football and they were Neyland and Wallace Wade at Alabama (who happened to be friends). Both took teams to the Rose Bowl which was considered The Super Bowl in football (college or pro) for decades. I understand why so many in this generation don't know of Neyland. Have you ever watched Jay Leno do his in the street spots where he asks people U.S. History questions like, "Who wrote the Gettysburg Address?" or "What is the name of our National Anthem?" (What is a National Anthem?")