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Some chance Bama gets him. Some chance Georgia gets him. From what I've heard, Kirby Smart and Nick Saban are doing a good job of recruiting and they're having a pretty good class.
The UT logo comes up to about where his solar plexus is. Mean anything?
Its pretty obvious to me that Mazlahn is waiting on a guy who can provide him with some more ideas for trick plays.
Gus can turn it around. All he needs to do is just come up with some more trick plays.
There's nothing like having 1000 yards on kickoff returns to inflate your stats. Those are the most empty yards one can have.
With such news as this, Gus may need to resort to gimmicks on offense next year in order to have some success. Oh wait...
I doubt Muschamp leaves Auburn. He loves for his defense to practice against a bush-league, dipsy-doo, trickeroo, sucker punch offense throughout the week. Something he will have at Auburn.
Now that is pot calling the kettle black if I've ever heard it.
He's a genius when he is able to use the ole' sucker punch philosophy of snapping the ball before the defense is ready and the refs are unable to go through their checks. "Go! Go! Go! Hurry up before the defensive can make a call."
It's absolutely hilarious to see a Miss. St. talking trash to Bama. It's kinda like an army which loses almost every battle to a superior, once in a blue moon standing up and saying "Oh yeah, well we're gonna get you this year!".