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I don't get the earmuffs comment. I follow Alabama football closely on a few private forums, and what I have seen, (especially after the NC game), is that Hurts probably will leave, with the how and when being the only question. Most of us now believe he will preserve this RS year and leave after he graduates with 2 years of eligibility. It seems inevitable, and I am not even sure a Tua injury would change his mind. Based on his recent performance it appears he may have, mentally, already left the team.
Surely you can understand that the reference was to Alabama's last 4 visits.
Why not take your success as a credit to your coach and players instead of worrying about any talking head's opinion? Did anyone predict USC would do so well? At Alabama we learn to ignore all the Bama fatigue and haters in general.
Alabama probably shouldn't be #1 but it should be #2 at least. Florida might be more attractive to some coaches. We have had some rough spots but historically we are a national power under more coaches than Bryant and Saban. The Alabama HS FB system produces far more than average quality recruits, and we have the money, the facilities, and the tradition to attract any coach we want. Factoid: It is easier to win at Alabama
Was a coach really involved? Some of these kids will kill for their coaches. Either way, if he is clean otherwise, I am always for second chances for 13-14 year old kids
How will Mac Jones look in "this" offense? There is no "this" offense at Bama. If Jones becomes the QB it will be "his" offense. Unlike some schools, we change the offense to fit the QB. 🐘🐘🐘
And if the O is excellent and Bama wins, the move will be declared a brilliant move. Yada, Yada, Yada, 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Saban has had second thoughts about keeping Kirby last year. Add that to a dismal offense Saturday and Kiffin is out
Read elsewhere that UW was cut blocking and generally playing dirty.
I assume the 1230 includes pass receptions and rushing
Unless something has changed recently, Saban's buyout is zero. It has always been so at his insistence.
Sorry you have had that experience with our fans. I have never found all fans bad from any rival. I would feel the same as you if I had.
LOL, Son, you got you some serious butthurt don't you That was pure πŸ’©but we are used to hearing it from the downtrodden, so y'all press on.
Political Correctness is institutionalized in this country, except for insulting the South. Most of our best players are African American. Wonder why they chose to represent our football team with a white player? It was funny but still pissed me off a little.
That's just wrong. His overall staff turnover at Alabama is at least as stable as any SEC school. He has had 4 OCs, that may be more than average
I'm not sure that is an option. His contract with Bama is expiring soon and there is no indication he will be offered an extension. Saban seems to think it is time he moved on.
This will be a good indicator of the confident level on Orgeron. I doubt that LK will join Orgeron at a gig that he thinks O will tank. I am not aware of any move by Bama to get rid of Johnny Freshwater. If Saban wants us to run the ball we run the ball.
Word out there is that AS acted poorly when he abruptly/rudely walked away from an interview after the MSU game. If you happened to see it, it did seem odd and inappropriate. Don't worry, he will play against Aubrun. :)
College All-Stars played the NFL champs in an exhibition game from 1934-1976. The All-Stars won 9 times. The last time in 1963.
Years ago college all stars played the NFL Champs annually. The usually got creamed but occasionally (maybe every 10 years) they would win. So, it's not impossible.
utters dream of Saban carrying their flag. Bless their hearts.
LOL, Coach Mac's home in Colorado looks like a downtown Post Office. All it needs is a flag out front.
Vaught came in at 30, Alabama's Frank Thomas and Wallace Wade were 29 and 26 respectively.
If that is considered an animated conversation, I would hate to hear how some of my conversations with my kids would be characterized. There was certainly no apparent animosity.