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That's first class right there....not a Georgia fan but i can def get behind and appreciate this. Mr. Godwin made this kids day, way to be a role model sir.
So torn!!!! On one side I see the coach who made Chad kelly a beast and have bama fits! But then I see our players trying to punch our coaches on the sideline on live tv and ask myself do we really need that kind of exposure? We're already lowering the standards we expect of our players are we just gonna go that route with a coach who not long ago was a national sore eye? I'm all for second chances, but what has he done to prove he learned from it?
We just can't keep a coordinator, that process man.....its catchy
I'm glad Fisher is in the SEC, as a conference we need top coaches. Not only does that help with recruiting but it can helps make the SEC untouchable by any conferences when it comes to bowl season. We can all admit as SEC fans that the only reason were not catching as much "overrated SEC" talk is because of the show g in the playoffs/natty