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What’s far more pathetic than this is Saban calling hit on Harrison targeting. A former DB himself calling a clean hard shoulder to shoulder hit targeting, when replay officials in NY and the ESPN replay official said it was is about as sorry as I’ve ever heard. It Dabo- level pathetic.
Frost would like to know where to show up tomorrow morning, too!
Harsin still has a job? That would be news to him.
Difference between Dawgs playing in ATL for semis versus Phoenix is pretty big, actually.
I’m a Dawg fan through and through, but it’s funny how quickly we’ve forgotten we trailed MIssouri with 4 mins to go and had to convert on 4th down to keep last drive alive.
It needed to go for it on 4th and 1 trailing Mizzou with 4 mins to go. And I’m a Dawg fan. Wouldn’t the worst thing to drop to #2. Last time we dropped we took it out on UT.
What was truly awful wasn’t even mentioned here: he would not stop talking when the ref was. Kept talking over penalty calls. His director needed to tell him to stfu.
I thought that Beamer was a clown, TBH. He’s proven me wrong.
Exactly. He’s an awful in game coach. He wasted 2 timeouts last night in that 2 pointer when saving them could’ve gotten the ball back if it failed. Plus, no reason to think he’ll stay any longer at Auburn. The NFL might come calling again.
G fan 43. Not true. Alabama was undefeated in league play in 2008-09.
Huepel’s a Big 12 guy and he’s turned UT into a Big 12 program. You’ll pull an upset here and there, but no championships will be won. The biggest joke this whole run was “they are 2019 LSU.” Can’t wait to see the NFL draft to drive the final nailin that coffin.
Kirby lost to Vandy, in Athens no less, his first year, calling a running play on 4th down without handing it off to Nick Chubb or Sony Michel. And Richt left him a far superior roster and culture than MuLLLen. It will take awhile to cycle the stench out of Gainesville that Dan “we only lost by…” MuLLLen left behind. Napier figuring out Brenton Cox had to go is another similarity to Kirby. Y’all need to give him a chance or you’re on your way to UT level irrelevance.
Gator fans, it’s been said here that Kirby also lost to Vandy, but at home. Last play of that game was a run…but by Isaiah McKenzie, not Nick Chubb or Sony Michel. First years are weird. If I were you, I’d be encouraged that Napier figured out what Kirby did, too: Brenton Cox was a cancer who had to go.
Sorry Covingtondawg, there needs to be an ocean of Voluntears tonight. Huepel is a classless clown. That program and its fans deserve another 25 years of misery.
Tennessee would have won on a neutral field. Huepel has turned UT into an exemplary Big 12 program. This year’s is as good as it’ll get.
Still a LOS league, and travels everywhere. We’d dominate you in Neyland, and will continue to anywhere until Huepel realizes this ain’t the Big 12.
I bet Levis rises 5 spots on Kiper’s big board after this. The guy couldn’t win the Penn State job over Sean Clifford. Enough said.
Besides, Mike Griffith was on Friday and Finebaum was looking all aghast that MG was slinging this same bull, the same bull Finebaum was slinging earlier last week and is doing so again now. All PF is good at is sitting there with a smirk when his crazy redneck callers are on. That's his schtick.
Agreed. That’s punishing no 1 seed UGA making them play ut again in the semifinal. Also, the committee has shown respect for UT and not much for TCU, so UT would be 3 and TCU at 4. And OSU-UT would be good offensive fireworks display.
This is all about Matt Hayes, not that there’s a column about LSU, which deserves credit for a huge win. Watched that game. It was awesome. Huge credit to Kelly. You’ve got yourself a coach who’s sane and is going to win big. Well done. Hayes wrote last week that UT was going to prove UGA was a one trick pony. Hayes wrote that Kirby knew about the allegation against Adam Anderson and played him anyway when that was a proveable lie, and Hayes never retracted. My comment was all about Hayes hiding from his garbage take. Nothing to do with LSU. See you in ATL
Well done with the reality check. UGA isn’t committing 17 penalties, missing FGs and the game isn’t in Neyland. 45-31 Dawgs.
That would be “an illegal immigrant.” You sleep through English class your whole life? Most of you who say this stuff don’t talk English too good.
Honest question for an LSU fan. Not trying to be snarky. Do y'all worry about the "faaamily" thing? It was so cringe-inducing and will have a very long viral shelf-life, IMO. Often times when there is an initial misstep like that from a leader, even if it seems minor, it ends up being fatal. Just curious about your take on it.
Larry Munson was a homer so there was no way they were going to replace him with someone who wasn’t.
Oh just go listen to your Best of Gary Danielson Really Really Loves the Tide tape.
Exactly, they will not make Bama play UGA. back to back. Typical idiotic SDS garbage. Writer came up with this on his break at Chipotle.
No kidding. I often think “that article was worth about $5, tops”.
Sometimes I wonder if they collectively drop all SDS writers on their heads. The committee will not rematch UGA - Bama in the semis. If Dawgs win, then we play Cincy/ND/Big 12 chump. Playing Bama back to back punishes Dawgs. OSU- Bama in semi.
But if Franks doesn’t get hurt, Mullen wouldn’t have even had the highs he had. That’s the whole load of behind the QB whisperer thing- he was a lousy evaluator of that position.