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Honest question for an LSU fan. Not trying to be snarky. Do y'all worry about the "faaamily" thing? It was so cringe-inducing and will have a very long viral shelf-life, IMO. Often times when there is an initial misstep like that from a leader, even if it seems minor, it ends up being fatal. Just curious about your take on it.
Larry Munson was a homer so there was no way they were going to replace him with someone who wasn’t.
Oh just go listen to your Best of Gary Danielson Really Really Loves the Tide tape.
Exactly, they will not make Bama play UGA. back to back. Typical idiotic SDS garbage. Writer came up with this on his break at Chipotle.
No kidding. I often think “that article was worth about $5, tops”.
Sometimes I wonder if they collectively drop all SDS writers on their heads. The committee will not rematch UGA - Bama in the semis. If Dawgs win, then we play Cincy/ND/Big 12 chump. Playing Bama back to back punishes Dawgs. OSU- Bama in semi.
But if Franks doesn’t get hurt, Mullen wouldn’t have even had the highs he had. That’s the whole load of behind the QB whisperer thing- he was a lousy evaluator of that position.
But they beat Kentucky by 3 points. They are so scary and “dangerous”.
If anyone plays Florida right now they would beat them easily. See the the other SC last week.
If I could point a finger at one thing for UT to be concerned about, it would be if the Mays boys can handle UGA’s front 7. I’ll be pulling up a chair Sat to watch and find out.
He let his players say they were the better team after losing 42-7 to UGA.
He thought Felipe Franks was better than Trask. He has a decidedly mixed record.
You would have also watch your's on VHS from '98, clowns. 3-32 since 2010, make that 3-33 in a few weeks. Looking forward to it!
Two quotes from college championship coaches in two different sports: Nick Saban to the Bama AD after he was hired: "You hired a **** football coach, but no one will ever out recruit me." Roy Williams at UNC: "What I don't know is whether I could win with anything other than great players. And I don't ever want to find out." But Dan probably knows better than to listen to their 10 nattys between them.
“Failing upwards.” Another place you’d see Grantham’s picture. When has any fan base been happy to see him come to their program?
Which is one more playoff win than Florida, Oklahoma, Auburn, USC, Texas....oh, and the same number as Ohio State. What an idiotic comparison.Your fan base should be happy you don’t identify yourself.
Tiresome media groupthink. No one mentions how overrated the Uga o-Line was all year. Couldn’t run.the.dang.ball.
"Might" have an overinflated opinion of themselves? You're talking about a team that thought it was better than one that beat them 42-7, and again after losing to them by 19. I'd hate to see what happens to the Gators when they play someone who they think IS better, or even just equal! Clown coach of a clown program with a clown fan base. Chomp. Chomp.
Hi CeCe Jefferson. What happened? Did the worse team win by double digits AGAIN? Gator fans, if you think you just have a QB problem, maybe you should look at a roster full of players who think they are better then teams that beat them 42-7. I personally think Mullen is a clown, just because he drags Todd Grantham with him every where (previous employers of Grantham: Mark Richt and Bobby Petrino. Enough said?) But it isn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt just because he did have one really good year in Stark Vegas. However, your current roster is McIlwain garbage, and Mullen is not recruiting at anything close to an elite level. Currently Ole Miss on probation has a higher ranked class. Anyway looking forward to beating the breaks off you for another 3-5 years, minimum. Get your jorts ready. Go Dawgs!!!!!
Anybody else think that comparing skill positions to each other is idiotic? What matters is how do the receiver's match up against the other team's DBs. And for that matter, having great WRs won't matter much if your QB is on his back all day. This article is just typical Saturday Down South dribble. I only end up here when I'm linked to it from better sites.
Alabama. #1 in football, #49 in everything that really matters.
When the hell has South Carolina been the bride?? How many SEC championships have they won? We've won 13,tied for 2nd most. We've been to 6 SEC championship games, they've been to 1. You're a complete clown, Blackmon.
You're exactly right. Raid staffs at programs like Clemson, UGA and Bama for sharp position coaches. Much smarter.
But paying the players will bankrupt the system. Always remember that. Something that is not being mentioned is that there are fewer and fewer kids playing football, thus fewer and few elite athletes available to play for top programs. Thus a premium is being placed on perceived excellent coaches, including coordinators and position coaches, even strength and conditioning coaches, because recruiting is now so cut throat. It's those guys that are selling the program as much as the HC.
How? I'm a Dawg, too, and the writer is backing up his statements with facts. When we signed all these guys I thought of Texas A&M. Not a bad problem to have, but the odds that a 5 star will pan out in the SEC are clearly low. Hopefully Fields is different.
Y'all need to give Pruitt some time. That coaching search left your program a smoking crater. Pruitt recruited well at uga. Our d has many of his recruits on it.
Uh, no. Bama won't finish at 1 or 2. Very unlikely to even hit top 3. Kirby kicked their ass this year, and is already way ahead for 2019. SECCG is the future for WDE, not 11\11.
Could come to an end? More like will come to an end. No mention of staff turnover. Sooner or later, that was going to have an impact. New OC doesn't look like a master recruiter.
Fromm doesn't look like a top NFL prospect at this point. He doesn't have all the NFL QB bust qualities like no brain to go with a 6' 5" frame and cannon arm that those Sunday scouts drool over. I think he plays for 4 years, but that still gives Fields two years to play, assuming red shirt and barring injury to Fromm. Kirby has turned UGA into a recruiting juggernaut. Recruits and their families come off visits visibly moved by the experience (their words, not mine). Maybe the kid just wants to be a part of that. Go figure.