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Which is one more playoff win than Florida, Oklahoma, Auburn, USC, Texas....oh, and the same number as Ohio State. What an idiotic comparison.Your fan base should be happy you don’t identify yourself.
Tiresome media groupthink. No one mentions how overrated the Uga o-Line was all year. Couldn’t run.the.dang.ball.
"Might" have an overinflated opinion of themselves? You're talking about a team that thought it was better than one that beat them 42-7, and again after losing to them by 19. I'd hate to see what happens to the Gators when they play someone who they think IS better, or even just equal! Clown coach of a clown program with a clown fan base. Chomp. Chomp.
Hi CeCe Jefferson. What happened? Did the worse team win by double digits AGAIN? Gator fans, if you think you just have a QB problem, maybe you should look at a roster full of players who think they are better then teams that beat them 42-7. I personally think Mullen is a clown, just because he drags Todd Grantham with him every where (previous employers of Grantham: Mark Richt and Bobby Petrino. Enough said?) But it isn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt just because he did have one really good year in Stark Vegas. However, your current roster is McIlwain garbage, and Mullen is not recruiting at anything close to an elite level. Currently Ole Miss on probation has a higher ranked class. Anyway looking forward to beating the breaks off you for another 3-5 years, minimum. Get your jorts ready. Go Dawgs!!!!!
Anybody else think that comparing skill positions to each other is idiotic? What matters is how do the receiver's match up against the other team's DBs. And for that matter, having great WRs won't matter much if your QB is on his back all day. This article is just typical Saturday Down South dribble. I only end up here when I'm linked to it from better sites.
Alabama. #1 in football, #49 in everything that really matters.
When the hell has South Carolina been the bride?? How many SEC championships have they won? We've won 13,tied for 2nd most. We've been to 6 SEC championship games, they've been to 1. You're a complete clown, Blackmon.
You're exactly right. Raid staffs at programs like Clemson, UGA and Bama for sharp position coaches. Much smarter.
But paying the players will bankrupt the system. Always remember that. Something that is not being mentioned is that there are fewer and fewer kids playing football, thus fewer and few elite athletes available to play for top programs. Thus a premium is being placed on perceived excellent coaches, including coordinators and position coaches, even strength and conditioning coaches, because recruiting is now so cut throat. It's those guys that are selling the program as much as the HC.
How? I'm a Dawg, too, and the writer is backing up his statements with facts. When we signed all these guys I thought of Texas A&M. Not a bad problem to have, but the odds that a 5 star will pan out in the SEC are clearly low. Hopefully Fields is different.
Y'all need to give Pruitt some time. That coaching search left your program a smoking crater. Pruitt recruited well at uga. Our d has many of his recruits on it.
Uh, no. Bama won't finish at 1 or 2. Very unlikely to even hit top 3. Kirby kicked their ass this year, and is already way ahead for 2019. SECCG is the future for WDE, not 11\11.
Could come to an end? More like will come to an end. No mention of staff turnover. Sooner or later, that was going to have an impact. New OC doesn't look like a master recruiter.
Fromm doesn't look like a top NFL prospect at this point. He doesn't have all the NFL QB bust qualities like no brain to go with a 6' 5" frame and cannon arm that those Sunday scouts drool over. I think he plays for 4 years, but that still gives Fields two years to play, assuming red shirt and barring injury to Fromm. Kirby has turned UGA into a recruiting juggernaut. Recruits and their families come off visits visibly moved by the experience (their words, not mine). Maybe the kid just wants to be a part of that. Go figure.
Uh, the problem is you DIDN'T leave Sandusky out of it. That's what you hillbillies led with.
You serious? You call yourself a Dawg and you agree with this clown? Not relevant since 1980? 4 SEC titles since then, several final Top 3 finishes. Kirby "clueless" last year? He did the same his 2nd year as Saban, Meter, Stoops...what the hell is wrong with you people expecting a title the first year?!?!
At least they do it to other schools, not to themselves. I love the fire Currie and Haslam lunacy. Who is going to be dumb enough to take those jobs? Same moron fan base, without the millions in buyouts when you're fired.
The only thing I can think of that explains this is that Putin hates Schiano. I mean this Twitter mob had to have been a bunch of Russian bots, because no one with a brain would take Sarah Huckabee Sanders's advice over Bill Belichek's when hiring a football coach. Then again, looking in the stands at the Bubbas and Mary Lou's in abundance of brain power there isn't.
He had one bad season, right after Eli left, and in true SEC insanity style, fired him. The dude can coach, period. His wife hates the SEC life, and Duke pays him very well, as much as any SEC school could.
Any of you mouth breathers see how Cutcliff advised Chip Kelly to stay out of the SEC? I wonder what program he had in mind, specifically?
You're kidding, right? Look up the word "delusional" my friend. What were Kiffin, Dooley and Jones, if not your 4th or 5th choices? This time youre probably going to secure your next 6-6 mediocrity around choice 9, who'll join the the ever expanding payroll of fired UT coaches in three years.
Oh yeah, and Bill Belichek recommended him, highly. But Sarah Hickabee Sanders doesn't, so of course you clowns trash him. Really, 20 more years of complete irrelevance is what you'll now be getting, and it's what you deserve.
I recall Cutcliff's wife saying she enjoyed not being cussed out in the grocery store after losses now that they were out of the SEC. The only reason he'd do it is just to be nice, and clearly this fan base wouldn't reciprocate if he didn't win big immediately. I imagine he'll give these hillbillies the middle finger again, as he should. As should anyone.
He worked for Urban Meyer for several years. Sumlin? The guy couldn't win with Top 5 recuriting classes, something you don't see often at UT. Leach? a total flake who'd win 8 games a year, make a run to 10 wins once a decade. Don't think he'd last that long. Petrino or Kiffin? Are you that pathetic and desparate? Oh, that's right, you are. Taggert will wait for something better, and there are plenty of better jobs, like say FSU after Jimbo leaves. Looks like Norvell would rather stay in Memphis. Have fun with your dumpster fire of a program!
Report: This report will be replaced by another report just as sure and breathless as this one, in another few hours or so, and we will all dutifully click on it. What a joke!
What planet do UT fans live on? Gruden was always a fantasy, and a dumb one at that. This guy is a significant upgrade over Butch Jones, Derek Dooley and Kiffin. The guy won at a pit (Rutgers), and he's worked with Urban Meyer, one of the top two or three coaches in the country. Mike Leach? Really? A flake who'd never win more than 8 games. Sorry, Mullen can do a whole lot better than UT, and evidently is going to. You're a dumpster fire right now. You'd be lucky to get a guy this good.
Bulldog fan here. Really enjoying the dumpster fires! Keep it up. Florida is never far from being relevant again. Tennessee? Another MAC superdud is in the offing. Get used to another 10 years of sucking.
From a purely yardage output, you might be right. But the senior leadership these guys and the other seniors are showing IS the difference on this team.
"It wasn’t long ago that he was another first-year coach who seemed destined to be stuck at the 8-9 win plateau." How can someone be "destined to be stuck" after ONE YEAR?! What clown this writer is.