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Sifting through the steaming pile that is a Matt Hayes column (still waiting for retraction on lie that Kirby knew Adam Anderson allegation but played him against Florida, when you could’ve looked that up, you lazy hack). Please give me evidence of these mythical “2 or 3 good seasons” Todd Grantham has given anyone? Look up Failing Upwards and you’ll see a picture of that clown.
It’s a message board, dude. Insufferable comes with it when you’re hiding behind a keyboard. Go to games and see people face to face. 99% of opposing fans you meet are gracious and welcoming.
Lol. Dawg fan who went to the game. All UT fans I met were very gracious. Hope Huepel turns it around.
Your username says it all. Thank God your pit of a state has football going for it, and that Mississippi is right next door.
Nessler is worse. Seems like he’s had a few before kickoff. Gets names wrong all the time.
Anybody else enjoy how hard the SEC Network was trying to pretend it wasn’t happening? I’m sure Sankey was on the phone to ESPN telling them to avoid shots of it. Kept cutting to sideline reporter who was getting hit with it, but seemed like he was being edited as he spoke. Supposed to go to UGA game at Neyland and now wondering if it’s worth it. Hoping (for once) for noon start, and that Bama annihilates them to reduce the juice.