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What people don't know and what he will never say is that last year a number of players quit on him, including a couple of key players. And then many, as you saw, left the program in droves after the season. And their effort was hardly stellar at the beginning of this season, prompting a premature resignation. He dared to take what was historically a graveyard for coaches that few others would touch and made it competitive (just ask Georgia). He left on his own terms, which is a lot more commendable than what Georgia did to their extremely successful coach for 15 years.
Tebow is committed to holy living as any true Christian should be. Sex outside of marriage is sin and true believers want to love, serve and obey the Lord in all areas, including their sexual practices. Western and American culture says otherwise, but as President Obama has stated, we are no longer a Christian nation. So called "Christians" fill the churches in America while seeking their own way. Tebow is only disdained because he seeks the Lord first. I commend him wholeheartedly.