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I love Fulmer and will always respect what he has done for the University of Tennessee, but I don't think he is the most qualified candidate to run a very large d1 program. I hope he at least hires the right staff to oversee the current renovations and deal wit the financial savvy that's required of his post.
Vanderbilt actually has a pretty storied past. I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm willing to bet most of those wins came after the turn of the last century. As a Vols fan I have to tip my hat to the Commodore's history for what could have been our biggest rival
Evan Berry was the No. 1 Kick returner in the country last year. Cam Sutton (who is out) was the number one punt returner. Callaway is good as a returner, but teams have literally kicked away from Berry all year out of respect. Callaway's just not at that level yet. Pinero is a rookie kicker to the SEC, I could easily see him being better than Medley(who is not bad by any stretch), but let's see how he does in a rocking Neyland Stadium. As for stuffing the run... Florida will definitely need to change their defense schematically if it is anything like last year.
While I agree that Eason did a great job, that deep pass was literally off the hands of the defender. If the receiver doesn't make a dangerous dive into a defender that ball is intercepted.
While the play against App. State last week was atrocious, I think this is more a way for Butch Jones to give his players a chance to define themselves. Nobody in the SEC wants to be defined as barely beating a Sun-Belt team. That said, I do not expect the leaders who made mistakes not typically seen in their past performances (Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Cam Sutton, Coleman Thomas, and Josh Dobbs) to have the same issues against a relatively unknown, dangerous VA Tech team
I doubt it. I'm sure most reasonable SC fans expect some up and down play in Muschamp's first year with the way Spurrier's recruiting tailed off (whether fair or not)
I'm sure some of these students wouldn't get into Vanderbilt without football, but you could say the same for a student in a robotics or any other kind of club. Football SHOULD be considered as part of the admissions process, especially if there is a reason to believe the candidate would be affected by the standardized test biases that are out there. That being said ACT scores now go up to 36 with the optional written section included, so a 24 or 25 will barely get you into the University of Tennessee, let alone Vandy
I realize you mention Robert Neyland in the opening intro ,but if the criteria for Johnny Vaught is a 33-0-1 home record, then how about a record of 17 straight SHUT-OUTS, 71 straight shut-out quarters, and 5 undefeated seasons. Oh and winning streaks of 33 and 28 games in a nine year stint. I would also say an honorable mention should go to Vanderbilt's Dan Mcguin even if Vandy never really had a shot at competing for a national title