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Maybe we all need to get a life and start paying more attention to what's happening in the world and in our families. As grown men, we spend too much time, energy and money on this sport. I hear it now. "Spoken like a losing Razorback." To all of us, me included, let's grow up. God bless.
How many is it now? 57 national championships, including those declared by some guy in his garage back in the day? Alabama is great, no doubt, but it's not a college football team. It's an NFL farm team run by a truly great coach who wasn't able to succeed in the NFL as a head coach. And, yes, Arkansas would like to have some of what Alabama has. Bama fans just have no understanding how tired everyone else is of hearing about them every year. The one thing I do like about them is that they are an old school, tough program that cares about winning. Good for them. That's the one thing I always want the Razorbacks to strive to be.
Alabama is the best NFL farm team out there but enough already.
Sarah Fuller did well. Good for her. Still a gimmick, and Vandy players angry about being made part of a gimmick have a point.
Sarah Fuller kicks the game-winning field goal after a UT player partially blocks the kick causing the ball to elevate over the crossbar. The most Tennessee thing ever. Back to reality…TN 17 Vandy 6 (touchdown and a missed extra point), if they play at all.
Near-zero shot against AL. AL 45 Hogs 14 Someone please tell Nick Saban his father was proud of him.
Sarah Fuller kicks the game-winning field goal after a UT player partially blocks the kick causing the ball to elevate over the crossbar. The most Tennessee thing ever. Back to reality...TN 17 Vandy 6 (touchdown and a missed extra point), if they play at all.
In the game with Arkansas, the UT player went down like he was hit by a sniper. UT is a punchline now, and believe me, the Hogs have been terrible, too.
Vandy is winning on Saturday. Sad, but it's coming. Vandy 21 UT 13
Good for JG. Bad for the Vols. He's not a winner and not a leader.
Go ahead and think whatever you like and make yourself and those around you miserable, but my bet is you're as wrong as you can be.
Auburn 27 UT 14. Tennessee's 14 points will come in the first half.
Question for other Hog fans: What is the best radio/podcast that covers the Razorbacks? Tennessee has Tony Basilio that does a great, independent show covering the Vols. Does UA have something like it?
The hits keep coming for Tennessee. Sadly, this great first-tier program is acting like a bargain basement gang that can't shoot straight. UT needs a house cleaning. UT has too much potential and history to be this stupid.
God bless the HBC. The SEC without Spurrier is not near as fun or interesting.
I wish UT would be better. All of these coaches need their pay structure changed going forward. There should be much lower base salaries with good incentives and lower termination fees. Do well, you get paid well. If not, you won't.
This is embarrassing in that when times are tough, the senior, highest- paid employees are supposed to take the hit, to shield somewhat the lower-paid employees less able to absorb a pay cut. That's what decent men and professionals do. Glorified PE teachers like these (at UT, UA and elsewhere) need some perspective, some humility and some gratitude for the jobs they have. The free market decides pay. As it should be. Just have some inner compass that tells you to think things through. That's apparently missing in these men, if this story is accurate.
He seems to be a decent man and an old-school, tough coach. Great hire!
I've liked the Vols for nearly forty years, but I've reached the point that I cheer for them to lose. They're the Dallas Cowboys of the SEC. They win just enough to keep addicted fans buying '16' jerseys, making donations, and enjoying their showplace stadium. They're primarily interested in making money, and their long-suffering fans need to face it and find something else to do in the fall or follow another team. If you are a diehard Vol fan, you are being the UT Athletic Department, by greedy agents and subpar coaches, among others. They have a noteworthy history with a subpar present and future. Lastly, in 2013, my daughter was thinking about going to UT, and the Admissions personnel must have had a bad day or two, but they were rude and entirely uninterested in helping a parent with the willingness and ability to pay full tuition to come to Knoxville. We visited the University of Arkansas. My daughter now lives in NW Arkansas, and my wife and I will happily retire there. Tennessee is my home state, and UT is my home state university. I really want them to be better. Maybe the basketball team will do something. I hope so.
Pruitt is not a head coach/CEO. He's a defensive coordinator. Let him go somewhere and do that. If UT is smart, they'll try for Hugh Freeze. Very proud of our own Sam Pittman.
Hugh Freeze beat Alabama twice in high-profile games. Bring him back to the SEC, and tell him to control himself.
A smart fan that cares about getting the job done on the field first. Well said. As a RazorVol, I want UT to be better....after Saturday. How many times will JG shoot his arrow having done little or nothing? Basilio's excellent Fifth Quarter Fan Reaction Show will likely be interesting.
It seems UT is mostly hype these days, and that's a shame. UT is an old school power, and they should be better than they are. They seem to want to be the Dallas Cowboys: make money selling stuff, have a showplace stadium and poorly manage the team. Hogs 24 Vols 17, with JG producing 3 turnovers.