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Amen. So tired of seeing $aban and "Coach Prime" in those sleazy ads.
Maybe, but I think Stoops and Heupel may be at odds.
I wish Scott Frost could get off the ground in Lincoln. I'll always pull for Nebraska.
Please, Coach, just beat Bama, as much as you can and as often as you can. Good luck to the Tigers.
Alabama should never be counted out until the clock shows 0:00 and the status is Final. Ask Auburn. Georgia had better not get cocky. Don't listen to what $aban rightly calls the "rat poison" from sports media. I hope for a score of: Georgia 56 Bama 3 It won't be that, but then again, maybe Nick will be too busy making more sleazy AFLAC commercials with "Coach Prime" to get ready for the game. I can't listen to those two for a second.
When Bear Bryant passed away, fans of the teams Alabama beat for years were in tears at the loss. He was a beloved, large figure in college football. Saban is a mercenary and a jerk, no matter how many games his teams win. His current AFLAC commercials are self-indulgent and sleazy. Build all the statues you want of this man. Enough.
Alabama benefits from an unconscious bias on the part of officials. There is no conspiracy, nothing intentional. Refs are afraid of Saban, and the SEC wants desperately for Alabama to be in the playoffs, which for years now has been the best chance for the SEC to get a team into the mix for the championship and even more revenue. And so many of the rank and file staff at SEC HQ in Birmingham is pro-Bama that it makes a difference in how things are run day-to-day. The Tide is clearly great and has been for years, but I believe they benefit from any doubt on the field on a routine basis, to the detriment of their opponents, something their opponents are fed up with.
Will be closer than most believe... UG 17 UT 14 UT can win this game.
I can’t watch Bama in the CFP if they somehow get in. They don’t deserve it, at this point. And sick of Saban’s obnoxious Aflac commercials. Anyone acting like he does in those commercials would clearly be viewed by any reasonable person as an arrogant jerk. Enough of this man. You’ve got enough money and enough rings.
Just glad the Rebs beat Bama and Saban twice under Freeze. Two highly satisfying games!
I'm glad he isn't in Fayetteville anymore. That's all that counts.
UK will beat UT. UK 24 UT 17
Listening to a local Knoxville sports talk show. UT fans are VERY confident, perhaps over-confident. UK can beat UT.
This website seems obsessed with whatever Herbstreit says. I guess you need content, but his opinion just isn't that important.
It doesn't matter that others do it. It's a question whether alums should call games involving their own school. My view is that they should not, no matter the caller or the school. This is a potential conflict of interest, at least. When Kirk Herbstreit is on College Game Day and they are predicting outcomes, he doesn't offer predictions on a game he's covering. It's a different situation, yes, but it's done for the same reason...a conflict of interest.
Arkansas hasn't been strong for a while, that's true. I'm less concerned about that as on-field success comes and goes. I'll take Sam Pittman and uneven performance on the field any day over Nick Saban's empty, joyless professionalism. What is being lost here is that if you have an HQ that, from top to bottom, primarily employs personnel steeped in loyalty to one school, that raises concerns that cannot be ignored. The day-to-day small decisions and actions the HQ takes matter. The presidents of the school are not in Birmingham running things. I'm in the investment business. Regulators in our industry would demand action if there were as many real or potential conflicts of interest as there likely are in Birmingham. No hard feelings and no name-calling from me. Alabama beats their opponents straight up. There is just too much evidence to show that the SEC protects, defends and helps Alabama, at least on the margins, as the flagship program of the league. It isn't whining to point that out. It can be, but it isn't necessarily.
Bama fans have got to be bored, if they’re honest. A great and historic program, true. But it’s joyless and mechanical pro football on a college level.
Get the SEC HQ out of Alabama. Far too many conflicts of interest at every level of the league. Move it to Charlotte.
A former Alabama player shouldn’t be calling an Alabama game. A clear conflict of interest.
Get the SEC HQ out of the State of Alabama. Move it to Charlotte, and my guess is you’ll see some parity in treatment among teams.
So tired of seeing this angry, one-dimensional miserable man. Enough. Please go away.
Very nice, and he is the most successful college coach without a doubt. He needs to leave the stage. The SEC caters too much to Saban and Alabama, and the sooner Saban retires, the sooner some level of sanity and parity of treatment will occur in the league. After Saban leaves, move the SEC HQ to Charlotte.
Address faking of injuries and get that stopped. Pay for full-time refs and reassign or fire ones unable to do the job. Get the SEC HQ out of Birmingham to address conflicts of interests in the league office.
Glad UT is up for this, and I get it, but it really shouldn’t be this big this soon. This could go either way.
The graceless, sanctimonious mob gets another scalp. Why are we all putting up with this?
Happy for the football Cats! Keep surprising everyone.
Good for UT. They are too big of a program to remain a punch line. They have plenty of money, facilities, etc. They've also embraced one stupid gimmick after another that no one wanted. They need competent, wise and (mostly) honest leadership. Essentially, they need adults in charge. Maybe they are getting there. Hope so.