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Maybe it means too much. There's a point where men need to get a life.
I love The Tony Basilio Show. Any UT fan should give it a try, and I'm essentially a RazorVol. I heard the caller on the excellent Fan Reaction show. I love college football, but I can't imagine getting that angry about a game you aren't even playing yourself. Act like a man.
Breaking News: Rules apply to Alabama and their coach, or they should. Move the SEC HQ out of Birmingham to Charlotte.
Does JP think he can get COVID through his scalp? It's not important, just funny.
Kentucky can beat UT. Worthless prediction: UK 21 UT 17.
Coach Morris has seemingly no reason to be bitter or to be "personal". Arkansas gave him a shot. It didn't work. Someone please show some gratitude and humility.
JG should have never been a settled option for Tennessee, a team I have many good feelings for. He should have not been a starter once it became clear he is not a leader, not a winner in crucial games, and is unable to read defenses. All the best to UT, except when they come to Fayetteville.
It's prudent to protect ourselves and others from a virus with no vaccine. Just be smart about it, which is tough for many Americans. We should have never shut down the economy and so much of daily life.
Move the SEC HQ out of Birmingham. Move it to Charlotte. It just means too protect Alabama. Arkansas to the Big XII. just means protect Alabama at all costs.
Arkansas needs to go to the Big XII and get out from under an SEC ruled by Alabama. A better geographic and cultural fit for Arkansas in the Big XII. At least move the SEC HQ out of Birmingham. Move it to Charlotte.
I have a heart for UT, though I'm a Razorback. JG is no doubt tough and resilient, but UT should have either: 1) developed JG by now, or 2) replaced him by recruiting a real first team QB. He is not an answer for UT and has never proven he is able to do the job, toughness aside.
Arkansas and Texas A&M need to be in the Big XII. A much better fit for both, culturally and otherwise. The SEC (with their HQ in Birmingham) is Alabama's league, with others kept around in case Alabama needs a kidney.
The rest of the SEC teams serve at the pleasure of Alabama.
The SEC is all about whatever Alabama wants. It's a joke, at this point. As long as that SEC headquarters is in Birmingham, it will never change. Arkansas and Texas A&M need to go to the Big XII. A much better fit culturally, anyway.
I like this guy. But, I want to see Arkansas and Texas A&M in the Big XII. Fayetteville (and NWA) is more Midwestern in culture, rather than Southern. A better chance of success for the Razorbacks, rather than being held hostage by whatever Alabama wants. Enough.
The 2020 so-called "college football season" is going to be a huge mess. Insanity reigns.
The Razorbacks belong in the Big 12, not the SEC, based on history as well as geography and culture.
The SEC is already getting ridiculous in its geographic spread. Enough already.
The SEC doesn't need to expand. In fact, Arkansas and Texas A&M need to go to the Big 12 to shore up that league. Northwest Arkansas is not a culturally Southern area of the state. It has a more Midwestern-Southern hybrid culture, and the Razorbacks are historically a Texas-facing team. And I do think the Razorbacks in particular would have more success in the Big 12.