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That’s the main difference between Mullen and Smart. Mullen has his own offense which many people have copied the past 15 years and Smart must use bye weeks to see what another teams are doing so they can be successful. No wonder he needs so many 5 stars to be competitive.
On paper, UGA should win based on talent. However, if the Gators Defense is healthy, UGA will lose a close one. Also, it was clear last year that Mullen had a good enough game plan to beat a more talented UGA team but we lost CJ Henderson early in the game and Feleipe Franks was horrible. Chaney did a good job going after the backup CB. I have a hard time believing that UGA's defense is a lot better than Auburn. What Auburn did to LSU is no joke. You could also say that UGA has not played a team as good as LSU, UF and Auburn yet. Notre Dame sucks!
Both teams will play hard till the end. I love this rivalry and expect a close game unless one of the teams makes stupid turnovers or penalties.
I actually love how overconfident LSU is for this game. If we keep turning the ball over they will crush us but if we can play ball control it should be a close game.
Both defenses have made most other teams look bad as well.
Man, I'm loving all this love for Auburn.
He's one of the greatest college QBs I've ever seen. If he plans to enter the draft, this must be UGA's year to win it all.
After watching the game on Saturday I see the QB position as UT's biggest problem. The same thing applies to most schools. UGA has had a great run thanks to Fromm. I think that many UGA fans may not realize that he will be as tough to replace as Tebow at UF. That guy is a major STUD, a winner on and off the field. Even though Eason was a great talent, Fromm gets you at least 1 to 2 extra wins. In order for UT and UF to return to glory they would need a quality QB. In the case of UF, Mullen can compensate some lack of talent with his scheme. However, in the case of defenisve head coaches like Pruitt, you need a Super Talent to lead the team on offense and hope you can keep a top notch OC around.
Loss of revenue and a lousy game atmosphere will do even more damage.
I hope we never lose again to the Vols but let's not kick them when they're down. Some Bama fans may still be pissed at previous administrations at UT but it's a great school with a proud tradition in the SEC. I miss the days when our game against the Vols had national title implications.