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I must be crazy, but I remember several Arkansas and Tennessee fans giving UGA crap when Kirby first hired Chaney. I'm curious why Tennessee made this guy the highest paid O.C.mChaney was ok, but nothing great, and just as good as Mike Bobo. Coming to UGA gave Chaney a chance to work with talent he hadn't had at his other stops. Dude was never on a team that had won more than 9 games, until he came to UGA. He can't recruit, was Jacob Eason's QB coach, who didn't improve enough to win the starting job back, and was UGA's tight ends coach, a position not utilized enough under his play-calling. I think UGA will be just fine next year.
not getting caught paying a recruit who signed elsewhere. uga has and will always do more than ole piss. it's obvious that your current success was purchased. also, i believe uga has won 10/11 against the rebs.
i really hate most uga fans. this team was destined for 7 to 8 wins this year. cmr left kirby no offensive line, receivers without hands, and no starting qb. give it at least 2 years, then start the complaining. i actually like seeing kirby smart coaching the players as they come off the field. never saw cmr do that s hit.
I'm guessing LegendDD2 was in elementary school in 2010.
That top 10 Miami team has lost 4 straight. If most UGA fans think a year like this wasn't coming, they are very delusional. The offensive line is garbage and outside of Riley Ridley(a Smart recruit), the receivers are pathetic.
i agree. uga's depth at quarterback is garbage, so maybe this kid stays committed.
agreed. and look at the overall rank for those guys; #3, #4, and #24.
did they show him the sandusky showers?
probably a good recruiter, but georgia's receivers haven't really been that great. aside from malcom mitchell, who is damn good, the receivers have been as inconsistent as qb play. good luck at usc.
nice. i would probably agree with you if cmr and staff were still there.
there are at least 5 times that irvin is seen in this story, and yet you go with irving? you might want to check your family tree.
what if georgia could actually coach quarterbacks?
gotcha. i guess his players make him look a lot better than he is. henry is a beast, but i'm sure that o-line is pretty solid. the defense is very legit, too.
are you kidding? uga is only better than like 10 other teams at converting third downs, and can't score tds in the red zone(score td less than 50% of the time.) the offense went two weeks without a td, as well. how is schittenheimer better than kiffin? kiffin had a great game against uga.
lsu-kentucky is the best ending for me. fans on the field and they already dumped the gatorade bucket on guy morris. glad to see fsu go down, but screw the techies.
really? is that why vandy has all those loses? and you should look up the uga/ga tech game from 1999, if you want to know what getting screwed is.
wtf are you saying? what about shane ray last year in the sec championship?
calm down, it's only the first week. and if we are comparing scores, what about that ass whipping that occurred in athens last year?
chubb had 14 rushing touchdowns last season, and that's more than half of your team's total. when was the last time ole miss beat uga? look that up and get back to me.
treadwell is definitely a beast, but who are these other guys? and doesn't a pass offense require a quarterback? let's ask tcu what they think about this "freakish" group?
if the offense makes a substitution, the defense is given a chance to do the same. that's probably what the ref was doing here. king crab is definitely pushing the ref away.