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The thing I have learned about Mullen as an Ole Miss fan is that is doesn't matter who the quarterback is. Mullen is going to find a way to get the most production possible from that position, whether on the ground or through the air.
I think it only protects Lewis. If State is found to be in violation, they could be investigated.
Man, I want there to be a reason to hate this comment, but I just can't find one...
That was my thought as well. I feel like all the my MS State friends have been pretty happy here lately. Certainly, after being ranked number 1 a few seasons ago has left them hungry for more, but there is a difference in being happy with the state of your program and being satisfied with it. For example, a lot of schools are happy with Ole Miss's predicament, but I don't see any of them saying, "You know what, now that Ole Miss is about to get the hammer, I don't care if my program ever wins another game!" Some of these things that people come up with to "rank" are starting to get out of hand...
I think the problem I have is that the NCAA says that he can't make money on videos that "reference his status as a student-athlete or depict his football skill or ability." If the NCAA doesn't want him to wear UCF clothing or refer to his school, I have no issue with that, but to say that he cannot use his skills is a bit much. The NCAA did not give him that ability. Sure, a member school helped him get better, but he had it before he started with the school. That's the biggest problem to me.
That was another thought I had was that perhaps the nature of the infractions would play into the decision. I agree that there is the chance that some of the responses I get will certainly not be what I want to read, but there are some civil posters here that will be helpful! (P.S. - I am gifted/cursed with this incessant need to view the world in a positive light, and for some reason, a lot of people I know don't like that!) Thanks for chiming in; I'll take any info I can get at this point!
I'm an Ole Miss fan and alum (just wanted to start with that because of my question). I am truly curious to know about this and am not looking for an out for Freeze. I simply want to know what to expect as this drags on. With the Louisville punishment coming down, Pitino was hit with a five game suspension even though he said that he had no knowledge of the situation. I know the program itself received other punishments, but I am curious to know how Pitino's punishment as the one who is tasked with keeping his program above board will play into potential punishment for Freeze. Were they not hit with Lack of Institutional Control because the problems stemmed from only one staffer where the Ole Miss allegations include multiple people? I am sure I am missing something, so I just need some clarification. I look forward to being educated.
Sorry that I seem to have a struck a nerve with you. If we are going to continue to pay people for years to come, then I'ma need to see results. If we were counting championships after doing this kind of stuff, then I might feel different. Okay, probably not, because I have this strong sense of fair play. Maybe I'm the only one, and maybe that makes me a crappy sports fan, to want to see a level playing field where people are doing it the right way. I know, f*** me, right? Anyway, following your logic, how much do we need to pay to get an SEC championship or a playoff spot? Cuz if we're going to do all this for years to come not win those championships, then what's the point?
I don't know what makes me sadder: that this is pretty true or that I kind of agree with it... :(
If that is all the punishment (plus the original self-imposed stuff from the first NOA), I can live with it. That being said, if we did all this, we deserve the punishment. I hate to say it as an Ole Miss alum and fan, but there is no place for this kind of thing at any school, whether you get caught or not. Of course, we seem to be far worse at getting caught cheating than most everyone else...
I am so glad that I am not the only one who was perplexed by this. What is the criteria? I mean, I get that it could be since 2000, but that doesn't explain Tebow being left off. Is it based on potential when coming into the league? What these players did in high school or while in the SEC? Future potential? Aside from the players you mentioned, there is no way, based on his career alone, that I am putting Robert Nkemdiche as the number two recruit ever to sign with an SEC school; probably not even the number two recruit to ever sign with Ole Miss. Also, how does Greg Little make the list and not Laremy Tunsil? And these are just players that went to my school. Not to mention all the talent that has gone to other SEC programs. A little explanation as to how the list was chosen would be good...
Hadn't thought about that. Brees would be a good one to learn under for sure. I think Kelly is definitely a mid-rounder at best. The knee injury hurt worse than the defending his brother on the HS field and the marijuana picture. He could have played well enough to end the season for NFL teams to look past those things. However, those events coupled with him not playing to get us bowl eligible (which wouldn't have been a guarantee even with Kelly under center) really dropped his stock. Not saying he would've been a first rounder in any case, but mid to late second round/early third may not have been a stretch before the injury.
Hate it for this young man. His passion for the game and team is evident here. Much respect to him for playing through the pain; much more respect for his courage to step away. Good luck, young man!
Agreed! Hate that we'll be home watching (but maybe we've learned something from it - you know, don't pay players - or at least, keep them from talking about it on draft day, hiring good coordinators is better than being loyal to bad ones, don't smoke weed and jump out of hotel rooms, etc. ). Hope every SEC team brings home a W (or 2, 'Bama). Roll Tide, Geaux Tigers, Hail State, Gig 'Em, Aggies, War Eagle, Chomp Chomp, Anchor Down, Rocky Top, Woo Pig Sooie, Go Dawgs, Go Cats, Go Cocks (sorry, I don't know what the equivalent of Hotty Toddy is at UGA, UK, and USC - but GO, FIGHT, WIN anyway)!
That is an excellent question. Wommack said in one interview that they just couldn't get what they were trying to teach the kids to stick this season. I knew we were gonna be thin at linebacker, and we all thought the guys transferring in would help there, but they just didn't materialize. Here's to hoping that whoever comes in will be able to fix it quick!
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all that Stringfellow has done here, and I wish him the best. My question is whether or not he has done enough the last two seasons to get drafted in the early rounds? Maybe I haven't followed the whole season well enough, but I would've thought it would behoove him to come back one more season and improve his stock.
Do you think Guice will stay for a senior year, or is he gone after next season? I assume LF7 will declare for the draft this year, making Guice the heir apparent.
I feel like South Carolina is in a similar situation to Ole Miss when we got rid of Nutt and hired Freeze (even though Muschamp was probably a higher profile hire). We were hoping to just be competitive and start rebuilding, and then we ended up in the Compass Bowl. That set the expectations super high for Freeze, and the team and coaching staff (mostly) responded over the next three seasons. Of course, then we got hit with the ever ongoing NCAA investigation and this dumpster fire of a season. Not that I expect USC to get into NCAA trouble, I'm just saying, enjoy the season and the bowl game if you get it. But don't put too many expectations onto next season because this season ended better than you expected. We had those crazy fans who were expecting a natty by Freeze's third year, and now I've even heard fans calling for his head. We are fortunate to have even been relevant so soon after how our program looked after Nutt. So enjoy, cheer hard, and good luck. Oh, and for sure, beat Clemson!
Just echoing Nick's sentiments here. Don't judge us all by these folks. Hope everyone from Auburn enjoyed the grove and the rest of your time in Oxford!
Are polls still doing this, really? It must be to grab attention. A few years ago, Notre Dame was returning to glory and was supposed to dominate the world. Then, Manti Te'o's girlfriend happened; she disappeared, and Alabama crushed them (sorry if the Te'o thing is still insensitive). Last season, it was Clemson. Alabama took the best they had and still rolled. This year (and a lot of years) Ohio State was the clear poll darling and then got beat by Penn freaking State. Sure there was that one year that Alabama hiccuped (is that spelling okay? it sure looks weird) and lost to Ohio State, but it was the first year of the playoff, blah blah blah, whatever. Ask my Rebels; does beating Alabama once take them out of the top dog spot? Not even a little bit. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Michigan and Bama get the chance to meet up. Then, everyone can see what happens.
I've heard that same thing but not from the University itself. The website has fans wearing navy still, but that could change, too.
If you read my other posts, you'll know I'm fairly reasonable for the average SDS commenter, but you've managed to raise my ire just a bit. I'm a teacher who happens to work closely with autistic children. Since you seem to be out of the loop, let me enlighten you. Autistic children are not stupid. In fact, many of them have way above average intelligence. For example, they know basic grammar rules. Case in point: to, two, and too, which currently seem to be troubling you. We'll start with the easy one - two: the number that comes after one. It means you have the equivalent of the whole number that is more than one and less than three. For example, TWO division champions will play for the conference championship. Next up is to, which means "in the direction of." For example, after college, Chad Kelly might go TO the NFL. Finally, we have too, which can mean more than enough or also. Let's go with that first definition since it's the one you were trying to use. Ole Miss gave up TOO many points to Alabama, so they lost the game. Before you decide to try and insult someone or drag a certain group of people into your comment because you think they fit what you need to tear someone down, maybe you should take that English 101 class. And if you're autistic, why on earth would you throw a jab towards that group of people. Grow up and be classy like most of the other Tennessee and SEC school fans.
Ummm, if you finish the conference season at 7-1 or 8-0, then it doesn't matter because of unbeaten or head to head record. He's not assuming you will lose two; he's simply explaining literally the only reason Florida not playing this game would matter to Tennessee. Unless, of course, the top half of the east were to all lose more than two division games, which I don't think any of us see happening.
See that's what I was thinking. The definition of "major" as given in this article is weird to me. If you lose by 50 points in a season where you've lost two or three or more games, that's still not nearly as major as losing by a field goal in the NC or division title game or in the case of Bama, the game that kept them out of the SECCG and presumably, the NC game. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be too upset about those losses since they still have 4 NCs in the last decade, but it still seems that the definition of "major" is off.
Ordinarily, I would stay out of this as my team certainly has its own demons to exercise right now, but I just have to ask this. Didn't USC just hire someone that Auburn had previously hired? This leads to two possibilities: 1) USC must also hire dirtbags. 2) Like all programs, Auburn hired one coach that you consider to be a dirtbag. Whether or not this coach meets the "standard" for dirtbag is questionable depending on what said standard is. That being said, Ole Miss has probably hired a few here and there, too.
I am hoping that we can hold y'all to some three and outs and then score a lot of points. We are going to run that hurry up, which is great, but if we thought 40+ minutes of defense against FSU was tough, I fear that 40+ against Bama will be unbearable. If we can hold y'alls offense down a bit, it should be interesting, but if we're going to play that much time on defense, we will need to score on every possession. I hope this is the best game of the season (okay, I honestly hope we hang 70 on y'all, but since I am a realist, I just want it to be competitive/exciting). Hoping that we have made the necessary adjustments on defense to pull out a W.
Does Les know anything about coaching defensive backs and secondary units? Because I know a team that could use that!
Of course, this is just an analyst talking. Surely, Fournette hasn't even let these words come near his mouth because of the scrutiny it would bring. However, if his end game is to make it to the NFL, then not playing another snap is something he would have to consider. Obviously, if his goal is to win the Heisman, SEC, or National Championship, then he has to play. If he were to consider not playing so that he wouldn't get injured, as well as leaving school early, then he better have a financial plan or good financial planner. He should get a big time signing bonus even if he never plays a down in the NFL. However, if he has Trent Richardson type issues on the NFL field and in his money (like not knowing that your friends/family have spent more than a million of your dollars), not having a degree could be a potential problem. Personally, I hope he plays. I'm looking for to the Rebs matchup with the Tigers and want to play their best. Plus, he's exciting to watch.