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volman- so leave the decisions to irrational, emotional morons like you? we fire butch itll be 4 coaches in 10 years, do you think any high caliber coaches will wanna come near here with admin like that?? wake up bozo- ut has only won 6 sec championships since 1969. the last 3 national championships ut has won were in 1998, 1967, 1951... i want the vols to win as much as possible and absolutely hate loosing but damn man you gotta be realistic. you can't expect ut to start winning like they never have before. like ever. and that doesn't mean i don't have pride or i am content with mediocrity. my comments have less to do with butch and more your apparent opinion of the status of ut football because no matter who the coach is, there will always be the "legions of miserables" with you are a part of. you will never be happy and most likely live vicariously through tennessee football so you literally live and die with every game. i feel sorry for you.
that's RICH coming from a bama fan who doesn't seem to know when to use a comma or period lol
might as well just pack up the whole program and get rid of it, right?
naw man, they were broken and got whipped by yall. they were not tip top shape but ut also didn't execute worth crap in 2nd half.
ok to both of you... what exactly should he/they have done differently? what would have been your game plan. just know, you're not going to beat the #1 defense and #1 team in the nation on curveballs. if you win, you win with your ace stuff and that was running the ball. you're crazy if you think bama wasn't making game planning to stop dobbs a top priority. so lets hear it, what would you have done differently?
exactly. he was fed balls all spring to keep him happy because he needed it to be all about preston. when danny obrien was injured and the whole team was on the field, preston was on the bench. if that says anything about him...
go back in your hole and disappear. you're a disgrace to vol fans
wow bama fan chiming in with his opinion when it wasn't asked for? didn't see that one coming lol OF COURSE you think bama wins
that was a great play too. turned his head and put his hand up at the exact right time to block the catch. perfect defense
fans that boo are the same fans that act like they are owed something
totally agree. no excuse for booing. cheer your team on, don't give up and turn on them half way thru the game.
i'm waiting for the clown bryanchip to show up around here. WHERE YA AT BRYAN??
where you at brianchip?? you sad sack of crap. i wanna hear about how much butch and dobbs suck now.... WHERE YOU AT ****??
where you at brianchip?? you sad sack of crap. i wanna hear about how much butch and dobbs suck now.... WHERE YOU AT ****??
where you at brianchip?? you sad sack of crap
yes, please bryanchip turn in your card. you don't deserve it. GTFO
you're just butt hurt georgia is one of the few sec schools who hasn't offered him. one of 5 sec schools who DIDN'T offer him (missouri and vandy are in that group too lol)
auburn, alabama, arkansas, clemson, florida, florida state, louisville, miami, michigan, michigan st, missisippi, notre dame, oregon, ohio state, oregon, tcu, va tech, wisconsin that is just the best of his offers, there's more. when this kid gets bumped up to 4 * there's gonna be a lot of crow to eat. yall still think stars really matter? its like people act like the rankings are locked in stone.... these freaking morons who think they college football
well he does have lots experience of raping uk every year on the football field so he should mesh well. but thanks for thinking of us ;)
god bryan, you're still alive? seriously man. troll yourself off a bridge. tennessee fans don't want you. you embarrass us. get lost sucker
don't bother, he's a yUK fan, he can't read that much and still comprehend it all.
lol a georgia fan would say that.... its not like he's the #1 OT in the state of florida.
throw yourself in front of the nearest moving car
seriously brian..... throw yourself in front of a moving car.
working probably 18 hrs/day? the work never stops but that's paradise? just proves why you are the dumbest person that posts on here. jesus dude, you are dense as F*CK. and that's why your opinion is not valued at all.
he probably meant to say during the SEC winning streak. got a little ahead of himself lol