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Coach O and Coach Canada need to find a QB. Met was the last good QB we had and Flynn before him. Basically, we have wannabes and it is hard to win with them. Need to look into Texas and California for someone with Talent.
I agree with you with Miles and Cam being gone. I want to see some O and believe we will get it.
Let his OC and DC do the work. That is what they are paid to do. He did not have an OC last year. He does now.
Injuries to the line, his main blocker, no passing game... He still rushed for over 1900 yards. He played the first game that was cancelled, he had over 2100 in the bag. Not worried about a HP, it is the bucks in the NFL that counts.
Maybe so with Harris. Terry Bradshaw has been working with him and the Mannings have gotten his foot work corrected. To me, it is a wait and see.
The shortest path to the goal is through the defender. Good RBs know that.
Running back are a dime a dozen. Bama will have an RB. QBs take time to develop. Waiting to see if Harris is any better.
Yep, since Big John is not around. Does Fox carry any weight?
He will have better athletes in Baton Rouge and we will have a damn nice D. Great hire!
He is still a freshman and freshmen QBs do not do well against SEC Ds. Remember Harris last year against you guys?
They will do fine. They will improve each week. They will be veterans by the time they get there. It is the old D-Line vs. O-line.
There is a lot of football to play. They need to talk and write about something to keep their jobs.
The game is too fast for JJ. He will be okay once things start to slow down.
Why throw when you do not have to? Passing will pick up when needed.
Oh well. They forget Meyers coached in SEC and his teams did not run through SEC schedule. Ohio State has deeper depth than Big 10 teams like SEC schools talent depth.
Bama is suppose to have the best o line in the SEC.
How many games has your QB played in the past? He looks lost.
MSU improved quite a bit from game one to game two. This is what good teams do. Good luck on he rest of your season.
The hogs were not ready to play. I guess they thought it would be a cake walk and did not prepare themselves to play. Coaches can take you so far.
His supporting cast is much better than last year and that should help Harris. If MSU puts nine in the box, that means man to man and Harris should handle it. The wides should be able to handle it.
Do not worry, that is why they play the game. It will be a nail biter in both games.
They could place LSU at 110, as far as I am concerned. Predictions are like ass holes, everyone has one. It comes down to the wins/losses.
Tech was a decent team when they were in the SEC. They now like to talk crap, as they are not worth a crap.