If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts... Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."

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Nice one, Kevin Duffey! Way to bring those receipts! To quote: "Even with valid reporting, the bias was often evident in the framing of said facts and the choosing of which facts to emphasize and which to omit. . . . Objectivity has nearly vanished. Columnists too often seek the approval of fellow media members rather than humbly acknowledge that both sides might have valid points to make." The problem you laid out here applies to oh-so-much more than college football.
Didn't watch it. I just think you have to had some level of success in the NFL in order to have the standing to do NFL color commentary. Aikman, Romo, Collinsworth -- they all played the game at that level. They actually have applicable experience in what they are commenting on. I say this as a Herbie fan, too, but it's why we don't have Triple-A baseball guys doing color commentary on MLB, or why guys who haven't done anything higher than the "Xfinity Series" don't get to commentate on the NASCAR Cup Series. It's why you generally see Olympic medalists providing color commentary, rather than folks who never even made an Olympic team as an alternate. Herbie's a great guy, but doesn't have any standing in the NFL.
Maybe for once everyone will be quiet when the home team's offense has the ball...
Mark -- I'm sure you'll be red-faced when you read: "Guarantano had gone rouge."
No -- as was explained to the wife of a former Alabama coach -- it's MUCH more important than that.
Very sad indeed. COVID aside, hopefully there is a lesson in economics somewhere in all of these cancellations, for those who need to learn it.
I guess that means the Buckeyes will be pre-season #1.
I'd say let the SEC "un-do" the two extra cross-division games, and let them play, for example, AAC teams (or any Group of 5) who are willing to play games this fall. Bonus: UCF might get to play something close to an SEC schedule, which I'm sure they would love (at least for the first couple of games).
I have some first-hand experience on this, Snapshot. Annapolis and USAFA care deeply about 20-20 vision. So if you are very smart, but have bad vision, they will pass on you in favor of someone who is "smart enough" but has 20-20 vision. West Point doesn't care if you don't have 20-20 vision. They will give you glasses if you need them. So IF you have 20-20 vision, you don't have to be as smart to get into Annapolis/USAFA. The Army's service academy (and General Neyland's Alma Mater) is actually more difficult to get into as a result.
I'm so old I remember when Tennessee fans would be willing to play anyone, anywhere, at any time. And none of us gave two 'sheets' about who Bama or Georgia or anyone else was playing on their schedules.
Marshgator -- on the one hand, you say you "can't take the circus of morons anymore." On the other hand, you come here, where Georgia fans post. IMHO, if you want to avoid a circus of morons, you should stay away from where Georgia fans congregate.
Sorry -- need edit feature here in the comment sections...
Many Buckeyes here -- is this one of those cross-over articles on the Big-10 version of Saturday Down South? Written by Conor's son Ryan no less? Anyways, welcome Buckeyes!
In other news, something called "the Redbox Bowl" has apparently been played for the last 18 years.
Maybe the webmaster should use those color codes for us...
It'll fade over time... Like the 1986 loss at home to Army. Like the 1975 loss at home to North Texas State. Like the 1958 loss at home to UT-Chattanooga... Anti-Tennessee trash talkers don't really bring up those terrible losses these days, and so it will be with GA State eventually.
You can also quote Dr. Anthony Fauci telling us not to wear a mask.
So.... If they don't want comments on political articles, they shouldn't write political articles?
PSA: UGA just dropped the playing of Gone With the Wind after games.
Toomer's corner might be next. Although (like "Gator Bait") it was never intended to be racist, and no one actually alleged it was racist, the imagery... THE IMAGERY of a tree. To borrow from the Florida President: "there is horrific historic racist imagery associated with the [tree]. Where does this end?
What is not sarcasm is UNLV got rid of their Rebel mascot and associations...
Conner why did you not include the actual text of the contract/agreement between Arkansas and Bielema? If you had, we wouldn't have to dance around the issue of what the agreement was between Bielema and Arkansas. For example, was it enough for Bielema to "seek" a commensurate job? Was "mutual interest" enough to satisfy the terms? Or did he have actually land a job? And was the agreement contingent on the landing of a job? Or was it he salary amount? Without knowing the actual text, you have free reign to insinuate who is and who isn't acting in good faith.
I get what you're saying, but the pressure comes from within for these guys. Grandpappy won a Super Bowl, and you don't want to be the guy that failed to make an All-American team in college. It's not pressure from fans or coaches, but from carrying the family name.