If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts... Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."

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You got the brothers reversed. It's like little brother cheated their asses off in the 80s, and then hired a silver bullet of a coach in 1990 who cleaned things up. Gator football started in 1990. Tennessee football started in the 20s. That's your big brother. Unfortunately, big brother got addicted to a controlled substance in the 70s, and suffered their first, and only 7-loss season up until that point. In 2008, they had a relapse, and suffered their second ever 7-loss season. We've had a long stretch of re-hab since then, but we've just about completed all the steps.
Dang, dude -- that's nice! I don't even think we got a plaque for being Champions of Life. Good job, Gators!
I really like this! I can also see major potential for shortening the games, too.
Naw, man, you did it all wrong! You special snowflakes are supposed to leave mid-season to increase the drama factor, like Jalen Hurd, or Phillip-Preston Williams!
Yep. Would Bear Bryant leave the incredibly successful program he built at Kentucky to go to Alabama? Would Johnny Majors leave the incredibly successful program he built at Pittsburgh to go to Tennessee? Momma means alot.
I dunno - a few points though. I kind of like to go with "live & let live" as long as he's not hurting anyone. And that other kid who's not getting a shot a single-A ball because of Tebow -- Tebow's not "hurting" that kid, the Mets are by giving Tebow a spot. Maybe it's the old adage of, "there's no such thing as bad publicity" is at play here. Finally, it kind of reminds me of Michael Jordan trying pro baseball. Laughingstock? Maybe, but I don't think it did any lasting damage to his "brand."
From the article: No one knows what direction Kelly’s career might have taken if it weren’t for the “good lawyering.” Good grief. Does everyone understand that the District Attorney's office (i.e., the prosecution) has to also agree to any plea bargain? If he "pleaded down to a non-criminal misdemeanor" then it was done with the consent and agreement of the elected official responsible for handling this case for the city/town/county/parrish/etc. who brought the charges in the first place.
"[Azzanni is] . . . a position coach so well thought of that an NFL franchise was eager to add him to the staff. . ." LOLWUT? Derek Dooley is an NFL WR coach too.
Nate Peterman & Josh Dobbs were teammates at Tennessee. Maybe they're on set together if they shoot those episodes back to back.
Not only is Blackburn an experienced and successful AD, but he also loves the University just like Fulmer does. He's a known quality. Fulmer - sure he loves Tennessee, but Tennessee also had to pay the man Six Million Dollars to shut up and go away. Since he cashed everyone of those checks and put our AD in the red, he can start by donating some of that money back to the University he loves. Finally, do people STILL not understand why he was fired? He went 5-6 in 2005, after performing at such a high level for so long. He said to give him a chance to right the ship, and we did. He hired Dave Cutcliffe for two years, and we had two pretty good years, and then Tennessee went 5-7 in 2008, including a loss. at home. to... wyoming.!. That was only the second time in Tennessee's long storied history (referenced in paragraph one of this very article) that Tennessee had lost as many as seven games in one season. And so when you post the 2nd-ever 7-loss season, after saying you needed one more chance, then at that point, it's time for you to go. Now, granted, the university didn't handle the next few years well, but the guy wanted another chance, he got another chance, and he failed. Buh'Bye! Hindsight is 20/20. It's probably not a good idea for the university to take a guy they FIRED for incompetence, and then put him in charge of Hiring & Firing for the position for which he was fired.
Not stopping the clock after first downs is one way to save time, but the elephant in the room is commercials -- there are just so many. Limit them to ONLY being shown after each quarter and at halftime. The exclusivity of these slots will drive up the price per second. After all, there is only one Super Bowl a year, and prices for a 30-second slot are incredibly high. Well let's make college games only have three opportunities for in-game commercials (1st Q, Half, 3rd Q), and see how valuable those timeslots really are. This limited-but-oh-so-valuable commercial time works for soccer. It can work for college football.
By all accounts, a good man.
Realistically, Jones isn't going anywhere until Jimmy Cheek & Dave Hart are replaced.
I've got to say that 2016 was certainly a down year for the SEC. Only one team, in my view, actually exceeded expectations: Alabama - Failed to meet expectations Arkansas - Failed to meet expectations Auburn - Failed to meet expectations Florida - Met expectations Georgia - Failed to meet expectations Kentucky - Met expectations LSU - Failed to meet expectations Ole Miss - Failed to meet expectations Miss. State - Met expectations Missouri - Met expectations South Carolina - EXCEEDED Expectations! Tennessee - Failed to meet expectations Texas A&M - Failed to meet expectations Vanderbilt - Met expectations Just a bad year looking back.
I wonder if that means Coach Azzanni is going to get promoted to Offensive Coordinator.
I know "morning" passes your spell check, the correct word is "mourning" for the first sentence. RIP.
Dumb statements to get attention? Remind you of anyone?
Florida State sure did, as was chronicled on this website. Bobby Bowden stated that the path to a National Championship was much easier in the ACC, so that's why FSU went to the ACC.