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Believing that Tennessee vs. Ole Miss will be a shootout is a really fresh hot take.
I guess Chris “The Bear” Fallica will believe anything anybody tells him. And Jake Rill will repeat that in an SDS article. Congratulations - you journalism'd today.
Echo the above -- it's been fun, and even if we manage to beat Ole Miss, we really haven't won against a really good defense.
There's an Ole Miss fan who posted on here that Phil Fulmer loved this program to death. I'm replying here with that sentiment.
We are 4-2, with South Alabama and Vanderbilt games yet to be played. So we're figuring that's 6 wins and a bowl game. Based on pre-season predictions, we're doing better than most people expected. We have 4 tough games in a row, and we're going to be expected to go 0-4. Any thing we get out of those games is just gravy.
Honestly, that should be forgotten, too. No sense in dwelling on it, and it also has no bearing on what happens going forward. The players should probably forget about the Missouri and SC games, too, and focus on the next game.
Wanted to add everything else you say might turn out to be true, but I wanted to add context to the "nine yards passing" (actually it was only 8 yards).
Ran the ball a LOT in the 2nd half, after going up 38-7. Hendon Hooker was 2 of 3 passing in the second half.
It will be a great atmosphere, and believe it or not, this is the first night game at Neyland this season.
Things are different than from when we played Pitt. We have a different QB and the players have all more reps in this system and have a lot of confidence in what they are doing. I think we would beat Pitt again if we played again, but we don't get to play them again this year, so that's that. So, yes, we've forgotten about the Pitt loss -- it has no bearing on what we do going forward.
Uhhh, those were Georgia State fans rushing the field, Mr. Sankey, not us.
Why does Dave Hooker believe that Georgia is "certainly more beatable" than Alabama?
Remind us again how we could have had Greg Schiano, Herb.
Correct. UT fans are not worried about Florida this season anymore.
So my initial reply is under moderation because I included a link, but the answer to cola-clock’s question is on this site. If you go to this site’s address, followed by a slash, then sec dash football, another slash, then tennessee dash uniform you’ll see that black was our primary uniform color from 1911-1920.
My sources say that we tried really hard to bring chrome-dome to Tennessee, but he decided to remain the head coach at Penn State.
Quite possibly three weekends in a row with Kentucky-Georgia on the horizon.
Now, there's really no evidence besides this testimony that Schiano covered up any crime at Penn State, but I believe it is entirely reasonable that some Vol fans did not want someone accused of covering up a scandal to be the face of the University. I just didn't care for his coaching. He actually had his defensive players dive at knees during kneel-down plays in victory formation.
Not saying I know better, but there is testimony, provided under oath under penalty of perjury, that Schiano had knowledge of Sandusky's crimes. You can find this yourself if you want to. Now, Schiano denied this via Twitter, and you can believe whatever you want, but this sworn testimony does exist. My objection to hiring Schiano was not this, it was because he just isn't that good (going 28-48 in a watered-down Big East conference which basically became the AAC conference as we know it now). And, just because the guy we hired instead (Pruitt) was a disaster doesn't mean Schiano was the right man for Tennessee.
Priutt was a stupidly wrong hire by someone who should never have been the AD, but it doesn't mean Schiano was the right hire.
Strange “Oddguwops” lying on message boards distributing conspiracies is no basis for a system of quality content.
Half of the title of this article proclaims "Tennessee's run defense is elite." I disagree. If you read any of the SDS articles in the off-season that discussed Tennessee's defense, you would agree, too. We just did well against three teams we should have done well against. Hear me now and believe me later. Statistically, it's an anomaly. After all, you gained 250 yards against Alabama. I wouldn't worry.
And, full disclosure -- I wanted Tennessee to hire Dan Mullen. I was hoping we'd make a "strong ass" offer to him while you guys had eyes for Chip Kelly and/or Scott Frost. Oh well.
@NashvilleGator: I'm only commenting on Neil Blackmon's scoreboard response above - nothing more and nothing less. Whatever Tennessee has or has not done with respect to coaches etc. has no bearing on the fact that Mullen did embarrass UF and put them on probation.
Well you can definitely add another point for Mullen on embarrassing the university. Mullen got UF on probation, right? And got himself a show-cause.
Hands down the second best team in the west is Oklahoma.
I initially didn't think 7 road wins in 3 years was all that impressive, but digging a little deeper... In Jeremy Pruitt's three years, Tennessee only won five (5) road games, including two of the three wins Tennessee managed last season. Josh Dobbs started 2 and a half years and only won five road games. In fact, the last time Tennessee won seven away games in any three-year stretch was Phil Fulmer's last three years (2006-2008). Ouch!
Exactly who has been saying for months Tennessee hit a HOME RUN with the Josh Heupel hire? Nobody has. When you're under the cloud of an NCAA investigation for illegally paying players (especially when this is brought to light by the UT administration, to justify a "For Cause" firing, seemingly because they wanted to avoid paying buy-out money), you don't make Home Run hires. You just don't. You git what you git and you don't pitch a fit -- that was the mindset and that's what Tennessee got with Heupel. Rest of your points are spot on, but please don't re-write history.
“I don’t think Cam is cut out to be the backup,” Simpson said.