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I'm starting to think how far away this game is in terms of how many coaching staffs will we have gone through before actually playing the game. Like, for the 2028 season opener, that game is probably 2 or 3 coaching staffs away until we play it.
I'm thinking it will be some sort of penalty-kick shoot-out. Seriously, if you're just going to run 2-pt plays, just go back to the way it was and call the game a tie.
That's basically your reputation here, Corch, in the comments section. Think on that.
Well they let Johnny Knoxville field some punts to open an episode of Jackass (youtube it!), so why not?
Not the Arkansas loss. Jumped out to an early 14-0 lead, but Arkansas managed to tie it up by halftime, and Tennessee never led the game at all in the 2nd half. Agree with your larger point, though.
"Because of his [Dobbs] issues, some UT fans didn’t appreciate what he accomplished." What are you talking about, Joe Cox? What issues? Who are the UT fans don't appreciate Dobbs? Really -- who are they?
Gameday and so many other parts of ESPN programming feel like the "3G" era, in that once everyone got smartphones and apps to push information and updates, ESPN doesn't feel like must-see TV anymore. Hasn't for a long time.
If I'm Northern Iowa, I am going to be running a lot of sweeps and/or screens to the Youngstown State side of the field -- maybe an out route or two (tackle eligible if need be) to put this coach on his ass.
"Apparently poaching the same position from other Power 5 programs apparently isn’t limited to the head coaching position, which Tennessee hasn’t done since stealing Johnny Majors from Pitt in 1977." What? And apparently you tend over-use the word apparently.
This Etheridge guy -- the HS Football coach -- has been a Head Coach at four (4) different High Schools since 2015. What is going on? What does he know about "100% commitment" to a school? He's probably good buddies with Pruitt or Ansley or maybe some other coach on the old staff with Alabama connections and he's pitching a fit to trick some gullible opinion writer to do a hit-piece on Tennessee. WELL THAT WON'T WORK with CONNOR O'GARA on the job!
For a second there, I was sort of expecting to see UCF pop up in this article.
O'Gara alleged "3 of [the] 4 quarterbacks who took a 2020 snap [entered] the transfer portal." So he's not talking about Kasim Hill.
I guess that's one way to get SEC talent over in the Big XII. Maybe they think they can compete now.
I can't help but hear Samuel L. Jackson in my head, saying: "English... Do you speak it....? I might have left out a couple of words here.
It's funny. So many people try to tell us Tennessee football is irrelevant, and yet, we have dozens and dozens of articles, and hundreds of comments (mostly from non-Vols) from these articles. If you don't care about Tennessee football, then scroll on past it. Trolling is caring.
Yah. Fulmer tried to be clever by hiring away an Alabama assistant. He thought he'd be weakening Alabama while at the same time hiring a coach. Too clever by half.
That's like saying the food was good after being forced to close your restaurant and fire your head chef plus two other cooks and a handful of other staffers, after the results of an internal investigation into food poisoning revealed there was a salmonella outbreak. But his retirement was not related at all to any of this. Either he knew and did nothing and should have been fired along with everyone else, or he didn't know at all - in which case he should have been fired for incompetence.
Things will get better, eventually. Boyd & Plowman showed some leadership today that had been sorely lacking.
Your opinion of internal accusations fits to a Tee.
If it weren't for Tennessee, there wouldn't be a Texas.
You put your last name in, you take your last name out. You put your last name in and then you shake it all about.
They told us our cleats were too long after we beat them in a bowl game in 1995.
Nice answer, Najee Harris. Humble? Check. Credit the other team? Check. Credit your own team? Check. Politely show the question's absurd premise? Check! What would have been REALLY fun is seeing Nick Saban answer this same question from the podium!
I would like to see the '19 LSU team and the '20 Bama team play the 2011 version of themselves.
As soon as I saw him all dressed out, I figured he'd get in there. That was a really nice thing to see. I hated to see Waddle come up limping after his first reception. I hope he is okay.
Double-whammy. He wasn't even good at mismanaging the game. He was absolutely TERRIBLE at mismanaging those games.
“First, as we always do and should, congratulations to Oklahoma. They’ve got a great team. We knew that coming in. They should be a Playoff team. I think that watching them and watching Alabama, they’re so similar that you feel like that we should expand the Playoff, number one, so more guys will continue to play at the end of the year and it’ll help the bowl games. And number two, Oklahoma deserved to be in the Playoff, so give them credit for the year that they’ve had . . . they’re big and they’re physical, and they do a great job coaching. They’ve got really, really good players.” --said no one ever.