If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts... Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."

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ESPN's GameDay jumped the shark a long time ago.
A salute to the silent generation from this genXer. Though I'm not your age, I also don't prefer going to games. It's more like a novelty for me - every once in awhile. Maybe. I don't have to plan out my travel to the stadium or sit in traffic. Don't have to worry about parking. I get better food and drinks at my house, and don't get price-gouged. Clean toilets, as you stated below. I don't have to deal with other people walking in front of me to get to the aisle, and I don't have knees poking me on the shoulder blades. I can put my feet up and bring my lap-dog to the game. I control the temperature and I even control the timing of the game! Sometimes I don't tune in until 60-90 minutes after kickoff, then I fast-forward through the ManyManyWayTooMany commercials, and usually catch up to live action some time in the 4th quarter. And I don't have to wait for traffic to clear out before I begin my travel back home.
Ok. Took a break. Let me close my end of this discussion: Unreserved apologies for my tone (I try to keep things light around here) and for any unintended offence taken on the worship word. Was meant tongue-in-cheek like your username is (I believe) meant to be tongue-in-cheek. And with that, I think I can move on. Have a great summer!
This is getting emotional and I realize I'm being rude so I think I'm going to abandon this discussion.
I'm starting to think you should change your username to IWORSHIPABASKEBALLCOACH. And by the way, the justice department did not get involved. If they did, link the report. The report I linked also corrects the assertion by "AFan" that the "sham courses" were the idea of Butch Davis. Totally wrong. What else are people mis-remembering? The report I linked above is from an independent investigation sponsored by UNC. It is the only investigation on the topic, and it is the definitive investigative work on the topic. It is known as the "Wainstein Report." The author of the report it Kenneth L. Wainstein. He was a FORMER employee at the Justice Department. He worked there about 18 months during the Bush Administration. He was hired in February of 2014 to conduct an independent investigation of what was going on at UNC. The Justice Department never got involved, so stop saying they did. I'm not saying you're a liar -- I think you are blissfully uninformed (or misinformed). Going forward, it would be stupidly inaccurate to continue saying the Justice Department got involved in this. Honestly, just do some research.
Now, this is only my opinion, but here's a long post of what I base that opinion on. w w Above are two more articles that don't really reflect well on Dean Smith. If you want to read the ACTUAL report, on a UNC website, here it is Do a CTRL-F / Keyword search for SMITH. Here's a pull-quote: "During the Dean Smith era (1961-1997), there were 54 basketball player enrollments in [sham classes]. In the three years of Coach Bill Guthridge’s tenure (1997-2000), there were 17 basketball enrollments in paper classes. There were 42 enrollments in paper classes under Coach Matt Doherty (2000-2003) and 167 under Coach Roy Williams (2003-present)." and "Doherty explained that upon assuming the coaching position, he inherited the academic support system developed by prior Coaches Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge. ... While he felt free to make significant changes to the rest of the team’s coaching and support staff, Doherty was told by Smith and Guthridge, who both had a continued presence on campus, that he should not change the academic support system." Again, that is from UNC's own investigation. You can believe whatever you want, but... You wanted evidence. That's my evidence. What's yours?
GatorPhil used the "D" word, not me. I wouldn't go that far, but I would say there was mud on his boots. I'm well aware of when he retired, but he stayed quite involved in the basketball program after that. If you read the ESPN article "UNC report: Sham classes pushed" (dated Oct 22, 2014), you'll learn that these sham classes, according to UNC's own investigation, took place starting in 1993, which is waaaay before Butch Davis had ANYTHING to do with UNC.
Google "UNC Chapel Hill Sham Courses" and you'll find that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sponsored fake classes for nearly two decades, giving students, many of them athletes, credit for courses never taught by instructors. Did the basketball coaches know this? I believe they did. If you build relationships with your players, there is no way they could not have known.
Regarding Gene Smith's comments about the B1G and the SEC... It's kind of like saying Tennessee and Alabama have combined to win six national championships since 2009.
Found the answer. 101,915, down from 102,455 before the renovations.
I wonder if it will still hold over 100k when all this work gets completed.
The only football coach Phil Fulmer ever hired - Jeremy Pruitt - got Tennessee in big NCAA trouble due to recruiting violations. I don't want to hear anything Phil Fulmer has to say about recruiting.
Almost had 8 of 16 teams in the SuperRegionals, with Florida, Vanderbilt, and LSU each coming up 1 run short in their respective Regional finals.
Connor O'Gara, way to go out on a limb there buddy. Who exactly is saying Tim Tebow is NOT a first-ballot CFB HOF'er? Maybe you could write an article advocating for Nick Saban being voted into the coach's wing of the CFB HOF the first year he is eligible.
I don't think we'll win the Natty this year. I don't think we'll win the SEC this year. I don't think we'll win the East this year. But we're going to sling it around and generally have something that's fun to watch, which is a far cry from the Pruitt years. We will be entertained and proud of our boys for fighting hard. And, if we figure out how to leverage NIL better than others, we'll have some talent coming in. If we can't leverage NIL any better, then at least we'll be entertained.
As long as they name the pods: Legends, Leaders, Coastal, and Atlantic -- I'm good!
Somebody already did that. Apparently it’s called
Before Imagine Dragons it seemed like we couldn't have any sporting events without hearing the Black Eyed Peas. After they completely imploded with probably the worst SuperBowl halftime-show performance ever back in 2011, Imagine Dragons was there to fill the vacuum.
Exactly. While live, televised, open committee meetings seem like a pipe dream, they can at least have some guys with similar resumes as the committee go in and AUDIT the process. And a dude like Lunardi should be part of that investigative process, not cheerleading for the committee. The media used to ask tough questions of powerful people, but all too often these days they are just mouthpieces for the powerful.
Does his name portend him entering the Transfer Portal?
Maybe all he needs to leave Davidson is a strong-ass offer.
Would have been fitting if he had reached 1st Base by beating out a 3rd-strike dropped ball by the catcher. Steal for the cycle? Anyway, congrats on a heads-up play!