If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts... Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."
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If the playoff were to be expanded to 8 teams, then the SEC would have, at a minimum, two teams in the playoffs every year, and probably 3 teams semi-regularly. Once in awhile, we'll get a year like 2012, where Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M, and LSU would have all made a 16-team field, and probably 4 of those teams would have been in an 8-team field that year. They don't realize they are making it MORE likely (not less) that an SEC team wins it all. That's why they want to make sure to pigeon-hole slots for conference champs and the best FCS team, and Notre Dame, so that way it keeps the SEC from getting 2-3 at-large berths. If they go to 8 teams, no way can they claim they will pick the "8 best" teams.
Butch Jones has OC experience at two of his past coaching stops. Most Tennessee fans believe Butch Jones to be offensive.
What do you mean, "What do they have to do?" You guys are ALREADY the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! You don't have to do ANYTHING!!! If nobody beats you, then you just dutifully claim BACK-TO-BACK status!
Well that's never going to happen, but we were assured by many northerners that Greg Schiano was the best coach ever!
This article is in bad taste... I think you bit off more than you can chew... Very tough to swallow... But seriously, leave the student-athletes out of this -- none of them had contracts, and they all made choices they thought was in their best interests, and acted in a manner consistent with their upbringing and maturity level.
If you want an 8 team playoff, how does a 16 or 32 team playoff sound to you? How about 64 teams? I don't want 8 teams in the playoff. I don't want teams sneaking in. Earn your way into the top 4 through a combination of outstanding conference play and strength of schedule.
What a peach you are! Regarding playing youth, guess where this quote comes from: "For some unknown reason, the Vols staggered through their fifth consecutive homecoming win. That’s either a sign of a young team not prepared for a lesser opponent or an inexperienced team still reeling from a loss against South Carolina that easily could have been a win. Either is unacceptable." -- Dave Hooker, three days ago. If you are writing an article suggesting that young players should play, then you can't write some other article knocking the coach for playing young players when they make those young-player-inexperience-mistakes. Or vice versa. Just be consistent.
Perfect fit and perfect hire! Sincerely, University of Tennessee Athletic Department Office of Finance Buyout Division
I see a smoking bird at least once a year... Thanksgiving.
He's an asset for sure, except without the 2nd syllable.
Y'all should compare the White hit side-by-side to the hit that knocked our QB out of the Tennessee-Alabama game. Looked worse to me, but no call on that one.
A really bright guy Saban used to work with up in Cleveland that always wanted to steal the other team's signals................ Belichick?
It's easy to have a good "pass defense" when you give up so many rushing yards.
Well, at least we know he would have won the Heisman at Michigan.
Oh yah. Connor brings up Scott Frost by comparison, and how awesomely awesome his policy is for media access. And it certainly shows in Nebraska's record how well this has paid off. I guess if our QB talked to the media, we could have beaten Florida or something, right? Re-read Connor's first two sentences on the subject, and try to ignore all of his navel-gazing thereafter.
It's not a trust issue, it's more of the-media-is-a-clown-show issue, and he believes his players have better things to do. If there wasn't a contractual reason to do so, Jeremy Pruitt himself wouldn't talk to the media -- so by Connor's silly logic that must mean that Jeremy Pruitt doesn't trust himself...?
Nothing brings out the trolls quite like an SDS article lauding the Vols.
None of these predictions are bold. Not one. Somebody should scrutinize the headlines a little more -- especially if the word 'bold' or 'hilarious' is in it.
From a skill standpoint, Jordan Rodgers is also an undrafted free agent.
Exactly right, Gatorboy. Obviously when a team like Kentucky goes 0-31 in the previous 31 years, it means that Kentucky will lose once again this season, right?
This play is B.S. With this type of play, N.Texas is taking the current climate of targetting, ejections, and physical contact against a defenseless player, and twisting it to score some cheap points. The N.Texas player acted defenseless, and so Razorback players should be forgiven for putting the punt returner in the Intensive Care Unit.
Side Judge actually blew the whistle BEFORE our guy caught it on a fair catch during our game vs. UTEP last Saturday. Ended up fumbling it. LoL. But I get your point.
First, if they'd count the number of QBs who transferred out of Tennessee, we'd probably make the list for QB also. Second, Tennessee's identity with General Neyland was defense & field position. He'd punt on 1st down from time to time if the conditions warranted. A guy from the last team to go unscored upon, named George "Bad News" Cafego, was the long-time punting coach who was responsible for putting the first generation of Colquitts in the NFL back in the late 70s. So naturally, Dustin and Britton grow up in that environment -- many Colquitts besides Craig punted for Tennessee -- they get that extra coaching at home as kids, and they grow up and want to go to college where their Daddy went. The elder Colquitts are always available to help the school, and so there ya go.
Seconded. He was all Vol - loved it here - but for some reason, it just didn't work out. Hopefully we fired that reason.
Exactly. That's what I was going to say. A question like that is what I would really like to see SDS ask or push or steer the conversation.