If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts...Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."
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Glad he's impressing Brees with his "consciousness."
For the last 20+ years, Kentucky and South Carolina have had the best two men's soccer programs in the SEC, without question -- bar none!
They "helped" UAB by killing their football program.
Hmmmm. I guess this means Oklahoma is joining the SEC after all.
Good read.I remember people sort of laughed a year or so ago when Butch Jones offered scholarships to basically half of the IMG team.
I read the title of this article, and thought that it was going to be about John Crist.
Which is pretty much how he replied up above to the first few comments that called him out on this non-fact.
Good point. I can forgive an outsider not knowing this, but all the petulance over being corrected is quite odd, given the fact that he himself admitted his lack of knowledge of the "nuances."
I like this idea. Tennessee had a similar deal with other schools "back in the day." Our five permanent opponents under this plan would likely be (1) Alabama, (2) Auburn, (3) Kentucky, (4) Ole Miss, and (5) Vanderbilt.
Not only that, if John Crist asked the CEO of GM about the Suburban's Navigation System, the CEO probably wouldn't respond like this:"I suppose if John Crist were more relevant in college football writers' circles, then I’d have a more nuanced understanding of the nuts and bolts of the Navigation System."
Well, since Auburn could only play one team from the East each year, YOU GUYS fought to keep the Georgia game.
Move Auburn & Alabama both to the East, and move Missouri and Vanderbilt to the West. That way Iron Bowl, the 3rd Saturday in October, AND the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry between Auburn & Georgia are all preserved.This alignment also restores some long-held rivalries that were annual or near-annual affairs prior to 1992, such as Tennessee-Auburn, Ole Miss-Vanderbilt, and Auburn-Florida (to name a few).Who would be the perennial opponents for each team under this alignment? Suggestion:Tennessee's perennial West opponent could be Vanderbilt. That's a long-running series right there that began in 1892 (the same year as the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry). Second choice would be Ole Miss.Florida can drop the LSU game and play Missouri each year (Southern-most campus vs. Northern-most campus).Georgia's West opponent can now be Mississippi State, for some Bulldog on Bulldog action -- the losing Bulldog mascot will have to wear a TuTu for the next game.I'd like to see South Carolina go back to having Arkansas as they came in together in 1992.Newcomer Auburn's west opponent ought to be LSU -- keep the Tiger Bowl!Newcomer Alabama's opponent can be either Texas A&M (a new rivalry/tradition), or Ole Miss (much more established).That would leave Kentucky with either Ole Miss or Texas A&M.I think this would make *most* people "happy enough" -- it could work!
So, in his expert opinion, Tennessee is not as talented as Alabama. Gee, what a unique take. And, he predicts Alabama will play for another SEC Championship. Way to go out on a limb, there, buddy.
I can envision Tennessee walking all over Alabama -- it's really not that difficult. If the team bus suffered a maintenance problem on the way to Bryant-Denny Stadium...
Yah, sound's like he's attempting to "zing" the people who pass the rules, rather than Harbaugh.
Forget the "11-state geographic footprint of the conference..."This could be fun -- have SEC Media Days in Ann Arbor or something.
Even though Neyland Stadium opened shortly after prohibition, I don't think it's been alcohol-free on game days. Ever.
This is a great step to protect H.S. kids -- well done!
Please delete the second-to-last word in this article.Thanks.
So... NOW he shows his opponents some damn respect. LOL.
Hmmm... A Vol fan asking when Saban did more with less?Try the 2nd half of the 2001 SECCG.
I read these for the zingers as much as anything else. ZING!And when SEC Fan Days finally does get instituted, John should probably be hosting the dang thing.
You got the brothers reversed.It's like little brother cheated their asses off in the 80s, and then hired a silver bullet of a coach in 1990 who cleaned things up. Gator football started in 1990. Tennessee football started in the 20s. That's your big brother.Unfortunately, big brother got addicted to a controlled substance in the 70s, and suffered their first, and only 7-loss season up until that point. In 2008, they had a relapse, and suffered their second ever 7-loss season. We've had a long stretch of re-hab since then, but we've just about completed all the steps.
Dang, dude -- that's nice! I don't even think we got a plaque for being Champions of Life. Good job, Gators!
I really like this! I can also see major potential for shortening the games, too.
Naw, man, you did it all wrong! You special snowflakes are supposed to leave mid-season to increase the drama factor, like Jalen Hurd, or Phillip-Preston Williams!
Yep. Would Bear Bryant leave the incredibly successful program he built at Kentucky to go to Alabama?Would Johnny Majors leave the incredibly successful program he built at Pittsburgh to go to Tennessee?Momma means alot.
I dunno - a few points though. I kind of like to go with "live & let live" as long as he's not hurting anyone. And that other kid who's not getting a shot a single-A ball because of Tebow -- Tebow's not "hurting" that kid, the Mets are by giving Tebow a spot.Maybe it's the old adage of, "there's no such thing as bad publicity" is at play here.Finally, it kind of reminds me of Michael Jordan trying pro baseball. Laughingstock? Maybe, but I don't think it did any lasting damage to his "brand."
From the article: No one knows what direction Kelly’s career might have taken if it weren’t for the “good lawyering.”Good grief. Does everyone understand that the District Attorney's office (i.e., the prosecution) has to also agree to any plea bargain?If he "pleaded down to a non-criminal misdemeanor" then it was done with the consent and agreement of the elected official responsible for handling this case for the city/town/county/parrish/etc. who brought the charges in the first place.