If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts...Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."
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Breaking news! Tennessee football coach Butch Jones is on the Hot Seat!Thanks a lot for reporting this fact in 14 different ways each day. Keep staying on top of this breaking news story.
Class act. You do SC proud! I hope this guy stays all four years.
A worst-of list at SDS that doesn't include Tennessee? Shocking!
BUTCH JONES: "I'm my own worst critic..."National Media: "Challenge accepted."Volunteer Fans: "Hold my beer..."
Oh, they took action. They talked to her and told her not to let the mask slip -- to do a better job at keeping up appearances. That was their action.
ESPN, and College GameDay jumped the shark long before Jim McElwain did.
(Quote) "I also recall walking out of the stadium dejected and surrounded by what felt like a million Tennessee fans. They were gracious fans! Frankly, I was expecting to get harassed and I experienced quite the opposite. Well done, Vols."Thanks! But... why would you think otherwise? Is it because of how ya'll treat visitors at your home games? Asking for a friend. :-)
Exercise some demons? Like, make those demons get a work-out in? "Don't skip the legs you demons!"Or, maybe he wants to exorcise some demons.
It's just frustrating to hear a non-answer from Butch when he's asked about it. Is he saying the reason our D-Line is playing a yard off of the LOS is because of a communication challenge? Fortunately, we "continue to talk about, grow, and develop" so maybe that's why we're lining up that way.Head-scratching.
Even though the title of this article says, "ESPN apologizes..."If you look closely at ESPN's statement, they in fact did not apologize.
One slight correction. Aaron Medley's 2015 attempt was from 55 yards. I don't think he had ever hit one from beyond 40 at that time, either, and had never even attempted one from beyond 50.This game really seemed to galvanize the anti-Butch sentiment within a sub-set of our fan-base, due to either his poor decision-making, or his insistence that he made all of the correct decisions.With the score 20-14, Tennessee added a TD with 10:19 left in the 4th quarter. Butch decided to kick the XP, to make it 27-14, but Butch got all huffy when a reporter asked him why he didn't go for two after scoring that TD to possibly go up by 14, rather than kick the XP (which he did) to only go up by 13. "We have a chart that's pretty standard in football," he said, condescendingly, "that maps out" the decision to go for one or go for two. Well, can we see that chart, Butch? What did your chart say, Butch?He doubled down the following year at a TN QB club meeting, when asked if they were going to be using the same "chart" this year (2016). "I don't know if you're trying to be funny, but I don't think it's funny," he said, as the room erupted in laughter. "We do have the same chart. The situation you're talking about -- we talked to everyone and we made the right decision.... I appreciate your humor."We still might have lost, regardless of what happened on a 2-point conversion play, but this was the wrong decision, and yet he cannot admit it nor take responsibility. It was nearly as bad as our final series.Down one at this point, we had a decent kick-off return out to the 32 yard-line, with 1:21 left in the game. We had two timeouts. The clock stops after ever first down. So... even though we actually achieved THREE first downs, and even though we had TWO timeouts, we were only able to run a total of FOUR plays before the FG attempt.That is clock mismanagement on a Les Miles-ian level.
Notre Dame is basically in the ACC. So with Georgia's win, I'd call it 4-1 head-to-head against the ACC.
I especially liked "Thing #2" on your list.
So Chris Low says "the SEC East is wide open..."Way to go out on a limb there, buddy. You really earned your paycheck with that stunning analysis.
For what it's worth, Booger & McElroy agree with you. Said we'd gotten to the point where GTech couldn't stop us, and they'd take our athletes over GTech's athletes.Also said that Paul Johnson probably also realized this, and that's why HE went for two.
The stakes are that the loser of this game loses their margin of error. If Alabama finishes 12-1 conference champions, with this being their only loss, then sure -- they are in the CFP. Same with FSU, should they run the table if and after they lose this game. But if the loser of this game goes on to lose a conference game, then it could get really dicey, depending on how the other conferences pan out.If the PAC, the B1G, and the B12, all have no-loss or one-loss conference champions, it'd be tough for the loser of this game to get into the CFP if they went on to lose another game.So yeah, the outcome of this game is indeed moot, until/unless they lose a conference game later on in the season.I am glad the committee seems to be emphasizing Strength of Schedule, and understanding "quality losses."
DKj is a good one, but fortunately Jumper has a LOT of experience.
Perhaps. But the key thing to remember when talking to Missouri fans is that 2013 and 2014 were the downest of downer years that ever downed a downer.
I don't think the East is down as much as it was back in 2013 and 2014. Now THOSE were some down years in the SEC East.
As a fan of "metric football," I know it is difficult to explain, but good try.I would have likened the SEC/ACC/B1G/P12/B12 as the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue-1, and Serie A, respectively, with the Group-of-5 conferences being likened to Eriedivisie, SPL, etc.For promotion-relegation, I think baseball is an okay analogy to explain it. Basically, we're saying, "Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox -- you guys suck. You're in last place and are not worthy of being an MLB team. Next season, you are going to be re-flagged as a AAA ball team."Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders, on the other hand, and Memphis Redbirds -- you are the best two teams in Triple-A, and so next season, you get "promoted" to the Major Leagues. You get to share in all that Major League money we bring in from TV deals, and all that stuff. Congratulations on your success!"Of course it's a little different because the lower-tier teams in Europe are their own clubs, and are generally not "affliated" with a team at the top, unlike the relationship between MLB and AAA teams.But again, you had an interesting take on it. I really liked the article.
Number 2 is at the end of your user name.
Indiana State, UMass, and Southern Miss are games we really should win -- very weak teams! I mean seriously -- we're not talking about Appalachian State here, for crying out loud.Likewise, we should be favored, and ought to win against South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. Just my opinion, but we ought to win those.That gets us to seven, so a win against Georgia Tech, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, or LSU will get us to eight. I think we get to nine prior to playing our bowl game.And yes, the first paragraph was intentionally tongue-in-cheek.
Let me get this straight...Ed Orgeron is envious of Nick Saban's staff size?
How is it his "first NFL sack" if it's in preseason?
I feel bad, man. Poor Derek Dooley and the Father-Son issues with Vince. In case you didn't know, Derek couldn't even earn a scholarship at Georgia when his Daddy was the coach. He was a walk-on at the University of Virginia, and got a law degree there. A LAW degree!