If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts... Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."

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It's already watered-down as it is with four teams. Just look at how Oklahoma has been doing in the CFP over the last several years. I will say this, if it does go to 8 teams, the SEC will pretty much always have two teams in it, and sometimes three (assuming they try to pick the eight best teams). Of course, knowing these administrators, they are going to want to tie these bids into the conferences eventually (if not now). Conferences like the PAC, and other P5s who worry about getting left out of a 4-team CFP, allied with the G5s, will make a majority to tie the 8 bids to conferences and an at-large G5 team. It's just going to be a pretty diluted & poor product overall.
I wonder where that fancy mobile home is where they made this clip. Or maybe it was done in the back of a tractor-trailer?
Hmm, sounds like they forgot the reason they travel around in the first place - to be at the site of the game. The Masters is in Augusta, which is about 100 miles away from Athens, where the actual game will be played. They jumped the shark years ago anyways.
I want to say this is stupid in the nicest way possible, but I'm unsure how to do that. It seems like the type of mindset where "everyone gets a trophy." If the voters in the media (who know oh-so-much more than the rest of us) really wanted, for example, Vince Young, to win the Heisman, then they should have voted for him. No re-dos. No trying to correct your past absurdities with another trophy. You can keep your Gino Torettas and your Eric Crouches and your Jason Whites and so on - media has to own up to those votes.
Seems like I'm the only one who is contrarian on this, but here goes... The consequence of the offense fumbling through the endzone they are trying to score in seems pretty fair, when you consider the following... If you fumble out of your own endzone, the other team gets two points (A Safety!). Even if nobody recovers it! And, not only that, they get to receive a kick/punt from the team that just gave up the safety. And not only that, the ensuing kickoff comes from the 20-yard line, so the team that just got two points will now (typically) get great field position to begin their next drive. So in light of all that, I think the "touchback-fumble" rule is a fair consequence.
Please keep pumping out those Scott Cochran articles -- we just can't get enough of them!
Ed Orgeron at Tennessee? NO way. Based on what? Show me some evidence. The actual evidence is that Ed Orgeron was calling Tennessee commits DURING Lane Kiffen's bizarre exit-press-conference to try to flip them over to Southern Cal.
A misleading headline on SDS? Well I suppose there is a first time for everything.
Gosh - the whole money thing after the game and now this! Why do bad things keep happening to OBJ?
I could never live in a triangle state. Parallelograms and trapezoids are much more interesting shapes.
Butch Jones will never leave Alabama until he gets a National Championship ring, or, until Tennessee's buyout money ends. Whichever comes first. And how many job openings has there been in the last 24 months where Schiano was never even mentioned as a candidate?
Butch Jones will never leave Alabama until he gets a National Championship ring, or, until Tennessee's buyout money ends. Whichever comes first.
Bingo. Who writes those checks made out to Paul Finebaum? Follow the money.
I don't think I buy it. I've seen plenty of happy folks in Tennessee's visitor's locker room this season.
I was just going to let this go, and then you had to break out into this disgustingly foul language. You should probably be banned for your terrible attempt to use such a horrible word.
Pretty much all the QBs have been tough for us to sack.
I was thinking more like: Humperdink: Ah, my dulcet darling! Tonight, we marry. [turns to Yellin] Tomorrow morning your men will escort us to Florin Channel, where every ship in my armada waits to accompany us on our honeymoon. Buttercup: [disturbed] Every ship but your four fastest, you mean. [Humperdinck looks confused]. Every ship but the four you sent. Humperdink: [recovering badly] Yes. Yes of course. Naturally not those four.
Agreed. Very tough loss. I would have happily called them national champions had they won this game.
A "kicking whisperer" ?!? SEC Shorts, please call your office -- would love to see them parody this.
Haven't announced a signee?!?! Never heard of him. How many stars does he have?
You want to know what Butch Jones brings to the table? Coffee.
You may hate burnt orange, but not our orange -- y'all have the reputation of the finest, friendliest fans in the conference, so let's talk about what we have in common. The very nickname of our school ("Volunteers") is borne from a great respect for military service. That checks a huge block at your school, too. The very namesake of our stadium is a guy who went to A&M for a year, before going to USMA.
He won't leave Alabama until he gets a National Championship ring.