If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts...Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."
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I guess if it has two pairs of square quotes then it would be okay. For example:University of Central Florida 2017 "National" "Champions"
So... some "threats" were made. Guess they learned from Jim McElwain not to call them "death" threats.
Where does it say Tennessee State is a Junior College? Or is that just one of those ninja-edits made by the author (without acknowledging the correction and hoping readers don't know about common journalistic standards)?
Top .... Men...Nice reference! And it sure seems to fit.
MWB -- you quoted coach as saying, " and him will possibly set down and..."Now, come on, man! You know he meant to say 'sit' down and not 'set' down.
As a thought experiment, who would be against this and why?
10-15-20 years ago, eh?Hey Butch... 20 years ago today, Tennessee won the National Championship. You didn't come close to doing that.10 years ago (the 2007 season), we lost to the eventual national champion LSU, in the SECCG, by 7 points on a pick-6. Remind me of how that SECCG you coached in ended up.
Not only that, but with the low-prestige bowls happening early on, and the better bowls happening later... on the day that the Pac-12's bowl season ends is pretty much the day the SEC's bowl season is just getting started.
Nobody is making the case that Schiano would have been a better coach for Tennessee than Pruitt.Nobody.
The year Hornung won the trophy, he led his team to two (2) wins.
Congratulations, Coach Majors!P.S. If y'all think Peyton Manning got robbed for the Heistman trophy, go back and read about the voting for this award back in 1956.
ESPN has been getting political, and a lot of people don't watch ESPN anymore for anything other than live sports.Hear that SVP?Besides, Tennessee fans haven't watched this award show for about 20 years now. Ha!
It is the easy, low-hanging fruit this site goes after in making fun of Vol fans for protesting this hire, but there is NOBODY making the case that this guy was the right hire for our school. Nobody.Leave the Sandusky thing out for a second -- this guy is a dud. Certainly not the best we could do.
Thing #11 on your list of 10 things Jeremy Pruitt has to do at Tennessee:WIN!
So Jimmy Haslam says that Jimmy Haslam is not the dumbass who pushed for Currie as AD and Schiano as HC.Guess that settles it!
So your point is: "Today’s Vols aren’t the Dawgs of 2015." Right there in paragraph #7. Said another way (in paragraph #8), "When Smart arrived at UGA, Richt had won 10 games in each of his last two seasons. Even if the program was stale and needed a new voice, this wasn’t some rebuilding project. This was rearranging the furniture, not tearing down the house."I think this is the crux of the article, and I don't really see how anyone can disagree with this. The 4-8 Vols of 2017 are nowhere near as good as the 10-3 Dawgs of 2015. The Vols program today is nowhere near as healthy as Mark Richt left Georgia.Honestly, this is a no-brainer. Way to go out on a limb there, Mr. Crist.
I'll try to explain a few things, Cptdawg... He is not forgiven by all and he is not liked by all. I don't hate him, either, by any stretch, and I don't think most Vol fans hate him.To explain:So, Kiffin left us after one year, true -- that's really bad. But I get that it was his dream job. His DREAM job!. So fine. Go -- it sucks, but I understand. Go take your dream job.It left our program in a HUGE hole, because that was just a couple of weeks before national signing day. Every other stop on the coaching carousel that year had been filled. Programs had hired their coaches and those coaches had filled out their staffs with coordinators and position coaches.... Then all of a sudden Pete Carrol jumps to the Seahawks, then Lane Kiffin jumps to USC, and when the music stops, we don't have a coach.So we kinda had to settle with Dooley.So, for me personally, I don't begrudge a person for going after his dream job. However, I really don't like all the snarky tweets he directs at us. After all, we're the ones that wanted to keep him here. Oakland fired him and Al Davis wrote an open letter on what a P.O.S he was. USC fired him on the tarmac after a loss. Alabama agreed to let him pull double duty as FAU coach and also be the OC for the National Title game, and then all of a sudden, they told him he actually wasn't going to be calling plays in the NC game. So why of all of those people who did him wrong -- why does he troll Tennessee fans, when we're the ones that wanted him to stay here?So he can just stay away. I believe he's sufficiently burned that bridge. Good play-caller, but because of his twitter-trolling the only fan base that didn't want to fire him, he can't really come back here and endear himself to our fans.JMHO.
What does he mean, "Look what they did to Lane Kiffin..." ?!?!This guy obviously has no clue about that. We wanted him to stay longer than 13 months, and most of us thought he did a good job coaching -- he actually made Jon Crompton into a pretty good QB (nobody else could - not even Cutcliffe).Almost upset Alabama. I mean, he went 7-5, and had a few close losses that we could've/should've won. Got blown out in a bowl game against a 10-win VaTech team that probably should have gone to a higher-tier bowl game. Nobody was surprised to lose that game.What is this idiot talking about?
Bingo. Question of the week! The reason Schiano was first choice is the intersection between John Currie, Jimmy Haslam, and Jimmy Sexton.
At least this seemed like an actual coaching search. Better than Schiano.
He can leave college football anytime he wants. And he can take his "pine box" with him.
Oh... so NOW all of a sudden no big name would come to Tennessee?According to John Crist's "Told you so" article, no big time coach would consider coming to Tennessee in the first place, so what's the point of this article?
You sure slippery-sloped your way down to Tennessee being on their fourth coaching choice.And nice strawman (with added bonus for hyperbole) on the "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity.
The main outrage is that it doesn't appear that Currie made any effort to try and hire anyone other than Schiano.
Here's a little secret to non-Tennessee folks. "Grumors" and any talk of John Gruden actually becoming our head coach is nothing more than one portion of the fan base trolling another portion of our fan base.Once you are able to understand that, you'll understand why "Grumors" will never die.
Make the case that Schiano is the right hire, then. Nobody was pursuing this guy. Nobody. And we were about to pay more money to Schiano than UCLA agreed to pay Chip Kelly. Let that sink in.And people are tired of this stupidity. Honestly, what did Tennessee fans have to lose by rising up against Schiano?The way you know Vol fans are correct is that you don't see Schiano's phone ringing with calls from other schools.Besides, as Heather Dinich said, as a member of the media she'd feel responsible to ask those "Sandusky" questions and the thought of that was cringe worthy if he was hired. In other words it was an immediate black cloud issue.Nobody is making any type of solid case that Schiano was the right hire for Tennessee -- they're just going for the low-hanging fruit and knocking the fans.
The author states: "More than ever, Tennessee football needs a Tennessee man to move the program forward."Lane Kiffin does not check the "Tennessee man" block.
Whatever. Doesn't seem like it's hurt the SEC teams that schedule this way during the BCS and/or CFP eras.