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A really bright guy Saban used to work with up in Cleveland that always wanted to steal the other team's signals................ Belichick?
It's easy to have a good "pass defense" when you give up so many rushing yards.
Well, at least we know he would have won the Heisman at Michigan.
Oh yah. Connor brings up Scott Frost by comparison, and how awesomely awesome his policy is for media access. And it certainly shows in Nebraska's record how well this has paid off. I guess if our QB talked to the media, we could have beaten Florida or something, right? Re-read Connor's first two sentences on the subject, and try to ignore all of his navel-gazing thereafter.
It's not a trust issue, it's more of the-media-is-a-clown-show issue, and he believes his players have better things to do. If there wasn't a contractual reason to do so, Jeremy Pruitt himself wouldn't talk to the media -- so by Connor's silly logic that must mean that Jeremy Pruitt doesn't trust himself...?
Nothing brings out the trolls quite like an SDS article lauding the Vols.
None of these predictions are bold. Not one. Somebody should scrutinize the headlines a little more -- especially if the word 'bold' or 'hilarious' is in it.
From a skill standpoint, Jordan Rodgers is also an undrafted free agent.
Exactly right, Gatorboy. Obviously when a team like Kentucky goes 0-31 in the previous 31 years, it means that Kentucky will lose once again this season, right?
This play is B.S. With this type of play, N.Texas is taking the current climate of targetting, ejections, and physical contact against a defenseless player, and twisting it to score some cheap points. The N.Texas player acted defenseless, and so Razorback players should be forgiven for putting the punt returner in the Intensive Care Unit.
Side Judge actually blew the whistle BEFORE our guy caught it on a fair catch during our game vs. UTEP last Saturday. Ended up fumbling it. LoL. But I get your point.
First, if they'd count the number of QBs who transferred out of Tennessee, we'd probably make the list for QB also. Second, Tennessee's identity with General Neyland was defense & field position. He'd punt on 1st down from time to time if the conditions warranted. A guy from the last team to go unscored upon, named George "Bad News" Cafego, was the long-time punting coach who was responsible for putting the first generation of Colquitts in the NFL back in the late 70s. So naturally, Dustin and Britton grow up in that environment -- many Colquitts besides Craig punted for Tennessee -- they get that extra coaching at home as kids, and they grow up and want to go to college where their Daddy went. The elder Colquitts are always available to help the school, and so there ya go.
Seconded. He was all Vol - loved it here - but for some reason, it just didn't work out. Hopefully we fired that reason.
Exactly. That's what I was going to say. A question like that is what I would really like to see SDS ask or push or steer the conversation.
I wish the University had fought, rather than settled, the Title IX lawsuit brought against it -- this case was one of the seven or so cases that made up that bogus lawsuit. Drae Bowles was another, and he just recently admitted to lying.
Regarding the fumble in the Arkansas game. Another reason why it shouldn't have happened is because of an incorrect call a series or two prior. It was a mis-application of the rules by a moron in a striped shirt. With Tennessee trailing 24-20, but having the momentum after fighting back from a 21-3 halftime deficit, Arkansas was punting the ball in the 4th quarter, and the snap sailed over the punter's head. Rather than attempting to pick the ball up, the punter (with his back to the line of scrimmage), kicked the ball as it was rolling on the ground out of the back of his own endzone. The play resulted in a safety, and the refs made Tennessee take the play rather than take the penalty. It is illegal to kick the ball in this manner. Tennessee should have had the option of taking the play (a safety), or enforcement of the penalty. Taking the penalty would have resulted in a five yard penalty AND a LOSS of DOWN, which meant Tennessee would have had the ball 1st and goal from the Arkansas 5-yard line. Seeing has how Tennessee's final drive of the game turned out (got the ball at the 43-yardline with 1:43 left, and executed 5 consecutive running plays for the winning score), I don't think they would have been denied here. Hence, another reason why the stumble & fumble should have never happened.
Obviously he's an expert who's done his research, and we shouldn't question the experts.
He's like that facebook or twitter troll, long before facebook or twitter-trolling became (un)cool.
Just think -- if Missouri had joined the SEC three years earlier, they probably would have had 3 more wins against Tennessee! Tennessee has had a bad 10-11 years where even teams like Missouri, whom you describe as "low-profile" and almost "mid-level" won more than they lost against Tennessee. That's what happens when you have the worst decade in school history (62 wins, 63 losses in the last 10 seasons), culminating with the worst season in school history last year. At least I hope it culminated last year... Every current team in the SEC has beaten Tennessee in their last matchup (no matter if it took place last season, or years ago).
Best 10 offensive linemen in the SEC? Just go with Alabama's two-deep.
A lot of people (other team's fans) made fools of themselves on earlier SDS articles related to this trial. The two girls were liars and their lies pretty much ruined two young men. This took waaaay too long to get to a trial, because the evidence was non-existent. Literally non-existent, because the lying girls destroyed their phones, which would have quickly exonerTwo atethe two men. hour deliberation. And this case was added to the bogus Title IX lawsuit that Tennessee inexplicably settled rather than defend. d At least AJ defended himself, even though it took years, and likely cost him an NFL career.
[channeling Lloyd Christmas] So you're saying there's a chance...
cclausen71 -- Who are you, and what did you do with the usual troll who comments with that username on Tennessee articles?
Nick Saban: "He can't coach on the field, aight." Tennessee fans: Tell us something we don't already know, aight?