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Not a lot of interest from the NFL for edge rushers who can’t set the edge or rush the passer consistently. He needs a lot of work on his technique to make it to the next level. The raw ability is certainly there though.
Can you actually transfer back to high school?
Exactly. Best example I can think of is when Auburn built our new basketball arena few years ago, we actually cut seating capacity from the old arena by about 4000 seats. Now, tickets are extremely hard to come by and games like Lipscomb are sold out with prices about $50. Yes, winning helps, but I bought two tickets to the Auburn -UGA game in Athens for $30. The same in Auburn would have cost me at least $120.
Inapplicable. That applies to “hiding” players near the sideline. Nick got out coached fair and square.
Is it just me, or should a player from a crappy 6-6 team not be trolling anyone?
None of the above. He is actually Mr. Burns from the Simpsons
We didn’t say Ohio State’s team sucked, just their fans!
I don’t know why UGA couldn’t handle 8000 visitors from ND. Auburn and UGA have an agreement for the visitors to get 10,000 tickets, 2500 more than any other visiting school.