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Come on he screams like a lunatic he broke his headset in the first playoff game throwing it like a 2 year old. He's excessive you can admit that. Great coach but excessively emotional.
I love those guys, the resume builder one for the bowl season was awesome. The Arkansas guy walks in and she's like this is for bowl eligible teams? He says I'm here to check the garbage. It hurts my heart but funny.
He was coaching yesterday what's up with that? Thought he was just an advisor? Violations....
They've had a ton of coaching turnover for a long time, he sustained thru it forever it feels like. Good to see he's human.
Not closing drives hurt them, the pick 6 gave Clemson swagger. I think they abandoned the run too early. #8 was unstoppable.
When they saw Clemson's alignment I was shocked they didn't call TO and get their O back out there. I wouldn't have trusted that kicker from that distance either.
I agree, on the recruiting side of things, saw a few bad decisions this year that I hope he learns from though. I'd love to get back to respectability this year.
Wow really? We're the worst team in the league who's paying for that?
He's a football writer, says in his byline. What does he know about basketball. lol.
Agree though Tua looked like best guy to me all year. But I'm so sick of Bama that I don't care. I love seeing them have something to whine about.
He was better than Tebow too, How many 2 yard touchdown runs did Tebow have that year.
Agree not a rivalry, and they should go independent? Says fan of the team that owns the league. Nice.
Why the heck would you call it a tree.
Oh yea Jeff Long is all about championships. Jeez.
It runs in cycles and it's coaching driven, Nick is in his 60's he can't be there more than another 20 years or so,
duh it's Bama, SEC not even going to do anything about it. Handling internally...
Incredibly dirty nasty team you guys got there. Never seen an Ole Miss team play like that.
Yep i don't know how they talk guys who could start 4 years anywhere else into staying and sitting for 2 years to be a starter, but that is the secret, one injury just doesn't slow the train down.
Thanks for that contract, I'm glad we're not stuck with it for 5 more years.
What is he your son that attacked that kid? That's assault, and you can be charged for it for something you do in sports. you're an idiot.
Woo Pig Sooiee from the Cellar don't worry you can't slide past us we will be the 14th ranked team this year in the conference.
I live in Big 10 country they are on the kool aid bad. if anything beats Bama it's internal issues like this QB thing. They have mishandled that in a way I never thought Saban would mishandle things. He's used to guys just shutting up and doing what he wants. At some point he's bound to have player problems like other teams. The Big can't get it done.
I'd be happy with 6-6 and just not looking like a high school team against the top teams. Being competitive.