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Slush and Cat will start, Brini will be starting Nickel in Brooks spot. If he doesn't take a starting CB spot.
I'm not crying, we got the better end of the deal.
Wouldn't bet on that... starting nickel maybe.
Do we know when he told the team? My guess is they knew all along and he just tagged along for the trip to Tampa. Doubtful he's been taking 1st team reps.
That fat ass kicker did it too. As an Air Force vet, kinda makes me want to punch them in the face. But Army did that for me. Nice job Knights.
Did they lose a receiver I remember some of those names from last year and Baz torched us last year.
Isn't that the QB's strength? I thought there was a stat last year at Mizz Ark that he was terrible downfield passing?
Wagner is coming back for his extra year, there was a story yesterday, he's not participating in Senior day.
Bro you're going to be running eli off in 2 years
Old saying when you have 2 quarterbacks you don't have any.
How the phantom call of calling defensive holding on the Ark nose tackle for tackling a RB after a fake handoff. Gets called once every couple of thousand games... lots of bad calls.
Arkansas kicked 3 field goals too... same logic we turn 1 of those into a td and what happens?
Not too mention the 2 4 Stars coming in and Ketron, I think we will be ok there, I think talent gets better on O line no go to guy at WR but lots of talent. Maybe the kid from FSU gets more consistent.
Do you think Malik and Hugh have figured out the incredible tough to beat Fainting Goat defense of the Ole Miss Black Rebel Bear Landsharks?
Maybe they just need to drink more water, see a lot of "cramps" there .... lol. Bunch of fakers.
I'm gonna start a go fund me for the poor guys to make sure they have water and gatorade on the sidelines. I feel so sorry for those poor fakers. They must take after their coach.
Whatcha gonna do when he moves on down to Baton Rouge after the season?
I don't think we're watching the same game, when he hesitates 1 sec and takes off that's a designed run.
What's funny is no comment from any of the Black Rebel Bear Sharks about the fake injury BS.
You’re an idiot Kiffins already rumored to be going to LSU
I said it two weeks in a row Arkansas game and Tenn game they’re running him too much and he’s too dumb to slide he got hit 50 times in two games…. Corral should sue him for lost income
I like Eli…. He’s the scariest Algebra teacher coaching college football
Lol did you just say Bama? After giving up 62 to Tenner?
Right coach at the right time. They're a team to be proud of even if we lose to Bama and Georgia and never win a title. I wore the pig every where I went anyway but there's more pride now.