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Has nice hands, could be a sleeper TE too.
We had a bunch of fan boys that wanted Leach at Arkansas. You look back and he averages 1 4 star a year in recruiting. Where would that rank in the SEC? Last? He'll be 6 and 6 probably with a win over Arkansas before all you bashers but yea he's not that good.
Champions of Life and Brick by Brick baby. WooHooo.
Way to keep it classy... surprised the band plays that at games anymore.
I hope Nick stays til he's 88 and looks like Joe Pa and they have to threaten to take down the statue to get him to leave.
You mean the fact that the FBI has tape of Wade griping about his offer not being enough to pay a guy to come play for him? That fact?
That's a bit exaggerated, I'd call it the biggest clown show for the next couple of years.
Best team money can buy and only won by 2, concerning once they can't pay players anymore...
You should wait until you see Chad's terrible impact on your offense before you reply.
He saw them Chad Morris fake punts coming, knew he didn't have the 2 hand chest pass down so he came out early.
Whole staff will be fired in 2 years, wouldn't you?
Yea thanks for the sentiment, I'm rooting for the Purple guys on Monday, hoping you pop sunshine in the mouth a few times.
Who said anything about Jimbo? I read it twice, don't get that response? Anyway to make you feel better, you guys over paid he's over rated same record as Sumlin for lots more money. Go Aggies.... lol Aggie gonna Aggie.
That's stupid, the best tackles in the league are left tackles, screw up him his last year by converting him. Sounds like a Gump Fan plan, but Saint Nick isn't that stupid.
Whatever are you insinuating about Saint Nick... Wink Wink...
It was douchey but Saban is douchey so it's par for the course, against JH who's even more douchey I'm ok with it living here in Michigan they are all PO'ed. I'm having fun with it.
Nice how they waited til he signed his whole recruiting class then fired him. Dirt Bag way to handle the entire recruiting class. Way to go Dogs.
5'11 178 lbs of pure fury... Can't wait to see Chaz make Bo Nix look bad so his kid can start and get snapped in half.
Get their heads together.... yea they will. Hell they keep Gus around Arkansas might even get good enough to beat them...
Can't wait to see Chad Morris influence. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh god I'm so happy you guys over paid Gus to keep him. Wait til Chad get's Bo Nix to regress next year. So his kid can start.
Six pack of beer our defense jumps above yours in SEC total D?
Chad how do you feel about the Jet sweep to the right, I dunno Gus I think the Jet sweep to the left would really shake that defense up. ummmm ummmmm ummmm ummmm
Chad Morris will run him 3 times against Bama then after the game stammer and say that it was unacceptable he only got 3 carries and that he's going to hold everyone accountable for that failure. Good luck with that.
Well it does every where in the country except at Auburn, I'm sure Gus saw some of his Football for Dummies play calling this year. He'll be talking in the headset and flipping cards.
You better hope not. Did you watch the Hogs this year?
Great hire they will definitely win the Sun Belt conference by year 2. hahhahahahhaa