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If If If my uncle had boobs he'd be my aunt... you guys are so bored with winning you're trying to figure out how to claim a national title you already lost. Sad.
That's because they claim 2 that any legitimate CFB fan will recognize as complete BS.
1964 is a BS championship, they lost their bowl. Rules got changed that year because of it.
I like the asterisks on 64 and 65... good game as expected. Hopefully Nicky hangs it up to spend time with the grand kids.
Actually replying to TrueLefty, but can't for some reason... Jerry Jones was a big fan, he's from the Highland Park Buffy/Biffs yacht brigade. jerry has a lot of pull in Arkansas Sports.
I'm in Michigan was watching the sack live and lost it. Not a lions fan but I just don't know what they wanted that guy to do.
You could hire your hated rivals OC the great and wonderous Chad Morris, he's suddenly available. Unless he's going back to teaching math.
And dude if you are going to write about the team, learn the team. While Kern coming back helps depth, TJ has done almost nothing since he's been there. The important ones coming back are 2 OL and all SEC LB.
it was more than covid, there were "other circumstances" as well. My guess is bunch of opt outs. They could have said something last week though.
Jerome and Leg need to get a room and kiss or fight or whatever they need to do.
These bowls beyond the top 3 are just going to get more and more lackluster. No stars are gonna play.
How many "anal"ysts does ole Nicky have tucked away in there.
I did see him looking for his contract to sign to lock in that buyout. Smart guy.
Honestly I think Auburn is a program that isn't that hard to recruit to, they've won a title in recent memory, they have beat Bama. When you walk into a recruits living room in Auburn gear they know who you are. I hated Chad and Gus and loved to rip on them, but Auburn is a good school easy to recruit to. Can he get into and stay in top 10 that is yet to be determined. Needs good recruiting staff for sure.
LOL, it's funny wolf gets all pissy when he likes to start so much. I can't reply directly to you Guinny, but Kansas recruits Arkansas heavily, we get 4 or 5 kids a year that are SEC level. The ones that are I see Pitt winning over SirDrinkALot more than 80 % of the time. Good luck.
LOL Bazelak has a beautiful deep ball? He can't complete anything over 10 yds without it fluttering. He's in a good offense that fits his dink and dunk passing.
Me either, 2 years from now when Odom's players are senior and it's just his recruits.
yea I'm aware I watched the game. But Iowa was gonna crush you guys. Let's see how you do with only Drink's guys in a few years when all of Odom's move thru the program.
If they wanted to play in the bowl, shouldn't have let kids go home. That is stupid.
Yea magic in a bottle I'm afraid for the corndogs.
There you are... still think Chad's a good coach? you quit arguing with me 5 weeks ago. lol
At what point does Jimbo realize... 1. not winning a national title at A&M or does A&M realize, holy crap we are paying 7.5 million a year and we only got 1 game better a year?