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It would be awesome if your douche coach acted like he cared and left the aideline
He's right, Coach Morris is sure to be "killing" another program where ever he lands.
He is, lol and I'm so sick of them I'm ok with it if that's how it happens.
5.... 5 interceptions against San Jose State... so STFU.
No Sad Arkansas fans? No one left in stands at the end?
Dang, I want a Coach like that... I mean not Cajun but someone that our fanbase could rally around... That's leader right there.
Oh he made a ton while coaching Wisky and hogs, she'll milk that big ole cow for awhile.
Not if they find he's not keeping his part of the bargain, he's supposed to be seeking equivalent work to what he had at Arkansas. he didn't he laid around drinking Tito's and getting fat and took a dollar general paycheck to stick it to Arkansas. F him.
How big a check do you think Coke is giving him? More or less than Aflac?
Bama Roll Tide Tua, Bear Bryant, Grrrrr Nick Saban, Tua, Roll Tide...
Whining Mizzou fans. Funny stuff, the Wyoming thing is fair, you guys should be undefeated. Miles above where we are currently.
I'd make him throw, that's what I wanted our guys to do, 3 of his completions were easy one to the tight end, (rolling left mind you) and the deep bomb in the end zone that was just a toss up that the WR made the play. You let him run that's stupid.
Too funny, Justin Fields says something classy about his old team and GA fans and SC fans are at each others throat, this league is amazing. Yes I know I have no dog in the fight and my team is the worst team in the conference (country?), I get my enjoyment where I can this time of the year.
Like a Sunbelt team but it counts as a SEC win... Thanks for recommending Chad Gus, you suck...
I think you can go into it at any time now, find a place but has to finish the semester at least. But not sure.
I wouldn't get ahead of yourself, you really think he's going to get 200 yds a game against real SEC defenses. Great game plan we never had an answer for it. But we make all QB's look like Heisman candidates.
Did he say they were man to man in KY last drive? So DB's are running with their back to the QB? Seriously?
Well have you seen our offensive line?