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Man I don't know, click the twitter link and read the Texas comebacks. I think Ole Piss is getting owned there.
I think Jeff Long out of Kansas should be about ready for a new job. You guys should look at him.
Ouch, but good one, not that I blame Bobby she was a cutie
You know what I love? Sam has nothing but great things to say about Georgia and every fan that comments from Georgia on Sam loves him and wants him to succeed here.
I dunno, I think he flames out there, just a little too over the top super excited giggly guy. I think he's a fake.
I heard he didn't like the daddy hats so he's out. LOL, just kidding my guess is he stays, I kinda thought he might come back to Arkansas after DVH retires. But after his display in Fayetteville he looks better in orange.
On this we agree, the Umpiring has been terrible all year long, so many games where they just aren't consistent. I don't care where your zone is just keep calling the same one. One of these days we will get electronic strikes and balls. Eliminate all of this BS.
Yea I live in Michigan right now, few of the Lions fans up here were in shock anyone would hire him after what he did up here.
Everyone they pitched yesterday was a 5 ERA guy, but they didn't look like it. The first guy threw a ton of balls and we couldn't lay off and make him pay with walks, then we never got our mind set right to hit the fastballs that followed. Oh well. Great year let's move on to preseason football.
What Wagdaddy said, amazing to feel the love and respect from other teams. Been a hell of a year, I hope the ride's got 3 more good weeks in it.
Yea I think Vandy is getting credit for earlier in the year to be honest.
Bro we won't be in the finals we won't use our pitching staff up to get there. Gearing up for Regional and the Super. Omaha. you know... Ole Miss At Home Again.
Arkansas won't win this, unless it's by other teams doing the same thing we will do. protect the pitching staff, we will rest guys be on very short innings and hooks with the starters and Kopps. DVH knows this is a waste of time and Omaha is the goal. State can have it. Burn them arms up.
I saw that on Twitter as well... if that was the case it's pretty easy to explain.
Ouch, he failed to mention in number 2 we had two transfers from the portal that will play that middle position. I think the D gets a little better next year. As long as they quit tossing Catalon out of games.
Hey now, he's a Heisman winner as a QB.... lmao. Yea he should have changed positions long time ago.
Bro, troll better, Treylon Burks might be best receiver in the league, is definitely on the team. Mike was the number 2 guy.
Which were not special last year at all. Sounds like big emphasis on it this spring though. Has to be better than last year.
I think he just wants to be the number 1 receiver on a team somewhere and help his draft stock. I can't blame the guy, if anything the Mizzou game showed last year, KJ is gonna look for Burks. And Burks is usually open. That's just fewer looks for Mike. I think some of the guys behind Mike can be very good number 2's. We will see in the fall.
That's the best you got, I'd rather not play for a national title then come in second? Why don't some of your boys get a hair cut, but I guess right now their hair looks as bad as their game.
Ouch I missed that block this year, dang, he laid him out. he's a great athlete, going to be a load on the dline trying to block him. Probably a better NFL decision to play him there.
Must have been a strong ass offer huh there Booches ;) ;) ;)
I love that one your boys did.... We are Mizzou? Were you in that video?
We've just escaped so far, I'd like to see a complete game, Moody playing well and defensive intensity, I think we keep it close if we do and close anything can happen.
Here's hoping, the 2 main guys are playing great for them. But we've seen them before and I don't think Abmas is gonna put up 25 plus on Devo. Take one big gun away and I think we win it.