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I agree, that's what I hope to see, just visibly look better than the last 2 years train wreck.
I hope it was a prank and not stupidity, silly little black land bear sharks.
I mean "wow" covers it doesn't it. Holy crap did that guy just totally crap the bed. Maybe in another 3 years we will out from under that motorcycle wreck.
Lucky Auburn still has Boobie Morris to keep a Boobie in house.
This is the 3rd or 4th time I've seen this story, find some new material...
Chad Morris is going to be the straw that get's Gus fired. Bet.
Yes, this is the point, it's a giant FU to the university. Cut him off
Why is this your reply to every commitment we get? Is that you Chad? or is it Chandler?
LOL, if we're paying and only winning 2 games a year, we can't even cheat right.
How many 4 starts does Oklahoma produce a year?
Don't Nick have some Aflac to sell or something?
Crack kills bro. Of course FJ had more yards per carry, significantly fewer carries most out of the Wildcat when people were keying on DMac. Watch a game now same time one that Florida and Ark both played and tell me Timmy was better.
You didn't answer how many of those 23 touches were less than 2 yards. He was a fullback. Dmac could score from 80 out, Tebow's passes fluttered after 20 yards. No comparison, Even with injuries DMac just out of league Tebow got a couple of cups of coffee.
How many of Tebow's 50 touchdowns were runs 2 or 3 yards or less. If that team had any competent running back he would have had half of those. DMac was robbed both years in my mind.
Cranky ole man gonna cranky ole man... These kids with their cell phones and social media.... Baaaaa...
Now that's funny. Ruggs is freaky fast, I'm glad that guy is gone.
Huh, do you just flap your gums or do you do any research at all. As much as I hate Chad this one actually isn't on him. Don't think it's on any coaches this happened at a New Year's party, details didn't come out until early Feb because kid was getting people to lie for him. At least that's the rumors. Let's see what the police say
Especially living high on the hog on a monster head coach buy out. I'd stay an assistant to. We don't agree on much Wolf but that we do.
He found out Butch was staying to keep the coffee and donuts running on time.
He gets the donuts every morning and makes sure no one runs out of coffee..
Nah, if they want him they will just throw more cash, look at MSU and Tucker.
good to see he got help before it was too late and using his status to try to reach others.