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That's the best you got, I'd rather not play for a national title then come in second? Why don't some of your boys get a hair cut, but I guess right now their hair looks as bad as their game.
Ouch I missed that block this year, dang, he laid him out. he's a great athlete, going to be a load on the dline trying to block him. Probably a better NFL decision to play him there.
Must have been a strong ass offer huh there Booches ;) ;) ;)
I love that one your boys did.... We are Mizzou? Were you in that video?
We've just escaped so far, I'd like to see a complete game, Moody playing well and defensive intensity, I think we keep it close if we do and close anything can happen.
Here's hoping, the 2 main guys are playing great for them. But we've seen them before and I don't think Abmas is gonna put up 25 plus on Devo. Take one big gun away and I think we win it.
It's spring some of those are just touch sacks which wouldn't be real sacks.
Drink seems the kinda guy to get excited by a nice sports coat in a second hand store.
Reminds me of a certain 3 star linebacker that played like an All American last year. Hopefully he can get to Mr. Morgan's level.
Agree, we've had the best of them the last 15 years or so as well. I think we win that game. Personally I think the offense is more run oriented this year, taking the pressure off of KJ to be as effective as Franks was and the defense doesn't have the takeaways but has more pressure and slightly improves. Similar season. 6 wins minor bowl. I'll take it after years of brown bagging it
Have you been there? It's a booming town. Worth a trip one of these days for a game.
Little surprising actually, he did well before he got to GA.
Bro, I think most of us can write better than these guys. If I wasn't out of state and jonesing I wouldn't even read.
Yea those were some big holes but he hit them hard.
You know Coach Pitt's the real deal nothing but great vibes in here from the Dawg fans when we get good news.
He's too big, sprint the QB out away from him for 3 or 4 plays then run it right at him.
Same story as last year except last year it was can the great Chad Morris who taught Deshaun Watson (a lie no one called them on) fix Bo Nix... lmao.
Man there's been an attitude developing for a long time. My GF's 15 year old son is an entitled little brat who thinks he's going to play professional soccer. He's just the 2nd best player in his grade at a small school. Just not enough kids respect the sports, the coaches or the opportunities they are getting.
This is the answer. it's been clear for years. I just hope he retires before I die so I can see the hogs beat bama one more time.
I wonder if these guys are hiring, I can write better than 80% of there stories.
Funny but almost true, this team is really not clicking on the court yet. Smith injury was big. Might still make the tourney this year we will see. Luckily Bama won't win 6 titles in BB the next 10 years.
Yea I think CF is really going to change, the transfers are going to get more and more, guys more unwilling to wait 3 years to play. Getting paid for their likeness. Might actually be some teams pay more than the Tide now.
Dang what a disappointment. I didn't even read the article I just wanted to log in and scroll to the bottom and see all the Bammers losing their mind. Weak.
If If If my uncle had boobs he'd be my aunt... you guys are so bored with winning you're trying to figure out how to claim a national title you already lost. Sad.
That's because they claim 2 that any legitimate CFB fan will recognize as complete BS.