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It probably would have been easier to list the teams that he WASN'T interested in!
This can't be a complete shock. Things were kinda fast and loose in Boulder, for a few months.
When he's healthy, and has a good O-line, he's a certified stud.
Now Krystal, that's fine dining! Waffles, chili and sausage at 3:00 in the morning chased with a pint of Southern Comfort in a brown bag. It's a wonder any of us graduated.
Yes he is. Did a good job and Minnesota until his health forced him to step aside.
College baseball's best conference just got better. Can't wait.
What was it our grandmothers used to tell us . . . "Be careful what you wish for"!
Rat poison for the GOAT and don't sweat the officiating . . . SEC refs are unbiased. They stink for all 14 schools!
We older guys, I'm 72, all played for guys like Knight (and Coaches Bryant, Schembechler, and Royal, just to mention a few). They were tough, but that taught us things that would be important for the rest of our lives. They taught us to work, even when we didn't want to. They taught us about discipline and pride and determination. They engrained in us qualities that would actually work in the REAL world. There don't seem to be many of them left, and that's a shame. RIP, Coach.
Agreed. Let's face it, in the new world of college football history, traditions, and rivalries have taken a backseat to $$$$$$$$$$. Maybe someone can make a Madden that focuses on CFB teams circa mid-sixties to 2010ish.
For a "down year", the league certainly does seem to be holding its own.
I just can't see him going to the league. He's a GEORGIA guy. A thousand years ago Coach Bryant was offered the Dolphins job, but, obviously, turned them down. When asked about it a number of years later he said he just couldn't leave. Alabama meant too much to him. Just from what we've all seen, I think Kirby feels the same way about UGA.
Growing up in Mobile, I've got some fond memories of the Sugar Bowl. My first one was the 1962 game between The Tide and Arkansas (I've still got the ticket stub). A couple of years later, my dad and I went to the "Snow Bowl" pitting Bama against Arkansas. We always stayed at the old Jung Hotel on Canal and had breakfast at some really great greasy spoon on St. Charles. I've been to other Sugar Bowls and Saints games, but those two will always be extra special. The Sugar Bowl will, or at least, should not, ever be considered a "consolation prize". Guys, stay safe and have very Happy New Year.
The Gators certainly didn't play well, but they were far from the worst performer of the day. Pat McAfee was an impressive blend of annoying, obnoxious, and uninformed. He indicated that he would be getting more broadcast booth time in the future. Lord, I hope not! He's awful.
Born in Mobile 71 years ago. Grew up in a WWII neighborhood, the only protestant kid on the street. Listened to ND games on the Mutual network (they were awful) and watched some Big Ten games on TV (only one televised game per Saturday). No question, college ball is still regional but, the the advent of dozens of satellite channels, its possible for a fan of Alabama, to follow the Tide in San Diego or Penn State in Dallas. Have a good evening and say a prayer for Coach Leach.
Good player. Might he he headed to Williams-Brice?