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Agreed. The portal is free agency, while NIL is the salary cap. Pro football, NCAA style.
Ha! Well, my varsity letter from the late 60s and my dad's from the late 30s look just like what you see. Maybe, but let's face it . . . a gold block M is a gold block M!
I may not contribute much, but I truly enjoy this site. Haven't really thought much about macro and micro since grad school but O'Gara is right. The Saban-Jimbo thing is, in reality just a visual manifestation of the entire problem. When there are, literally, "no rules" you can't "break" the rules. There's a part of me that thinks that the NCAA should step up, but I think we'll all agree that, that ship has sailed. Congress . . . come on! It's not going to happen this year (or for the next few) but would any of us be surprised if, in the foreseeable future, the Power 5's broke away to form the "College Football Association", or whatever? Group of 5 football, golf, tennis, swimming, the olympic sports, even baseball could still do the NCAA thing without huge issues, but big football football has to have a new, workable framework. Just something to think about. Take care. Oh, in response to a comment someone made a few months back, the "M" doesn't stand for Michigan. It represents Murphy High, my alma mater in Mobile.
Say what you will (and you guys certainly do), but these three make the game a lot more interesting and a lot more fun.
It certainly does look like Harsin's time on the Plains could be ending pretty soon and some mention has been made about possible replacements. With that in mind, what about Derrick Mason, at least to "stop the bleeding"? I know his record at Vandy wasn't anything to write home about, but we're talking about Vanderbilt! The G.O.A.T. would struggle to go 7-5. Mason is, by all accounts, a good man and a players coach. His assistants have all spoken highly of him and the administration in Nashville was "supportive" (at least as supportive as they are to anything remotely athletic). He could give them a year of two or stability, while the powers that be find the right fit for the Tigers. He might do well, turn the program around and stay at Auburn ten years. Who knows? But, in the wake of the mess that was the '21 season and the '22 offseason (thus far), they could do a lot worse.
"Run Lindsey, run . . . Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott!" One of the great all-time calls, by one of the sport's greatest all-time announcers.
You're probably right, but it'll probably be fun while it lasts.
There might be something to this. The Eagles radio crew refused the even go to the stadium because it was such a "dump." They chose to broadcast from a different location with a video feed.
Baseball alone makes them valuable to the conference. Also good in golf and a number of women's sports. Like you said, not bad in pretty mush anything not named football.
Yup! The League needs more Jalen Hurts and fewer Antonio Browns!
I live in Little Rock to say Pitman is beloved is a gross understatement. You see YYYESSSSSiRRRR! t-shirts everywhere. Gotta llove it.
Sounds like good news. It'd be nice if he went to New Orleans. Lord knows, they need a QB. Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's.
More of a sauce as opposed to a traditional "chili". Great over hot dogs, brats, and sausages.
The G.O.A.T. has got to be loving this "us verses the world" culture that seems to be evolving since early December, although I doubt that the Tide is truly an underdog in this game. It will be interesting to see the approach he takes for the winner of UM-UGA (assuming Bama takes care of business against Cincinnati, which I believe they will).
Obviously Harsin was not AU's first, second, third, or whatever choice to replace Gus. If things don't turn around this year, which may be problematic, wouldn't be surprised to see the powers that be pull the plug and write another big check. Lets face it, they do have a short fuse.
He did a pretty good job at Houston. Under normal circumstances, Mullins might be in the mix, but after the Meyer debacle, Kahn will probably be a bit leery of hiring another college coach. I'm not really a NFL fan, but I do appreciate a good drama, and Meyer has certainly given us that for the past year.
* Short term answer at QB. You have to assume that Harsin is going to get "his own guy".
Apparently, he had a good relationship with Gus, so UCF could be a landing spot for him. But the bigger question is, do Auburn fans really believe T.J. Finley is the answer at quarterback?
Dave Aranda is a man of professed faith who coaches at the Baptist "Notre Dame". He has repeatedly professed his love of Waco and its small-town values. Why would Aranda turn down an $8 million multi-year contract in a major conference that will get a bit easier in the next few years, and have an automatic bid to a 12-team playoff, especially since the Oregon talent pipeline to Southern California will be, not broken, but certainly crimped with Lincoln Riley now setting up shop in LA? I realize writers gotta write, but my gosh. A bit of basic logic somewhere along the way would be nice.