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Dave Aranda is a man of professed faith who coaches at the Baptist "Notre Dame". He has repeatedly professed his love of Waco and its small-town values. Why would Aranda turn down an $8 million multi-year contract in a major conference that will get a bit easier in the next few years, and have an automatic bid to a 12-team playoff, especially since the Oregon talent pipeline to Southern California will be, not broken, but certainly crimped with Lincoln Riley now setting up shop in LA? I realize writers gotta write, but my gosh. A bit of basic logic somewhere along the way would be nice.
Before it's all said and done, don't bet against it. Luv the guy. Need more characters in CFB and less CEO's. They likely won't win as much, but they sure are fun.
Love 'em. Hope they'll do some during basketball season, and I'm not even a basketball fan.
That's a pretty accurate comparison. If UM had Jefferson at quarterback (a true dual threat under center), then they would be certifiably dangerous.
I'm convinced that "yummy rat poison" is quickly going to become a part of the college football vernacular. I love it, although it will be challenging to mimic the way the GOAT said it. Kind of cooly, creepy. Nice! You may be right on the seedings. Of course, the only real difference is who wears their home jerseys and who wears white. Personally, UGA in red and UM in the navy pants would look sharp.
The Maize & Blue is happy to be invited to the party. Now, as for the B1G West being the worst division in the P5. It's certainly not intimidating this year (maybe academically, but that's not what we're talking about here), but you've obviously forgotten about the Pac-12. It's Oregon in the North and Utah in the South. Two nice teams, but clearly not juggernauts.
Have you ever noticed that Danny Kanell is SDS's great unifier? Everyone, regardless of team alliance, despises the guy.
Good point. You don't want to be the guy that follows the legend. You want to be the guy, that follows the guy, that followed the legend.
Pulaski Academy won another state championship last night, 55-19 over White Hall. The Bruins new coach is Anthony Lucas, former Arkansas wide receiver and a good guy. His system is similar, but not identical to what Kelly ran. They've got a lot of talent and some really good position coaches which will help explain their continued success. That's their eleventh title in the past nineteen years. Oh, and before you say anything, I'm not a PA fan.
No argument there! The SEC West is, without doubt, the toughest division in college football. The East is second, followed relatively closely by the B1G East.
Could be, but they're making good money in South Bend, maybe not SEC money, but more than most other Power 5 assistants, and they're comfortable where they are. Can the Irish make the CFP in a 12-team playoff four out of five years? Probably! So, why leave?
Rees played QB for ND and has said coaching for the Irish was his dream job. Elston is a midwestern guy (Ann Arbor), has spent over a decade in South Bend (get past the winter weather and it's not that bad a place) and got promoted to DC. Don't know, but this may help add some insight into their decisions to stay.
Not the craziest thing I've heard today. The Mannings do think highly of him.
Yeah, maybe. I like Baylor (it's a Baptist thing) but even if they win the Big 12, I can't see them going with their 2 loses, one of which is to TCU (yuk). The Irish will be 11-1, but no conference championship game. The CFP committee apparently places great importance on CGs. Now you've got a lot of good, but not great, non-conference champions entering the picture (Bama, Iowa, The OSU, the other OSU, OU. Like I said, it's gonna be a fun week!
I live in Arkansas (western Pulaski County) and there are still more than a few people who believe that he never should have been fired, even after the scandal. Most of those players who took the Hogs to the Sugar and Cotton bowls were leaving and, had he stayed on The Hill there's a pretty good chance that they would have taken a step back maybe 7-5. 8-4. Obviously we'll never know, but it wouldn't have been a huge surprise. The mess he left behind has finally (thank goodness) been cleaned up by Sam Pittman.
Your "final four" is probably right unless OSU beats OU then Baylor beats them in the Big 12 CG. Then gosh only knows what happens. It'll be a fun week!
You sir, are a voice of reason in the Geaux Tigers Nation (take that as a compliment). Who do you see headed to Baton Rouge? Let's face it, their options are growing fewer, and personally, I can't see Bill O'Brien as the answer.
Maybe? He's done well at every college stop he's had, but there have certainly been some memorable exits both at Arkansas and Louisville. Something to seriously consider. Plus, I know it's been ten years, but is he still considered "damaged goods" after his infamous motorcycle ride through the Ozarks? I can't see it but, then again, their candidate pool does appear to be shrinking.
If Campbell goes to SC, Napier heads to Gainesville, and Aranda stays at Baylor, who do the Geaux Tigers get?
Me neither! There are a lot of reasons to watch SEC Nation. This is just one more to add to the list.