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Some of these intersectional non-conference games almost look like a playoff bracket.
But, you're missing Sunday Night Baseball a/k/a The Yankees Alternate Network. Actually, that might be a good thing.
Let me clarify what I meant. An expanded playoff MIGHT generate some interest in the opening round games that would translate to an increase in viewership. Would the ultimate outcome of the CFP change? NO! You're still going to have Bama, Clemson, and some combination of Ohio State/Oklahoma and a few, select/elite others. This has nothing to do with the on-field competition. Its about television sets and advertising dollars
College basketball went through this in the 60's and 70's. During the twelve-year period rom 1964 to 1975, UCLA won ten national championships. When John Wooden retired after the '76 season, the Bruins remained a power into the lat '90s, but weren't the unbeatable force that they had been. It's reasonable to believe that when Saban retires something similar will happen in the college football world. The Tide will remain a power, but the door will be opened a bit for others. Until then, we're just going to have to get used to it.
I think you might well be right. Casual fans outside of the SEC footprint and the state of Ohio probably didn't have a great deal of interest in last night's game. But, here's the problem. Take a look at the "way too early" Top 25 for the '21 season. With the exception of the Aggies, you've got your usual suspects . . . The Tide, Dabo & the Boys, The OSU, etc., etc., etc. You could expand the playoffs, which might well generate some interest during the early rounds, but, when its all said and done, you're going to wind up with the "same" championship game year in, and year out. I'm not sure how you except the inevitable.
The Uiagalelei kid looked pretty good filling in when Lawrence was injured, but its safe to say the jury's still out on him. Clemson plays Kirby's Dawgs opening weekend in Charlotte. Things will work out on the field, as they should.
Their defense is certainly not great, but it's light years ahead of where it was a few years ago.
With respect, can you imagine what "might have been" had he stayed in Baton Rouge?
Not surprising. Kiffin is known as a "players coach" and was well-liked during his time in Tuscaloosa.
Saban took over an Alabama program that was a total mess and in three years won a national championship. He did do it the right way. No NCAA issues of any consequence and a minimum of player issues. The Bama team has a high graduation rate and applications/enrollment and donations to the university has increased significantly during the last decade which, according to the administration has been a direct result of his success.
I also read that article. The guy's just swinging at anything he thinks is close. You would want to think that what he's suggesting is crazy, but the world we live in right now is a little bit off center, so . . . . OSU's offense was never as prolific this season as was expected, which played right into Alabama's hands. Is Sabin the G.O.A.T.? Sure! But Florida and Ole Miss pushed Bama this year because they were offensively creative. A narrow avenue obviously, but that may well be the formula for taking on the Tide with some degree of success.
True, he is the G.O.A.T., but what should be scary to the rest of the SEC (and all of college football for that matter) he's probably going to coach for at least another five or six years. He said in an interview that he wanted to coach as long as he could. How many more can he win?
Actually, he was right. Bama should have been on the field with some NFL team that night. I respect ND, but the Tide just toyed with them that night. The most entertaining part of that game was Mushburger constantly talking about AJ's mom and girlfriend. Probably gave a boost to Alabama's recruiting. Surprised the NCAA didn't investigate.
Agreed, but come on, Corso's kinda cool. He's the old guy you'd like to have a margarita with.
Coach Holtz is kinda like a poor man's Lee Corso, without the really cool house and pool, and mascot head.
I really don't condone trash talk, but . . . I coached high school and junior high football for thirty years, everything from position coach to head coach. Had players play in every New Years 6 bowl along with many of the "lesser" games. Sent seven guys to the NFL and had a first round draft pick. Had former players appear in two Super Bowls. The reason I have Cal as my logo is because one of my students played defensive live at Berkeley and its in his honor. I'm a college football FAN. I like Alabama AND Auburn. I like and respect ND. I admire Dabo as a man and a coach . . . in that order. My favorite game every year, without question, is Army-Navy. Sir, what does your resume look like?
Not every player at Bama/OSU/Clemson were four and five star recruits. There are an awful lot of three-stars who are "coached up", developed by their position coaches then blended into the chemistry of the team by the coordinators and Sabin, Day, and Dabo. If USC ever truly gets its act together (that's a rather large "if"), they might well annually enter the CFP conversation. Along with Texas and Florida, Southern California has an abundance of quality high school talent, particularly at the skill positions. True, the Trojans have quality, but not top SEC-level facilities. They can (and often do) counter that with the whole "LA mystique" thing, which is, not surprisingly appealing to an awful lot of kids.
I guess they're planning for the future. My guys would watch for about five minutes then run off, and then come back a short while later wanting to know why I had changed the channel. You've got to remember, their attention span isn't very long. I don't watch a ton of NFL games, but they do seem to be a bit shorter than many college games. Fewer replays and the clock doesn't stop on first down.
Was also known to light up a Winston to "realax" before a big game. The SEC stopped that some time in the early 70s.
I saw the Saints first game vs. the Rams in old Tulane Stadium. They weren't just NOLA's team, they were (and still are) the Gulf Coast's home team from Lake Charles to Ft. Walton Beach. Back in the late 60s and early 70s they would have a "caravan" of a few players and a couple of coaches visit Mobile in early June for a meet and greet with the fans. Tampa, with Brady, will be a huge challenge.
You're right. I grew up in Mobile and The Iron Bowl isn't the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's 365 days a year . . . Seriously! In fairness to both AU and Bama, most of the fan bases of SEC schools (with the exception of Vandy) didn't graduate from "their" schools, and I really have no problem with that.
My two granddaughters, ages eight and four, thought it was cool. My two year-old grandson could have cared less.
My fantasy baseball league used the 1960 season this past year. Mantle, Maris, Mays, Kofax, Drysdale. Every team was truly loaded.