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I just can't see him going to the league. He's a GEORGIA guy. A thousand years ago Coach Bryant was offered the Dolphins job, but, obviously, turned them down. When asked about it a number of years later he said he just couldn't leave. Alabama meant too much to him. Just from what we've all seen, I think Kirby feels the same way about UGA.
Growing up in Mobile, I've got some fond memories of the Sugar Bowl. My first one was the 1962 game between The Tide and Arkansas (I've still got the ticket stub). A couple of years later, my dad and I went to the "Snow Bowl" pitting Bama against Arkansas. We always stayed at the old Jung Hotel on Canal and had breakfast at some really great greasy spoon on St. Charles. I've been to other Sugar Bowls and Saints games, but those two will always be extra special. The Sugar Bowl will, or at least, should not, ever be considered a "consolation prize". Guys, stay safe and have very Happy New Year.
The Gators certainly didn't play well, but they were far from the worst performer of the day. Pat McAfee was an impressive blend of annoying, obnoxious, and uninformed. He indicated that he would be getting more broadcast booth time in the future. Lord, I hope not! He's awful.
Born in Mobile 71 years ago. Grew up in a WWII neighborhood, the only protestant kid on the street. Listened to ND games on the Mutual network (they were awful) and watched some Big Ten games on TV (only one televised game per Saturday). No question, college ball is still regional but, the the advent of dozens of satellite channels, its possible for a fan of Alabama, to follow the Tide in San Diego or Penn State in Dallas. Have a good evening and say a prayer for Coach Leach.
Good player. Might he he headed to Williams-Brice?
I king of agree with GatorPhil. Seems I recall a few SEC coaches, both past and present, who had less than stellar experiences in the NFL but seemed to do okay in the college game.
You're right, but remember this. Seven or eight wins a year go a lot farther in Boulder than they do in Auburn or College Station. A friend of mine graduated from CU and calls it "Oxford of the Rockies".
Nice! That's pretty witty. Boulder's actually a pretty nice town. Good restaurants, great microbreweries, surprisingly nice people, 45-minutes from Denver, and , oh yeah, a really good university. Truthfully, I hope he does well there. It would be nice to see the Buffs somewhat relevant again.
Is he headed to Boulder? Deion's on a roll!
I'm afraid what you have just described will become a recurring problem for a great many teams not playing in New Years' Six games. The NCAA, the CFP, the schools, the conferences, SOMEBODY(!) has got to get a handle on the unregulated disaster that is the transfer portal.
"It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em." Pepper Brooks Dodgeball
I must confess; I was not a proponent of the twelve team playoff (I thought eight was plenty). But, including the best twelve teams will, likely, eliminate legitimate arguments, like this one, in the future. As is the case with March Madness, there will be upsets, and years when the best team doesn't win it all, but at least the playoff will include ALL of the best teams, and the end result will be settled on the field
They might want to tap the breaks just a bit. If he wins another Natty in a month, then, maybe(?), he can at least be mentioned in any conversation.
I agree with everything you guys have said, but this should also be considered. Kyle Willingham is a pretty good football coach. Yeah, I know it's the PAC-12, but he's been in the conference championship game four out of the past five years, and won the last two. Is he is the Saban/Kirby class? No (although he did beat the GOAT in the Sugar Bowl a few years back), but he can coach.
I'll bet Pittman's kicking back with an "ol' cold beer".
Good news for the Hogs. They're a different team with him under center.
Thanks. Take care, and good luck this weekend and in the playoffs.
Chuckles being Chuckles, but I can't say he's wrong.
Maybe the powers that be should start a site called "Transfers Down South", focusing exclusively on the portal. Then SDS could revert back to more interesting subject matter.
You know, you're right, and that's a good thing. With all of the cookie cutter coaches in college and the NFL, it's kind of refreshing to have someone who breaks the mold, knows it, doesn't care, and has fun doing it.
I totally agree. A times we (present company included) forget that these young men are offered a college education in return for their athletic skills. I understand that NIL is here to stay, but under the old system they received a pretty nice compensation for their efforts. I wonder what would have happened if, ten or so years ago, the universities and NCAA administration had agreed on some type of reasonable stipend. Obviously, we'll never know, but it is something to consider.
If there is still some semblance of a PAC 12 in a couple of years, he will probably do a pretty good job, polish the resume a bit, and set himself up for a jump to the ACC or, possibly, a mid-level SEC job. If the Buffs somehow get sucked into the B1G (doubtful) that could be a major problem (see Nebraska). A PAC merger with the XII would probably be more advantageous. If he does move to the Power 5, it'll be interesting.
Las Vegas would be an interesting bowl destination. The PAC 12 will provide the opponent, so the Hogs could face UCLA, Washington or Oregon State. Should be an interesting matchup. You would think that Pittman will make some changes, but defense seems to be the more pressing issue. Plus, some idea of the QB situation for next season might be helpful before making too many drastic moves on that side of the ball. Just a thought. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Regardless of our team affiliation, we've probably all got a lot to be thankful for.