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This really may be a (scary) fact. And with Kirby at the helm, you guys will be a force. As long as that QB is efficient and you can run like the last three years. Though you gotta score, a legendary defense can win a championship. Go Gators
So lame. It’s 2020, come up with a different schtick; right now you’re just being a...
Bro...we won the SEC East in 2015 and 2016, so that’s 3 seasons ago. Far less than 12. And that was with McElwain, who managed to beat Richt and Smart. McElwain was running us into the ground and beat those teams.
Awesome news for sure. When you watch that video, it’s like Toney’s center of gravity is only two inches above the ground. Great athlete...Go Gators.
The rich get richer...another great grab by you guys. The way things are evening out on offense, should be a showdown in JAX 2020.
If he does stay, I believe this may be Saban’s last season before retirement. Seems like they have some key guys returning and would be a tremendous way for Saban to end his career.
There’s a lot of truth to this; other examples would be Bama/OU in 2014 Sugar and UGA/TX in Sugar last year. Both of those SEC teams should have dominated, but the dynamics of not making the playoff had to have an impact on these games. That being said, Gus really has gotten inconsistent results from this team; which makes it tough to call. Also, could be that if Tom Herman had 3-4 weeks to prepare for every game, he would be unstoppable.
Such an impressive win, especially given all the players that were out...really a testament to how Kirby has recruited and an excellent coaching effort. This (to me) was a statement game. The SEC really was above and beyond this year. Great game, Dawgs...look forward to battling out with you next year.
Probably referring to that end zone skirmish against Ga Tech...which to both your points was physically on the field.
Agreed...he could have walked in ahead of Trask that next play. That run he made and leap to the goal line was incredible; that toe barely was out. Would have been nice headline for him to tie the 4TD Orange Bowl record. I believe they said it would have made only 3 players to do so. Regardless, excellent performance by an excellent player. As said above, he should have a deserved shot at making a good living at the next level.
Yeah...O should be at the top; Joey Freshwater would somehow throw his sidekick under the bus.
Only way Saban shouldn’t be at the bottom of this list is if he was helping count cards. He’s got to be as boring as me...
Surprised Dante Fowler isn’t mentioned...he was a beast for us.
So glad we got Mullen and not Frost or Kelly. Those guys would have gotten rocked in the SEC.
21 yards of rushing includes Trask’s -22 in sacks and scrambles. Take those away, and you have 43 yards on 11 attempts by our running backs. And we definitely averaged more yards than you on the ground. Meanwhile, Swift was run into the ground with 25 attempts for a mere 85 yards (which all came in 2-3 plays in second half). Add other run plays (non-Fromm), and GA had 34 attempts to FL’s 11. The stats reflect that Georgia was on the field much longer, which was why you won the game. It really wore out defense down. We should have run the ball more and chipped away better to give our defense a breather. But stopping the run was hardly something you should be touring if you understand the variables. Good luck against Auburn, their defensive line is going to crush you guys. Better hope Fromm does as great of a job as he did on 3rd and long against us. I don’t think he’s going to have the time he did in Jax.
Auburn’s defensive line is going to crush you guys. Good luck.
The Gators may be wearing those black jerseys this weekend..