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Missouri may be the 4th best Tigers.
Great to hear; hope both these guys get to split time and are proud of their efforts.
That’s a bummer to hear…hope it is minor. Kid has worked so hard for UF.
This may be tell-tale that we’ve got a coach committed behind the scenes as well.
This really is true. I’m still shocked that after 1 bad year we fired him. Crazy world we live in.
We better know we are getting Stoops. Maybe Ol’ Ball Coach will be his OC.
Good call. I think Stoops is our best bet to hit reset button.
Foley should have balked at that request; but extremely fair point of clarification.
If the AD tells Spurrier they’re moving on at end of the year, you think he would pull an Ogeron at South Carolina? No way. He said if you’re moving on, let’s move on now. He’s no lame duck. Still will NEVER forgive Foley. Ever. We’d still have Steve running show. And for Urban…that dude can go kick rocks.
Can we pull Stoops out of retirement? Otherwise I don’t know if we really need to make the move; I’d prefer we swing for fences with defensive coordinator, rework Mullen’s contract like frost did, and load up a staff.
Lots of open receivers tonight; felt like execution was lacking.
Winning with class is not something they seem to be used to yet.
I’m starting to wonder why Russia paid someone to instigate on this site…why’s the end game and why are they after the SEC East?
Self-proclaimed Nostradawgmus…you keep avoiding the question: Will you finally get the monkey off of UGA’s back and win the national championship this year? You claim to know it all. Let’s hear you own it.
And again. Self-proclaimed Nostragawgmus…are you winning hey national championship this year? You have yet to answer this question…only one you won’t. Any reason???
You’re doing what the article was condemning…every day.
Gotta give you credit…you’ve ridden this joke out to where it has actually gotten pretty funny. Go Gators
Dan - go hire Charlie Strong as your DC. Do whatever it takes.
I wish he’d hire Charlie Strong as the DC and we give him a year to right the ship.
Beamer is a good dude. As hard as it was to watch my Gators, that was a really great win for you guys. Hats off to ya. He’s definitely going to elevate SC’s program fosho.