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DJ is the kind of talent to build program momentum for sure…and agreed that people shouldn’t “commit” until they mean what they say. As the world turns, you learn your word is all you have. I think his character speaks volumes for CBN and the staff…this could be a rising tide. Go Gators!!!
Agreed…the QB position is so key in SEC football. Having a character guy with this talent is such a breath of fresh air.
So good…let’s Go Gators!! I know there are a ton of haters out there, and we lost some commits…but I watched a young team play their hearts out this year every game. As Doc says…in all kinds of weather!
Looks like LJ locked down!! Let’s Go Gators!!
It’s harsh…but the dude has singled out Napier every single week. I disagree with the that perspective, and agree the Gators played their hearts out…and that includes a lot of second and third string guys. Very proud of the product, and the wins will come. Go Gators!!
Mertz was a rock for our team all year. He outperformed all expectations. Hat is off to him for all the hard work this year. It showed. Hated to see him get hurt after sacrificing himself to get that first down and keep the drive alive. He stood up that Miz linebacker and DB; was impressive. The Mertzinator will be back.
Everything you wrote is how we feel about you. Gators played their hearts out tonight and gave Miz all they could take. Was proud of the effort, especially at Miz. Go Gators!!! Ps - Mertz gave everything he had all year. Love that guy.
Did you watch the LSU game? Our team was as fired up the entire game as I’ve seen a Florida team in years. We’re outsized right now. Stop being a hater. Go Gators.
Really pulling for CBN to get an upset this weekend in Mizzou. We owe them one (or two). Go Gators!
I agree with you, Doc. I believe the fan base is far too reactive right now and needs to let this young team mature a year and be pushed by incoming talent; a rising tide mentality. Really hope we get an upset (or two) these last three games to quiet the noise. Go Gators!!!
I also agree with this. In addition, i believe Billy felt slighted by the spot and thought we would earn it twice. He got fired up. Hard to fault a guy for getting fired up and believing in his team. Go Gators
That Mullen roast was really good. Clearly Kirby took that personal. And…to all the hyperbole (fakelife)…that game went as it should based on where the two programs are in space and time. Clearly you live day to day…try planning for success versus trolling “your own team” non-stop.
Georgia is the bar in college football; they really showed complete and sound football all day. It’s impressive. I also feel like this is the first game that really “mattered” to them this year and they brought it. We have a young team and seeing Wilson’s speed against the UGA secondary showed that when we stock up on these recruits, we will raise to that bar. I think this game helps us win at least two more this year…and sets a standard to meet. Hat’s off to Georgia…Go Gators!!!
Agree with this…though Clemson is loud, the ACC doesn’t give them anything like the Swamp all year. Gonna be tough for FSU to navigate, though Travis is a game changer with his scrambling ability and determination. Need to force him into turnovers. I think this will be a good game for sure. Stoked.
Lawd have Mertzy deserves a shout out…pure gold. Not sure if you pulled this from the Book of Mertz or is an original, but it is so good.
They’ll make a run at Coach Prime in next year or two and sit on Jimbo until then.
Total bummer to see…guy was hands down best in college football this year at position, and may even of wide receivers as well. Hate bell miss season now. Speedy recovery.
So cool…my mom would take me down to Columbia from Charlotte as a kid. He’ll never forget it! Go Gators!
Napier’s post game interview was so good…what a class act. Was refreshing to hear/see. Go Gators!!
Man…the way he’s laying there it looks like it’s dislocated. Hopefully just a separation and mild. Was reading how their coach was saying he wanted AR to protect himself more with hits he’s taking.
Well, if we hire !!!!!!!!! Then I predict we’ll go 2-10.
Very awesome to see and a cherry on top of sundae quieting the naysayers. Congrats to CBN and the entire coaching staff. Validation for sure.
I am surprised that timeout has not been brought up and/or scrutinies more. It was senseless. It was reverse Urban rubbing it in…like nah nah, we lost to you. Don’t get it.
Man…this is exactly why we needed this win!! Lock down the 2024 crew and keep the turnstiles moving!
Huge win and dominate first half. We still have work to do with halftime adjustments on both sides. UT put up a lot of yards in the second half and was able to slow us down considerably. No question the Swamp was a game changer…and was a great thing to see! So glad we got that win…Billy and team deserve it. Go Gators!!
I think Saban knew he could win with back up qb’s against USF and was using this as a teaching moment for Milroe. He’ll put Milroe back at helm next week and see noticeable improvement.