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? Was a sub for 100% emoji. * agree with this 100%
I agree with this ?. There is also no doubt that Georgia does not want to face Bama in the 1st round. Would be bad for SEC; I honestly think due to familiarity, Bama would have the best shot at beating UGA out of playoff field…as I believe the Dawgs would outmatch every other team and they’ll be blindsided by speed/size of team. Go Gators
Thanks, Doc…appreciate both the callout and graciousness. Wasn’t my best…and LSU has had a helluva year. To the real LSU fans on this board. Apologies…wasn’t just hating. This was a perfect storm you ran into with A&M at end of season. That was (1) best talent/team they had fielded all year with bad starts/injuries/flu/etc, (2) night game at College Station, (3) that played like a bowl game for them and senior night put together, (4) your schedule has been so tough and hitting end of year SEC gauntlet, (5) was impossible not to look ahead with SEC Champ and A&M record, and (6) A&M could use this as a tone setter for next season to make statement to fan base. That was a good team you faced and the conditions were just ripe.
This was based on being called out by an LSU fan (Geaux Long) on our board…but you both are correct. I shouldn’t have taken the bait. Poor form.
This is spot on…that was also a much different A&M roster than any team had faced in latter half of season. That was a tough game and at night in CS. LSU had a great year…and a tough schedule.
I will admit I only watch SEC football anymore, so it really is only SEC games that I can make the calls. Every other conference I’m subpar.
I’ve made a ton on betting SEC through the years, including this one. Yes. If you watch the league week over week these games are very clear.
They will use their 3 NFL caliber TEs and dominate Michigan. Not even close.
Awesome to see the Gamecocks beating Clemson and finishing the season so strong. Congrats to a great year and coach.
Where Geaux Long after this great game??? You were all over the Gator articles. Told you this was a guaranteed loss…terrible match up for an overrated team. Misinformed, eh? Go Gators
Hey Geaux Long - told you the mighty tigers would lose. This was so easy to predict…LSU was overrated from the get. Can’t wait to hear how misinformed I am again. Go Gators!!!
Ummmm…what I tell ya…losers. Knew that was coming. So overrated. Geux Tigers!!!
Hard to believe AU couldn’t pull him away
Ggll - did AR steal your girlfriend in high school? This is getting a bit obsessive
Yeah…he throws it too hard on a lot of those and has a bad case of the high ball. It really reminds me of Cam…he also had issues with touch on those easy, short passes…and the high ball.
Agreed…we need to button that up and win games next year. With more talent in the ranks, that should be real. The most startling thing to me this year was how outsized we were in the GA game…we have to recruit better. I hadn’t seen that mismatch in size since the Fiesta bowl against Nebraska (which was eons ago apparently). :)
You’re correct that AR is not perfect…but he had no help with receiver core depletion, and we really couldn’t afford to run him relentlessly with risk of injury all year. I feel like those were the real constraints on play-calling, not just drying this game but throughout the year.
Billy’s a class act and this program is headed in the right direction. I know a ton of hate and vitriol will be spewed below this comment, but the culture change in year one is real. Not everything you do is expressed in the win/loss column…but long term it will be. We competed all year except for the LSU game, and bounced back from that game well. Look forward to having the Noles at home next year. Hope AR stays and get the redemption year he deserves. Go Gators!!!
You know this is wrong…you wanted him, we got him. You got your “star” coach. Have fun losing to A&M today.
*Won’t do it again :) - smile emoji turned to a “?”
Agree with you, GP…but not sure we can outscore them without Ventrell on field in first half. He’s such a communication key for that unit. Still crossing fingers on the appeal… That being said…if we do run the ball in first half, it could both wear out the a-Nole defense and keep their offense off the field. Then we could open up the playbook in the second half behind that O-line…and make that blow out happen. Here’s hoping. So excited about his one against the a-Noles. Fun Friday night! Go Gators!! P.S. - Doc, I think I jinxed us versus Vandy even talking about this game. Won’t do it again ?
Really looking forward to this game Friday…we definitely need Pearsall. Was really hoping an appeal would help get Ventrell on the field. My guess is we run a ton and put it on the line. So awesome to have a FSU game matter again. Go Gators
If you just look at final score…it does feel like instant Karma from the SEC gods. Really pray Hendon is ok and was minor injury; that kid is a rockstar.