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Glad the big time programs are too good to consider Chadwell. He may be around long enough to really build something at Coastal. They are already clearly the second best team in SC.
You’re exactly right. If you limit yourself to experienced proven winners on the big stage who are willing to come to a crappy program, you’re pretty much limiting yourself to has beens. I remember the same talk at Clemson a few years ago. People beside themselves that mighty Clemson would entrust their program to a young bumpkin with a silly name. UT should snap up Chadwell, but I hope they don’t’cause I’m starting to like the Sea Chickens.
My Furman Paladins were supposed to play the Vols this year but it got cancelled. They promised to reschedule which is great because now we will be favored. They’ll be paying us to beat them.
Have these guys actually said they want a union? I think the commie sports writers are the main ones pushing that.
Has anybody explained yet why a player getting tested 2 or 3 a week, spending most of his time with other tested players is at more risk than the average, party-going student who is never tested and hangs around with untested friends? Why do we want the players to be more like the other guy? How is that safer?
We played at GaState and did better than you guys did at home. Anyway, we accept your forfeit. We are 1-0. You are 0-4.
Well, my alma mater is now 1-0 after a UT forfeit. We would have preferred to beat them and get paid, but since they are deadbeats like the rest of the SEC, we’ll take the forfeit. I really hope the P5’s get sued but they won’t because they would just blackball anybody who went after them. Shame on us for whoring ourselves out in rigged money games every year.
I really hope teams like mine (Furman) will sue the Hell out of the SEC teams who are shafting them. There is zero justification for this move, but SEC teams are counting on the threat of permanent black balling to keep FCS teams seeking damages. We were going to play the Vols which we counting as a probable win.
The only way we seemed to flatten the curve was for about 50% of the country to stay home all day. As expected by everybody, the virus came back as soon as that ended. If we continued to stay at home, there still wouldn’t be a football season because we would be at home, right? Plus many more people would be financially ruined. So what’s the point in finger pointing?
What if everybody but Vandy wants to play, and over in the ACC nobody but Clemson wants to play. It would be neat for Clemson to try a one season stint in the SEC to take Vandy’s place.
I went one of the cupcakes, and we need the money Tennessee would owe us if they chicken out and won’t play. I doubt they’ll honor the commitment. Maybe this is the year to finally end the FCS practice of whoring ourselves out in rigged FBS games once a year. If we can’t afford our scholarship limit without doing that, maybe we should all drop to DII.
So you think that states like SC with dumb governors should try to be more like N.Y. or NJ where the death rate is 10 times higher. OK that makes sense.
My school, Furman, already eliminated lacrosse and baseball a couple of months ago. If we lose our Tennessee football game, I could see us cancelling football season because it would just lose too much money. All of this will embolden the pointy headed intellectuals who would like to get rid of football and it’s toxic masculinity anyway.
Assuming they don’t all drop out, the players will be able to catch and spread the disease at class, or pizza joints or keg parties or any other place students go whether there is a season or not.
I don’t know where the 6% rate came from. Pretty sure that’s AT LEAST an order of magnitude high. And for healthy 20 year olds it’s really close to zero. But with 50,000 or so players, yes there could be a death somewhere. If that is a reason to cancel, and maybe it is, then football should be banned permanently because of all the other nonCovid mortality risks associated with it (spinal cord injury, sudden cardiac death, heat stroke, flu, mrsa, plane crashes etc).
Now don’t freak out I’m just curious. What if they spread everybody out and in so doing reduced seating by about 1/2. Would that fly in the SEC? To me it seems way better than nothing.
The vast majority of CFB players don’t generate any profit at all. Most go to schools where FB either breaks even or loses money. Many players at the big schools never play any meaningful minutes. Many play meaningful minutes and suck. Scholarships at my school are worth $65k/yr and fb makes a tiny profit. How much more does the 3rd string right guard deserve? If you say only pay the elite athletes, who decides eliteness? Are they the guys CFB fans and writers rave about or the ones the NFL likes?