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Remember the "media" selected these... With the caliber of players that Missouri has lost I would be surprised with third place.
In this case the anonymous writer needs to grow a set and put a name to it.
Players choose a school because of what a coach told him, then they change the coach? Can't say I blame him.
Sooner or later Pinkel and his program will be believed. He seems to get more out of what people call less every year.
Please show this list again at the end of the season for comparisons sake. Got a feeling it will look quite different. LOL's
Praying the the kid got his head on straight and got the help he needed.
Nothing against Maty, But this is one special kid. And arm.
How about showing a happy MIZZOU fan ? LOL's
I agree, but I also think we need to beat a Bama or Auburn team on the big stage to get the respect.
Congrats to everyone on the list. It's good to see Coach Pinkel getting recognition.
footballfan11 said "A 2015 top 25 poll is based off teams’ performances from the end of the year" at the end of this year Missouri won six in a row then lost to a Bama team nobody could beat. Now troll on footballfan11
Probably happens a lot.
Mauk is lucky that he has a great defense keeping him in the game. Mizzou doesn't have the attraction that an Alabama has in recruiting yet. Next year will be a true test for Pinkel and his program.
Dear Mr. Penton if he was nothing special you should have stopped him. Congrats to the Tide for a well played game.
Like Dennis Green said "They are who we thought they were"!! Congrats Tide on a well played game.
So with that reasoning, Missouri showed up to play and win more games than Georgia. Therefore Missouri is the better team.
LOL's! Brucerhowell you beat me to it. I love it when they say such and such team has this many losses and "if" Missouri loses...
Will the Indiana game will keep/haunt them from getting back in the top 25 even if they win out and win the SEC east?
You know this by the first week...Really? LOL's
Missouri played some great games without Franklin, Mauk will do a good job. Sad that DGB couldn't keep his nose clean but they still picked up some good kids including a couple 4 stars. Everyone is underestimating Mizzou again, that's the way they like it.